Premium BuddyPress add-ons

Extend your social community website with our premium add-ons for BuddyPress. All of our BuddyPress plugins work with BuddyBoss platform
BuddyPress Contact Me displays a contact form on a member's profiles, allowing logged-in and non-logged-in visitors can be in touch with our community members.
Social Stories offer a more personal way to interact with your audience.
The Who Viewed My Profile Plugin helps you to know about your profile visitors. It displays the count of the profile views on the member profile header...
BP Member Blog Pro plugin provides each of your site users their own writing environment with a fantastic user experience.
With the BuddyVendor plugin, you can quickly turn your BuddyPress community into a social marketplace.
BuddyPress Stats plugin creates an activity log of everything that happens on your BuddyPress-powered community site...
Allow community members and groups to post updates along with selecting their current location.
BuddyPress Friends and Follow suggestions plugin assists you with improving your BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform-based community
Attach GIF's into your BuddyPress activity, comments, and messages
Add and Customize the BuddyPress components on any of the wordpress pages/posts using elementor widgets
Make your posts sticky on BuddyPress by pinning site-wide and group activities on the top of the community wall.
Allow BuddyPress users to post content with attractive background colors and beautiful images.
Add selected community members as common friends for all members.
Orgnanize all the BuddyPress activity-streams just like Facebook newsfeed.
Allow members to add status on their profile and give their reactions to all the activity updates.
Allow users to add multi-language hashtag links on BuddyPress community website.
Allow members to flag inappropriate content on your BuddyPress community site
Lockdown the BuddyPress components to make your member's profile safe.
Allow users to create and respond to polls inside the BuddyPress activity or in groups.
Specify a list of bad words to control the content in your BuddyPress community.
Allow members to create and display resumes on BuddyPress right from their profile page.
Add repeater fields or group of fields to the front-end forms on the member's profile.