Premium BuddyPress add-ons

Extend your Buddypress powered community with our cool add-ons.
We are a team of WordPress programmers who develop and maintain WordPress premium themes & plugins. We can work on custom requirements, if you need any help to customize your community or add new features, feel free to contact us.

Ideal for online communities that need users to upload their resumes, BuddyPress Resume Manager is the most effective plugin to insert the Resume menu in individual User BuddyPress Profiles Page to di
An out of the box moderation plugin, BuddyPress Profanity plugin is the easiest and most effective way to censor all inappropriate and unwanted content in your BuddyPress community. What’s better is
To add or integrate repeater fields or field groups dynamically to front-end forms, without assigning a predefined number is one of the most demanded features of the BuddyPress community. This is exac
Polls have become one of the most trending marketing techniques due to their high engagement appetite. Thus, do not stay behind and create polls inside the activities on your BuddyPress site with the
With unique features like Profile Privacy and Profile Progression, enjoy greater control over groups and empower users to adjust the privacy settings of their profile and timeline, display profile pro
Ideal for site owners that are looking to automate the moderation process on their BuddyPress site, BuddyPress Moderation Pro prevents you from the tedious process of manually policing your site. Save
BuddyPress Hashtags for BuddyPress and bbPress. It allows adding hashtag links to BuddyPress activity and bbPress topics. Hashtags turn into links that are used to search items based on topics.
BuddyPress Status is a new plugin that lets members post status & set the mood on profiles. Moods will show after names at activity & profile.
Now allow the site admin to select global friends for all his members with BuddyPress Autofriends plugin. If you are starting an online community with BuddyPress and want some common friends to be add
Create A Customized Newsfeed Experience Just Like Facebook By default, BuddyPress offers separate type of activities for your BuddyPress Activity Stream.