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Best WooCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Stores In 2020

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Are you searching for free WooCommerce plugins for your store? if You’ve ever set up a WooCommerce store, you’ll know that despite what it says on the box it’s far from being a ”Free” e-Commerce plugin.

As you all know WooCommerce is leading on every e-Commerce store. It comes with tons of extensions. Creating your own online store was never as easy as it is today. It requires loads of effort and passion. To make your things pocket-friendly. Today in this blog post I’ll showcase top free Woo-commerce plugins that go well for your website.

Excited? Let’s get started-

Top Free WooCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Stores

    1. Woo Sell Services
    2. WooCommerce Product Feed Manage
    3. WooCommerce Product Slider
    4. WooCommerce Product Image Zoom
    5. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway
    6. Amazon Pay
    7. WooCommerce Customizer
    8. Woo Pincode Checker
    9. WooCommerce Multilingual
    10. Order Delivery Date For WooCommerce
    11. WooCommerce My Account Widget
    12. WooCommerce Currency Switcher
    13. WooCommerce Checkout Manager
    14. WooCommerce Custom My Account Page
    15. WooCommerce MailChimp
    16. Booster for WooCommerce
    17. WooCommerce PDF Invoices

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Woo Sell Services

Woo Sell Services allows sellers to sell services to their customers/users. This plugin will add the ability to WooCommerce to sell services just like a product is sold.
Woo Sell Services creates a new product type called “Services”. This plugin allows the vendor to sell services and adds a conversation section between Shop Vendors and Customers so that all the requirements of service can be given by the Customer.


  • Service As a Product
  • Service Requirements
  • Order Email Notification
  • Vendor-Customer Chat Section
  • Order Management Section
  • Service Reviews and Ratings

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WooCommerce Plugins That Help With Product Display

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager plugin allows you to create accurate product feeds for Google, Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Wish, Instagram, Facebook, and 70+ more major marketplaces.

It has features like Extensive Filter Options and Category Mapping so your feeds never get rejected on Google.

Auto-sync with Google Shopping and Auto-update feature will save you time.
The Advanced Custom Fields such as Brand, GTIN, UPC, Age-group, Gender, etc make sure that you don’t need to use any other plugin or do extra coding.

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WooCommerce Product Slider

Free WooCommerce pluginsThe WooCommerce Product Slider by PickPlugins allows you to add a responsive slider to feature your products.

Besides, it’s possible to change the default colors with a color picker. It comes with a built-in intuitive Shortcode Generator to easily control the look and function of the product slider. This plugin is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Even Lightweight, fast & powerful. So, install this plugin now to know more about this plugin.


WooCommerce Product Image Zoom

Running an eCommerce site with WooCommerce? The WooCommerce product image zoom is most necessary for your site.

The more you can show your product details to your customers more you can get conversions. Woocommerce Image Zoom allows you to magnify product images and set zooming features easily and quickly.

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WooCommerce payment gateways plugins

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is a really helpful plugin for payment gateways. Stripe allows you to take credit card payments on your site without having sensitive credit card information hit your servers. This plugin aims to show anyone that they can use Stripe to take credit card payments in their WooCommerce store without having to write a single line of code.

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Free WooCommerce Plugins

Amazon Pay for WooCommerce enables Amazon users to purchase products on your website making use of the payment and shipping information available on Amazon. Again, this payment facility is now available only in some countries. Users can conveniently log into your account using their Amazon credentials, without leaving your site during the checkout process. What’s more, the plugin is responsive, and users are covered by Amazon’s fraud protection.

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To make your customer’s payment details safe and secure you need to install these plugins.

Plugins To Customize WooCommerce

WooCommerce Customizer

Customizer : WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce Customizer plugin requires writing PHP code if someone is willing to use it.  WooCommerce Customizer provides a GUI to use built-in WooCommerce filters. These

filters allow you to customize things like button text, labels, fields, and much more. However, you have to write PHP code to use them.

With WooCommerce customizer you can easily use those filters from an easy to use settings page. This is employed to design filters in order to customize various things like labels, button text, fields, etc.

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WooCommerce Plugins For User benefit

Woo Pincode Checker

Woo Pincode checker

Pincode checker is an essential requirement when it comes to checking the availability of a product in a particular area. Making this possible in a WooCommerce based store, Woo Pincode Checker plugin allows the site admin to add the Pincode availability feature on their sites with woo pin code checker plugin.

With this plugin, an admin can let customers know whether a product is available in a particular area by adding their area’s Pincode. It also lets them know the timeline of available orders before placing the orders by telling them about the delivery dates of a particular product.
Other features of this plugin include adding/uploading Pincode, show/hide delivery dates, Enable/Disable Cash On Delivery and much more.

