WordPress plugin,Vulnerabilities of WordPress Plugins

No matter how hard you have worked towards making your site an amazing one, all your efforts may go in vain at once if your WordPress site gets hacked. Believe it or not, but WordPress is kind of a magnet to the hackers! Yes, it is. From redirecting your traffic to injecting links to your site to boost their sites, hackers can do a lot of things with your WordPress site.

And in the majority of cases, it is the WordPress plugins’ weaknesses or vulnerabilities of WordPress plugins through which hackers get a chance at your site. Therefore, you need to take care of those vulnerabilities as soon as possible. Here are the top 7 ways that can really help you to detect and eliminate the weak WordPress plugin to maintain the safety of your WordPress site.

Ways are :

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1.Don’t Forget to Regularly Update Your Plugins

WordPress plugin,Vulnerabilities of WordPress Plugins

When updating the WordPress plugins is so easy, why don’t you use them? Too many of the WordPress site owners don’t update their plugins at all. Do you know that the majority of the sites that are hacked are the ‘out of date’ ones! Do you really want to belong to those whose site got hacked only because of the un-updated plugins? If not, then simply click on the update button and keep your plugins updated.

2.Stay Updated with the Latest Vulnerabilities of WordPress Plugins

Try spending some time knowing about the latest vulnerabilities of the WordPress plugins. Who knows, you may find information here that can help you get rid of a weak plugin! This process even won’t consume much of your time. In WPScan Vulnerability Database or WP Tavern, you can know about the new weaknesses of the popular WordPress plugins and can take your decision to keep your site safe accordingly.

3.Make Sure the Plugins Are Updated by the Developers

It is not only you who need to update the WordPress plugins; make sure the developers of the plugin you use update them too.  Unless the plugins are not updated, how can you update them! You can know when was the last time that the plugin was updated through the directory of WordPress.org. You can also proceed to the Changelog tab to access the total update history.

4.Find Out Whether the Plugin Has Any Vulnerability

In case you are opting for a WordPress plugin that has very few active installs, then you better run it through a vulnerability check, before letting it in to run free on your server. There are sites like WPScan Vulnerability Database that can help you find whether the plugin that you’ve selected have any weaknesses or not.

WordPress plugin,Vulnerabilities of WordPress Plugins

5.Stay Aware of the Plugins That Are Not Listed in the Directories

Though being listed under the major directories may not entirely vouch for the authenticity of the plugin, but it at least ensures that the plugin has gone through various checks. However, it is always possible for a few vulnerabilities to slip through even the check, but the possibility of this to happen is very less. Therefore, opting for the WordPress plugins that are there in the directories can be a much much better way to keep your site secure.

6.Having a High-Quality Security Plan Is Always Best

A high-quality security plugin is a must for any WordPress site. So that even if in case a faulty plugin slips into your site, the security plugin can manage the threat. Don’t end up using a security plugin as your only defence line. Rather include it in your site as an extra safety measure.

7.In Case You’re Using a Plugin with Weaknesses

If by chance you end up discovering that you’re actually using a vulnerable WordPress plugin the first thing that you need to do is search for updates. There will be an update available by the developer if yours a well-supported plugin. All you have to do is just update your plugin immediately. If no update for the WordPress plugin is found, then don’t waste a minute to delete the plugin.

To avoid your WordPress site from getting hacked, remember to stay updated and do a regular check for the vulnerabilities of the WordPress plugin. Getting hacked is the ultimate nightmare for every site owners. as long as you keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and avoid installing shady plugins, you can keep your site safe and secure.

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