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In today’s times, most businesses understand the importance of SEO. SEO is very dynamic and Google continuously keeps on improving its algorithms to improve the user experience. Your SEO Strategy must be to stay on top of things by continuously adapting to the newly made changes. That will ensure you stay on top of the game.

Important Steps To Create An Amazing SEO Strategy

1. Improve your website speed

No one has time to wait for a website that takes forever to load. Your first SEO Strategy must be to ensure that your website is lightning fast. According to a survey, about 40% of users abandon a website if takes more than 3 seconds to load. This gives an idea of how important it is to have a website that loads in less than 3 seconds. It becomes even more important when every other person has a Smartphone and expects a swift experience online. If your website is not up to the mark, it will affect the number of visitors and leads. There are several tools available that help in speeding up a website’s speed dramatically.

2. Pay more attention to Keywords

Keywords are the most important aspect of a successful SEO strategy. This is what affects your local search. There are several keyword tools available that help in searching for an appropriate keyword. If you have a local business located in a single city, use keywords using the name of the city which will aid in the local search. Google uses your IP address while generating results for a local search so make sure that you have updated your Google My Business. According to a survey, using appropriate keywords help in showing your website on the local finder.

3. Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobiles have become an important aspect of everyone’s life and its importance cannot be ignored. According to a survey conducted in 2016, it was seen that the number of people using mobiles was more dominant than those using a desktop. Most websites these days see that most of the traffic is generated from people using mobiles. Your SEO Strategy this year must include simplifying your web design and having one which is more responsive. Getting rid of pop-ups and minimizing redirects will help you in generating more leads. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly so that users can use your website with ease.

SEO Strategy

4. Create Scannable Content

The next step in your SEO strategy should be to create scannable content.  There are hundreds of other articles which have the same content as yours. Therefore, it is very important to know how readers view your content. Include lots of sub-headings, bold texts, points in the form of bullets to help the search engine interpret your content and figure out what it is about. This is a very crucial SEO Strategy as it will help in positively impacting your contact ranks in SERP. It, in turn, will help in maximizing your click-through rates as well improve your website’s engagement levels.

5. Pay Attention to Voice Search

According to a survey, about 20% of mobile searches are voice searches. Why does this happen? Voice search is more effective and practical. People prefer using voice search while driving. Voice search is something that you would want to include in your SEO strategy this year. For voice search, you need to have a different approach towards keywords. Try including “when”, “where”, “how” in your keywords. These are the ideal questions to begin a search with. Write content using conversational content. That will seem as if you are having a conversation with the user.

Conclusion For Amazing SEO Strategy

These are a few things that will help you in creating a successful SEO Strategy this year. To make your SEO Strategy a successful one you will need to do relentless maintenance by keeping up with the latest trends.

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