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A website’s success depends on the traffic and the user engagement it garners. It always remains vital to the well-being of a site that users do not leave just after the post that brought them to the site. Pageviews matter, and maintaining the bounce rate is a task. But site owners can always get more page views by displaying the content related to the site visitors. This comes easy with ‘Related posts plugins.’ They ensure that visitors spend more time on your site. The WordPress repository, in fact, has a lot of free related post plugins available to help you out on this front. Let’s discuss the top 5 related posts plugins.

Related Posts Plugins For WordPress

Yet Another Related Posts Plugins

Related Posts Plugins

This related posts plugin has had seen over 300,000 active installs and has a 4-star rating. It considers the body content, title, tags, and categories assigned to the post to assess if it’s a related post or not. To do so, it uses an advanced and versatile algorithm.

Its other features include:

  • Users can enhance their WordPress Comments with a Mention Feature
  • The templating system allows you to control how your related post is to be displayed; allows for thumbnails/text display, supports custom post types and RSS feed display.
  • The plugin is resource-intensive when running a large site; the plugin can be resource-intensive. The plugin has a pro version that performs the heavy-lifting on its own servers. In terms of compatibility, the Related posts plugins may not be as flexible as other plugins.

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Contextual Related Posts Plugin

Related Posts Plugins

With over 60,000+ active installs and a 4.8-star rating, this related posts plugin offers a straightforward settings page. Users can display related posts, and the plugin offers thumbnail support for improved visual appeal by providing shortcodes.

Its other features include:

  • It scans the body of the content to provide a truly accurate selection of similar posts to show.
  • Users manually need to add their own CSS to style it.
  • It can display related posts as thumbnails and text. It shows the thumbnail images in a bulleted list.

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JetPack – Related Posts Plugin

Related Posts Plugins

A powerful related posts plugin, JetPack has over 1 million active installs and a 4-star rating. Jetpack will let you know the number of visits your site gets and assists in getting more traffic with tools like Related Posts, Publicize, Enhanced Distribution, and Sharing.

Its other features include:

  • Traffic Growth & Insights
  • Protection against brute force attacks and unauthorized logins
  • Uses global WordPress.com content delivery network for optimization and speeding up images, hence reducing bandwidth
  • A centralized dashboard to manage plugins and menus, publish posts, and view enhanced site stats for all of your sites
  • Simple to use and easy to configure

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Inline Related Posts Plugin

Related Posts Plugins

Users can show related post links inside their content, instead of showing them below their content, with the Inline related posts plugin. It currently has 8000+ installs and has received a 4.4 rating. Users can easily set up this plugin and get going.

Its other features include:

  • You can control where you want to show the inline-related post links within the content.
  • It displays the related content where readers are more likely to open it, hence amassing page views.
  • Put related post boxes INSIDE your content.
  • Automatically put multiple boxes in all your posts
  • Automatically detect line breaks (without destroying your paragraphs or headlines)
  • Choose from over 20+ combinations of style (themes, colors, hover)

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Related Posts Pro for WordPress

Related Posts Pro provides you with a very sleek solution of adding related articles into your post with any category you want. It also has a very user-friendly back-end from where you can easily manage the added articles and well documented and support.

Some of its other features are:

  • 65 pre-defined templates for each of the templates
  • WooCommerce, wp eCommerce, and bbPress compatible
  • Supports posts, pages, custom post types.
  • Configurable search filter from front-end.
  • Retina-Ready
  • Formatting Options
  • 100+ Theme Options

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CP Related Posts

CP Related posts plugins are a very approach to add related articles in your posts. It uses an algorithm that matches the most representative terms, an excerpt of the article, title, tags, etc., and showcases the related articles. Also, you can use the algorithm to add the articles or manually choose the articles to display.

Related posts plugins features are:

  • Select the number of posts
  • Define a threshold for relations between articles
  • Associate Posts Manually
  • Different Layouts for Related Posts
  • Use Related Posts with Custom Post Types

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Conclusion of Related posts plugins

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