How To Start a Community Membership Site

Community Membership Site

Membership portals are most widely used to provide courses or other material to registered members. Content that isn’t otherwise open to the general public. Members can pay to gain access to content, but not all Community Membership Site do.

You build a group when you create a members-only website. If you intend for the group element or not, a community will most likely form due to common interests. While we’re talking about setting up your membership platform, we’ll also go through some community-building resources.

Membership communities encourage members to engage with one another, take the pressure off of you, and allow you some breathing room. While the initial setup can be time-consuming, you can communicate with your members without creating new material once you’ve laid the foundation. The best thing is that your members will continue to communicate even though you log off for the day.

Purpose of a Community Membership Site

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Create Enthusiastic and Engaged Customers

Convert your customers into members and engage them in a group, and you’ve got yourself a vocal and engaged consumer base. You can’t beat that. They’ll do some of the selling for you.

Selling your product

That is, of course, the primary objective whether you are selling a product, a course, or some other type of material. But, selling physical or virtual goods has never been easier than WordPress’s membership and payment portal plugins. 

Serves Target Audience

Target Audience

Consumers of your goods or content will be part of your audience. They may also enlist the help of a club or organization. An engaged, well-targeted audience will take your website to places you never expected. People want to share their passions with the rest of the world. If you create a space where people can do that, you’ll attract someone with similar interests.

How to build your Community Membership Site?

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Decide on a Tool:

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tool for community building. Your membership base is unique, as are many things, and you can find a solution that works for them. While choosing a tool, you need to identify your audience’s preferences and look into how and where they would prefer to communicate. You need to work on the control issues, access to your community tool, and how much of the community membership site you want to dedicate for the community aspect. 

Test Your Membership Community:

After you’ve chosen a tool and set it up, it’s time to put it to the test. Before launching your new membership community into the wild, it’s a good idea to test it out on a small group. That way, you can iron out any kinks before the whole team uses them.  You may offer rewards like discounted membership rates or exclusive goodies to entice members to participate in your tests (and provide you with truthful, insightful feedback).

Enact Community Guidelines:

Make sure your members are aware of your community when you’re ready to launch it. They will not enter if they are unaware of it. So, prepare an announcement for current members and mention the group during the onboarding process.

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Create some buzz for your Community Launch:

Membership Communities are fantastic at uniting people. Not all, however, will always get along. It would help if you spent some time creating guidelines for your community. Your members will know what to expect (and what not to do) as a result. Community guidelines will assist you in creating a healthy and non-toxic environment for your members to engage in.

Decide on some topics:

Decide on some topics

Depending on the group tool selected, this can apply more to some and less to others. However, it’s never a bad idea to have a few talking points or suggestions in your pocket to get the conversation going or to use when things get stale.

Just make sure you don’t overburden them at first. Pick a few topics to get everyone started, then add new ones over the next few weeks. Some recent issues can also emerge from ongoing discussions.

We also suggest that you have at least one light-hearted or easy subject that allows your members to engage outside of the confines of your membership site. This will make it easier for them to get to know one another.

Share content for Yourself and Others: 

If you’re regularly publishing posts, podcasts, videos, or other material as part of your membership site’s marketing, it’s important to share with your membership community. It’s not only a good excuse to start a new topic, but it also provides convenience to your paying members, which is incredibly valuable and often ignored.

Again, during the early days of the forum, when the pressure is on you to initiate conversations regularly, this relieves that stress and allows people to engage more quickly. 

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Send Out Emails:

If you depend on your members to visit your platform on their own every day or many times a week without being prompted, you’ll find it difficult to gain traction. You must remind people of your community’s existence and provide them with a justification to participate regularly.

Sending out a weekly summary – via email – of some specific discussions is a great way to pique people’s interest in the group who may otherwise be uninterested. If anyone sees a subject they’re interested in or know about being debated – for example, as part of a weekly roundup of discussions – they’re more likely to join in and contribute.


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The development of a community membership site is the first step. It will, in many respects, be the most straightforward move. It will also be complicated and require a significant amount of time and effort. Having human relations, on the other hand, is worthwhile. By implementing all the methods mentioned above and following them, we are sure that your membership community site shall witness a great start, and then it would create a good buzz. 

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