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Content marketing is the only thing that can give your business an edge over others. Creating a content marketing campaign for your target audience is quite a task at hand. Given the number of devices audiences use, a careful layout of how a site owner draws out the campaign is a very crucial step. And a smooth workflow ensures that things fall in the right place so that a major amount of time and effort goes out to the most important things. Edit Flow plugin is one of the best plugin editors in WordPress territory. If you run a WordPress site as a WordPress blog that has several content contributors on board, collaborating with all can sometimes get jumbled up. To do away with your Editorial Workflow management issues Edit flow Plugin will help you a lot.

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About the Edit Flow Plugin- Editorial Workflow Management

If you run a blogging team that has several content creators and editors as for its part, Edit Flow plugin is the best Workflow plugin for you. All members of your platform can freely team up and manage the content they are supposed to give out. Your WordPress site contributors will be way more organized with this Edit flow plugin. It offers a range of super cool features that help you customize your workflow in a breeze. Let’s discuss more.Editorial Workflow Management

Features of the Edit Flow Plugin- Editorial Workflow Management

Edit Flow plugin

  • Initiate Group Communication

Edit Flow lets you involve all your team members in a blog post right below the post in WordPress. An email is sent out to the members to notify them about the update.

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  • Calendar

Editorial Workflow Management
Editorial Workflow Management

All group members can have a look at the month-by-month workflow. This means a pre-planned schedule can be drawn beforehand for everyone to see. The drag-and-drop calendar allows the members to move posts around the visual interface and check the post status in just a roll-of-a-eye.

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  • Custom Statuses

Users are allowed to manually enter custom post statuses so that everybody stays updated on the key stages of your workflow. Edit Flow adds ‘In Progress’, ‘Pitch’, and ‘Waiting for Edit’ to the WordPress default statuses: ‘Draft’, ‘Pending Review’, and ‘Scheduled/Published’. However, users must keep in mind that if at any point, they decide to deactivate Edit Flow, posts made with these custom statuses will disappear too. To save their posts from disappearing in thin air, it’s important that they manually change them to “draft”.

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  • Editorial Comments- Editorial Workflow Management

Editorial Workflow Management

This feature of the Edit flow plugin is meant to facilitate private discussion between writers and editors.

  • Editorial Metadata & Controls

The user assigned to the Editor’s role can give an overview to other members to let them know what work he/she actually wants to see. To do so, they can associate metadata with each post. Customizing the metadata field will show members things like details on the assignment, picture requirements, draft due dates, word count requirements, etc.

Other Edit Flow Plugin features

  • Receive timely notifications for updates about a particular content you’re following.
  • Users can also view their upcoming content budget in the ‘Story Budget’ feature.
  • Admin can organize the users by department or function by using the ‘User Groups’ feature.

Edit Flow is an amazing plugin with cool features that sort your blogging needs in a jiffy. The Edit Flow team is open to developers for code contribution and if you want to do your bit for them if you ever want to, you can visit this link and learn more about it.

For any suggestions or feedback, kindly drop a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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