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Today more than half of the world (4.57 billion) people use social media. A video conference call handles varied tasks from interviews and business propositions to birthday celebrations. A requirement of private online platform is a must in any sort of community. Today we are going to compare the best WordPress solution for social media websites. BuddyPress from the WordPress team shows the path to developers on how WordPress can be used to create a large online community website.

BuddyX theme

PeepSo came to the WordPress scene in mid-2015 taking inspiration from JomSocial, a community extension for Joomla! CMS and providing an alternative premium solution with more inbuilt features. Although the inspiration for PeepSo is found in a completely different platform, PeepSo is not a simple fork of software available for different CMS. It is built from scratch to follow all strict WordPress coding standards. BuddyBoss Platform which is a fork of BuddyPress comes to some commonly used BuddyPress third-party addons and bbPress forum into one to provide a premium product and to sell a theme for it.

Today we have easy solutions to create community membership websites, popular LMS plugins like LearnDash provides a modern solution for social learning. Similarly, support for Multi-Vendor solutions like Dokan and WC Vendor paid the way for social Marketplace.

The core features of a community are member profiles, activity streams, notifications, groups, private messages, and friendships. Having an online community for any social cause, brand or business is a big plus today!

Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are the most accessed websites online. Their popularity warrants businesses to make their social network be it a forum, community, or a Facebookesque website. Take PlayStation support community, HP Support Community, or Royal Enfield Community forum for example.

When creating a WordPress website you can start with free BuddyPress or go with one of these premium solutions BuddyBoss Platform or PeepSo. We dive into a comparison between them both items of features and performance.

In terms of features, the BuddyBoss platform has the upper hand as it was built on top of BuddyPress which is from around 2009 and lots of themes and plugins are available for BuddyPress. There is not much new to create instead of combining the free or premium BuddyPress addons into one solution, which have its own advantages and disadvantages and selling as BuddyBoss Platform Pro. PeepSo is building from scratch around 2017 and they played safe by not combining all the features into one to provide the best speed performance and keeping Peepso Addons for customers to choose from. There are only a few third-party addons for PeepSo and every new feature needs to be built from scratch so the new development process takes time. When it comes to themes, PeepSo is built with their own template which makes it compatible with almost any properly coded WordPress Theme.

BuddyBoss Vs PeepSo

  BuddyBoss PeepSo
Price BuddyPress fork BuddyBoss Platform is Free and has support for BuddyX Free Theme
Premium BuddyBoss Theme and BuddyBoss Platform Pro are Paid starting from $228.

Foundation Version of PeepSo is Free. This means you won’t get all the features but there will be enough to kick-start a community. They have monthly pricing which starts at $39/mo for all available features.

Themes BuddyX Pro $59
Reign BuddyPress Theme Starts from $69
BuddyBoss Theme and BuddyBBoss Plarform Pro $228
Reign PeepSo Theme $69
Gecko Theme $99
Addons BuddyPress Addons which have support for BuddyBoss Platform like Hashtags, Polls, etc. Available Ultimate Bundle comes with all the add-ons for $39/mo.
Third-Party PeepSo add-ons like for forum integration are available at $39
Updates More frequent updates From time to time Major updates
Privacy options BuddyPress Private Community Pro addon has support for BuddyBoss Platform User control Content privacy. (Public, Site Members, Only Me) included in Free version and can be extended to Friends as well with Ultimate bundle starting at 39$/mo
Community Moderation BuddyPress Moderation Pro Addon is compatible with BuddyBoss Platform Full control by designated community moderators in the free version.
Chat BuddyPress Chat plugins will work with BuddyBoss Platform Yes with Ultimate Bundle starting at $39/mo
Hashtags BuddyPress Hashtags Addon has support for BuddyBoss Platform Yes free
Poll BuddyPress Poll Addon have Supported for BuuddyBoss Platform Yes free
Auto Friends BuddyPress Auto Friends have Supported the BuuddyBoss Platform Yes with Ultimate Bundle starting at $39/mo
Friend Suggestion BuddyPress Friends and Follow suggestions have been Supported for BuddyBoss Platform No
Pin Activity Post BuddyPress Sticky Post have Supported for the BuddyBoss Platform

Yes – free

Activity background colors BuddyPress Quotes have Supported for BuuddyBoss Platform Yes – With the Gecko theme you can style the activity
Yes – background images come as a free feature
Member Blog Free BuddyPress Member Blog have Supported for BuuddyBoss Platform Yes – With third-party integrations like PeepSo Member Blog
Birthday Widget Free BuddyPress Birthday addon Yes with Ultimate Bundle starting at $39/mo

Major Differences are:


Although both the plugins are open-sourced. It is PeepSo that offers Free Support and premium support as it has a free version on WordPress.org to all its users. Whereas BuddyBoss Platform requires a paid subscription to one of their membership models to provide Priority Support to its patrons. 


One of the most unique features of social networking platforms has been Reactions. On Facebook you can Like, Love, Laugh, Wow, etc whereas on Instagram you can Heart. This feature is available with both BuddyBoss and PeepSo but with varying options.

BuddyPress allows its users to react with a  Like. While on the contrary, PeepSo has constituted more than just Like. Giving reactions like Love, Laugh, Like, Wink, and much more, inbuilt with a robust admin panel that lets you customize everything, from adding your reaction to changing icons and more.



Regular plugin updates guarantee optimum website performance. BuddyBoss platform does provide updates but only to its paid members. Whereas PeepSo has promised to give every user of the free version regular and timely updates, while updates for paid addons are only provided as long as the license is valid.


BuddyBoss Vs PeepSo

While both of the plugins support E-mail notifications and On-site notifications. BuddyBoss Platform requires a bit of customization of API for it while PeepSo comes with an inbuild notification customizer. 


BuddyBoss Vs PeepSo

Having privacy settings is a must for Social platforms. It is the right of the user to decide which post deserves to be public or be hidden. (BuddyBoss Vs PeepSo) BuddyPress and PeepSo every user has the ability to make their posts public, available to site members.

PeepSo allows control of the user post to be in the hand of the user. The user can select from three (or Four if they use Friends plugin) options, Public, Site Members, Only Me. Placing the control of privacy setting in the hands of the user. If and when necessary users can also Report other users and posts. While also banning repetitive offenders on PeepSo.

Whereas BuddyBoss Platform allows members to censor themselves by categorizing them into Public, Private, or Hidden figures on the website. But it doesn’t have inbuilt dedicated support for banning, blocking, or reporting individuals or posts.


As we already know, BuddyPress is at the core of BuddyBoss, and all the major WordPress plugins have the integration with BuddyPress which in theory, should work with BuddyBoss most of the time, under the condition that those plugins are regularly updated. Also, the availability of Rest API enables the creation of the custom mobile app. PeepSo on the other hand is seemingly hard to customize because not many developers had a chance to work with it yet. However, PeepSo offers a robust API for developers to hook on almost any feature available in the code, and if there is no needed hook available, PeepSo devs are very easily approachable and willing to co-operate on mutual benefit. Furthermore, if you know the basic things about WordPress code, you will know how to code for PeepSo as well. If you don’t know how to code hire an experienced WordPress developer and they will have no problem with PeepSo.

reign theme

Overall if you are the sole person with a good budget you can work along with the PeepSo team to create your ultimate social network. On the other hand with BuddyBoss Platform you have can find a lot of budget-friendly themes, add-ons, and BuddyBoss developers to hire.

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