How to Create Website Content that Actually Converts


Content can be tricky, we know all too well how much time and effort goes into perfecting the right content for your brand and for your site. Hooking customers with mere words can be a huge feat but has become absolutely necessary over the last decade.

With the world moving more and more to digital platforms, there is almost no excuse anymore for aged websites and for weak, generic content. eCommerce and online marketing have become a necessity for almost every single company worldwide.

But how important is content in the overall marketing space? Well, according to statistics, over 40% of marketers rated content as one of the important parts of their overall marketing strategy. 24% of marketers indicated that they would be increasing their budget for marketing during the course of 2020, and over 77% of all companies globally have a content marketing strategy.

So, we can see that it is important, but how do you get it right? Well, we thought we would take you through a few key tips on getting the right content to your customer.

There’s ROI in SEO

Clever play on acronyms aside, there is a lot of truth in this statement. And if SEO optimization is not the top of your priority list in your content marketing strategy, you are starting on the wrong foot.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your site rank on Google, and if you are not ranking on the first page when searching for your company and services in your area, you are doing something wrong.

The largest contributor to SEO is the smart use of keywords. So, let’s say you are a pet food and accessory retailer. You will want to research and include the top keywords that people search for on the internet.

Things like “Dog Food”, “Cat Food”, “Pet Food” will most likely pop up, and you need to make sure that they appear several times on your site.

But be careful here, avoid stuffing your content, because when Google scrapes your site, it will pick this up, and penalize you.

“Where do I find the right keywords?” you might ask. There are a number of keyword research services that you can find that will help you get on the right track.

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Blogs Are Actually Very Important

How to Create Website Content
Learn How to Create Website Content

Right, so we have covered those keywords which people will search to find you organically online. If someone types “where can I buy cat food near me” in the search bar, and you are the first to pop up, you are most likely going to convert that customer.

But what about people who aren’t typing that in, and already have a brand that they buy? Well, this is where your blog comes in. You see, your blog is your opportunity to educate your customers. Give them information that they can actually use, and over a period of time, they will start trusting you as a reputable brand.

So, let’s keep the pet food example. You can create blog posts or articles like “5 Reasons Why Your Dog is Getting Fat”. In that post, you can include content about the type of food it is eating, and sneak in a CTA which will take the reader to the product page.

And, if you plan your content calendar according to your supply chain and sales cycles, you can write that article at the same time as that specific food goes on sale. That will increase your conversion rate, especially if you include a copy along the lines of “This week only, get 30% off your X Brand Dog Food here”.

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Keep Your Copy Short, Simple and To the Point

Go back and look through your site from your customer’s perspective. In fact, find a few customers and go through the site with them. Optimizing the customer journey is guaranteed to heighten your conversion rates.

Start on your landing page, what useful, simple information have you used? Can a customer determine exactly what you do and sell based solely on your page? If they have to go into the products and services tab to understand further, you are missing the mark.

Get rid of jargon and get rid of the overuse of adjectives and descriptive words to convey just how reliable and efficient and customer-centric you are. Get down to the nitty-gritty immediately.

This will tie in with the first point and heighten your SEO when you are focusing on the keywords and what is actually important.

The same goes with your CTAs and paid ads. Short and sweet is the best. If you have CTAs like “Click Here”, it’s time to get them replaced. You should focus on wording them like “Tell Me More,” “I’m Interested” or “Let’s Do This”.

Test Test Test

Our last bit of advice before heading out is to encourage you to test absolutely everything. Once you have gotten a blog out and have shared it on all of your platforms and in your emails, watch how it performs. Check the click-through rates, whether the visitor moves on to the product page, how long they spend on the page and the bounce rate. This, you can monitor from Google Analytics. If something works well, keep up that kind of flow and structure.

The same goes for your CTAs and paid ads. What gets clicked on the most? With CTAs, it is important to A/B test the copy. What works better for your particular customer? “Buy Now” or “Complete Purchase”?

This will help you optimize as much as possible on your site so that you can move on to finding and creating that great content that will bring your customers back.

How to Create Website Content?

The key thing to remember in all of this is to keep your customer in front of mind at all times. When you create your content, you want to make sure that they are informed and educated, entertained and drawn into what you have to share. Empower your customer, as they will feel drawn to your brand and become a loyal customer. They say that content is king in digital marketing, and we couldn’t agree more. The more content you put out, the more reach you are likely to get, and the more you will resonate in the mind of your customer.

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