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WooCommerce Multilingual

Multilingual :WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce Multilingual is really helpful plugin if you are targeting customers with different languages.

With WooCommerce Multilingual, site admins can translate their product and other WooCommerce pages using WPML. This plugin aims at allowing shoppers to switch languages and order products in their own resident language. It comes with easy translation management for products, categories, and attributes.  Allows inventory tracking without breaking products into languages and much more.

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Order Delivery Date For WooCommerce

Free WooCommerce Plugins

Order Delivery Date For WooCommerce helps you to improve your customer service by delivering the orders on the customer’s specified date. The plugin allows your customers to choose a delivery date on the checkout page.

This reduces cart abandonment by 50%. This plugin comes with numerous amazing features that are really helpful for your customers.

It has the ability to allow the customer to select a Delivery date on the checkout page for the orders. You can disable the weekdays on which you do not deliver the products. Ik now more features install this plugin.

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WooCommerce My Account Widget

WooCommerce My Account Widget

With 4 star ratings and 6000+ installation, WooCommerce My Account Widget plugin allows shop managers to display customer information in a widget. It Displays a link to the shopping cart. Display the number of items in the shopping cart. Also, Display the number of unpaid orders. Display the number of uncompleted orders. This plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.0 and WooCommerce 3.5.

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WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Currency Switcher : WooCommerce plugin

The currency switcher WooCommerce plugin makes the payment towards an e-store stress-free. Customers can check the prices of the products in their own currency or others’. The currency switcher can be added using a widget or a shortcode.

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Plugins That Helps to Manage a WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce Checkout Manager

WooCommerce checkout manager

With 50,000+ installations  WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to customize and manage the fields on your WooCommerce Checkout page. Re-order, rename, hide and extend Checkout fields within the Billing, Shipping, and Additional sections.

Give your customers a high-end checkout experience by introducing additional fields, making fields optional or required, displaying them on order and receipt pages. This plugin adds new fields to the checkout page and re-order them. Make checkout fields optional. Remove & Make the required fields.

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WooCommerce Custom My Account Page

WooCommerce Custom My Account Page

WooCommerce Custom My Account Page removes the frustration of navigating to multiple pages to view usable information on a WooCommerce based store. This plugin allows you to customize a “my account page” for customers with all the details.
With this plugin, an admin can now add more endpoints which he wants to show to his customers on a single page.

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WooCommerce MailChimp


WooCommerce MailChimp provides simple and flexible MailChimp integration for WooCommerce.

Automatically subscribe customers to a designated MailChimp list and, optionally, MailChimp interest groups upon order creation or order completion. This can be done quietly or based on the user’s consent with several opt-in settings that support international opt-in laws. If you’ve got MailChimp installed, WooCommerce MailChimp integrates it neatly with your WooCommerce.

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Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for eCommerce : WooCommerce plugin

Booster for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that supercharges your site with awesome powerful features. Features are absolutely required for anyone using the excellent WooCommerce platform.

Booster for WooCommerce supercharges users’ online stores with great functionality features. It offers amazing features such as:

    • Adding all world currencies, currency exchange rates, currency switcher. Pricing by user roles
    • Prices and currencies by country (location). “Name your price” functionality
    • Wholesale pricing, custom price labels
    • Custom order statuses, custom and sequential order numbers, minimum order amount
    • Product add-ons, custom product tabs, product by the user
    • SKU generator, custom checkout fields, check out file uploads, empty cart button
    • Custom payment gateways, gateways currency, gateways fees, gateways by country, gateways by user role, gateways per product or category
    • Adding bookings and crowdfunding products
  • Custom shipping methods, PDF invoices, EU VAT number validation, custom emails, export tools, reports, etc.

And a lot more … This booster plugin can boost a website like a rocket. Install this amazing plugin and see the results.

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WooCommerce PDF Invoices

WooCommerce PDF Invoices automates the invoicing process by generating and sending it to your customers.

This WooCommerce plugin generates PDF invoices and PDF packing slips, attaches it to WooCommerce email types of your choice and sends invoices to your customers’ Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Egnyte. Choose between multiple clean and customizable templates.

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Final Thoughts on Free WooCommerce Plugins

The plugins which I mentioned were the best ones to know more about free WooCommerce plugins you can visit the WooCoommerce website. I hope this article will help you in selecting the right plugins for your WooCommerce store. If you have any queries or suggestions about this tutorial, feel free to leave a comment below. I hope you liked my article. Keep rocking and share your experience with WooCommerce plugins.

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