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You may consider blogging and selling products online as two different aspects of setting up your website and they are mutually exclusive. The truth is quite to the contrary. In fact, blogging is an effective marketing method which may be used to sell products online. You may use your blogging website to sell products. So, while considering the avenues of earning from the Internet, you may use both online marketing and blogging in a way that they complement each other. Please refer below for some guidelines on how blogging can increase the sales of online products.

Blogging is an Effective Marketing Tool

Blogging for Business: Sell products online

The act of writing blogs will not be your ticket to earning money from the Internet. However, it is an extremely effective tool for showcasing the product. It also increases the reach and base of the potential customers. Statistical data prove these points. The companies using blogging experience 97% higher links to their websites. Businesses that use blogging as a marketing tool are able to generate 67% higher customer leads. The marketing teams that put a little effort and money into blogging have 13 times more likelihood to get positive returns on their investment.

With more blogging contents with appropriate keywords, you will have proportionately higher links coming back to your website. This will increase the number of potential customers, drive higher and diverse traffic your e-commerce site. Aside from these, blogging with relevant context will drive quality customers to your sites which sell products online. These are your actual loyal buyers, who will be attracted to your products by virtue of the high-quality content blogging site. The context in the blog is the delineating factor between blatant marketing and to conceptually sell products online through quality content.

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Use Blog Sites to increase your Emailing database

As per practical data collected over the years, experts agree that email lists are an invaluable marketing tool in the current online-savvy economy. An email is 40 times more useful in adding new customers than other media. This medium effects more customer conversions than search engines. There is 6 times more likelihood for a customer to click on your link in the email than any other media. To attract customers to your blogging site, offer incentives or discounts upon their enrollment or subscription. This mailing list will be your direct point of contact with individual customers. Timely updates regarding the offers, discounts and new launches of products are bound to increase the number of people to whom you may sell products online.

Position your Products as a Solution rather than Commodity

In order to sell products online, you will need a base of steady and loyal customers. For a dry commercial website, customers do not feel any obligation to return there and frequently switches between options. This is where blogging sites can come in; through proper and relevant content, a quality blog can offer products as a solution to problems. There are several ways you may go about this task to sell products online. You may talk about the general context regarding usage and then offer your product as an excellent specimen for practical testing. Also, talk about your product category in general, but offer your products at the bottom. The bottom line is that the reader feels compelled to refer to your blog for advice, thus noticing the related sales.

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Find Stories Related to Your Products

This exercise is sure to pique the blog reader’s interest about your products. For example, you are selling camping equipment; a blog written about the actual experiences of a person using your products, tactfully inserted as ‘keywords’, is bound to raise the interest of the reader. All the while, the quality of your blog is keeping the reader occupied and loyal to your site. This technique to sell products online is bound to increase the number of customers interested in your products, ultimately resulting in higher revenue.

The ideas mentioned will prompt you to build an e-commerce site and direct your blogging skills towards product positioning and showcasing. All these methods are dependent on the quality and the capacity of the blog to generate interest in the readers. All the while, the intent to sell products online must be the underlying agenda during the writing of the blog.

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