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Our experienced team at Wbcom Designs goes above and beyond to understand your unique requirements and goals. We work closely with you to create tailor-made WooCommerce solutions that align with your brand identity and drive optimal results. Whether you need a custom WooCommerce WordPress theme design, or WordPress plugin development, or seamless integration with third-party tools, our experts have the technical prowess and creativity to bring your ideas to life. We offer comprehensive services for all your WooCommerce development needs, guaranteeing top-notch quality and customer satisfaction at every step of the way.

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Our Ecommerce Themes

We offer WooCommerrce support in our theme along with support for multivendor plugins too.

StoreMate WC Vendors

WC Vendors is a WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of the popular WooCommerce plugin by allowing multi-vendor capabilities on an e-commerce website. It enables you to create a marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products through your online store.

StoreMate Dokan

Dokan is a popular WordPress plugin that enables you to create a multi-vendor marketplace using WooCommerce. Similar to WC Vendors, Dokan allows multiple vendors to sell their products on your website, turning it into a platform where sellers can set up their stores and manage their products, orders, and payments.

BuddyX Pro WooCommerce

Bring your community online on WordPress powered by BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform. Offer modern design and features to community teams. Easy to use Members profile, activity streams, groups, forum, private chat and much more.

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WooCommerce Addons

Offer modern design and features to community teams. Easy to use Members profile, activity streams, groups, forum, private chat and much more.

Partner with a leading Woocommerce development company for your business success.

With our team of skilled WooCommerce designers, developers, and marketers, we are fully equipped to create captivating online shopping sites using the WooCommerce platform, ensuring guaranteed success in your e-commerce endeavors. We embrace any challenge that comes our way with enthusiasm and dedication.

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Kim Johnson
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"Varun was wonderful to work with! Prompt with replies and fixes. He did a great job! Very patient with all my questions. I'd come back and hire him again for updates and fixes."
Tresne Middleton
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"Varun is above and beyond. We have been working with Varun for over 2 years now and he is always available to assist with our website and is extremely knowledgeable with our woocommerce, LMS and wordpress. We feel Varun is an integral part of our team and has provided great value to our business. You can always count on Varun to come up with the best solutions to optimize our site for user experience and functionality. We will continue working with Varun and his team."
Leo Pena
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"Glad to work with Wbcom Designs team, Pramod & Varun managed our all WordPress website smoothly along with SEO using Moz. Varun & Pramod both were very communicative and efficient, suggesting a solution to our job which we did not consider and which was ultimately much more effective than our previous plan. I would definitely suggest working with Wbcom Designs team anytime!"
Uval Blumenfeld
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"I hired Varun for a consultation regarding WordPress plugin development. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly - was able to sum up a ton of information in a way that was most valuable to me and super clear."
Kirk Vernon
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"I really enjoy working with this team. They are very knowledgeable, skilled, and thorough. The dedication that Wbcom puts into ensuring your website is running at it's best is unmeasured."
Robert Lawry
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"Pallavi has been great to work with. Her work perfectly matched the mock-ups and project notes. She was quick to address all minor adjustments with no hassle. Great to have someone you can trust to deliver. Will hire her again very soon"
Emil Lamboy
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"I REALLY enjoyed working with Pallavi and Varun! They have done great work and were a pleasure. They made all changes requested without complaining and did them fast! THANK YOU!!!"
Marion Brown
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"Pallavi was a joy to work with. She made the experience really easy. Her workflow and attention to detail was awesome. I will definitely do business again."
Karim Kazzaz, PMP
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It was great working with Pallavi. She's skilled and finishes the tasks fast.
Jordan Lee
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Varun is brilliant, very knowledgeable with WordPress and BuddyPress. Highest recommendation from myself. Thank you!
Kayode Garr
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Thanks Pramod Gupta and Wbcom Designs. Great job you guys did. I came needing help to design my website and you guys nailed it.
Nick Miller
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Varun was very quick and effective with the work required, and communicated clearly. Highly recommended.
Bryce Evans
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Varun was great and flexible as we worked to figure out the best solution!
Manny Santos
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Great work. Makes difficult work seem easy.
Dianne Smith
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Varun is awesome! Very thorough and knows his business well!
Matt Bell
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Varun is excellent. I highly recommend! He is efficient, quick, and communicates very well.
Steven Canvas
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"This man is unbelievably professional and proficient. He is highly recommended"
Keagan Wernicke
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"Varun did a great job, and did everything very quickly."
Andrew Garrett
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"These guys are amazing! True and amazing experts! Absolutely amazing talent.!"

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    WordPress Development Projects
    Made With Precision & Love

    Take a look at some of the WordPress sites developed by our experts.

    Teacher Professional Development

    Teacher Professional Development is a one-stop shop for teachers and educators to discover resources and courses for a wide variety of primary and secondary key learning areas.

    Top Schools Awards

    A celebration of the UAE’s top schools, educators, and learning initiatives. The first and only awards dedicated exclusively to K-12 education in the United Arab Emirates.


    Our vision at ThoughtCloud is to produce organically sustainable plant medicine that will enhance overall well-being, from our physical bodies to our mental health, to the world we live in.

    WooCommerce Development

    WooCommerce development refers to the process of creating and customizing online stores using the WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is a popular and powerful e-commerce plugin built for WordPress, offering a range of features and extensions to enable businesses to sell products and services online.

    Theme Customization

    WooCommerce development refers to the process of creating and customizing online stores using the WooCommerce platform. WooCommerce is a popular and powerful e-commerce plugin built for WordPress, offering a range of features and extensions to enable businesses to sell products and services online.

    Custom Plugin Development

    WooCommerce offers a wide range of plugins and extensions to enhance the functionality of your store. Sometimes, custom plugin development may be required to meet specific business requirements or integrate with third-party systems.

    Product Management

    WooCommerce development involves creating product pages, managing inventory, and defining product attributes such as pricing, variations, stock levels, and SKU numbers. This allows you to showcase and sell your products effectively.

    Payment & Checkout Integration

    Integrating secure payment gateways into your WooCommerce store is crucial for facilitating smooth and secure transactions. This involves integrating popular payment options like PayPal, Stripe, or other payment processors based on your target audience’s preferences.

    WooCommerce Store Setup

    WooCommerce development involves setting up the online store, installing the WooCommerce plugin, and configuring essential settings such as currency, payment gateways, shipping methods, and tax rules.

    Shipping and Tax Configuration

    Setting up shipping options, calculating shipping costs based on various factors (such as weight, location, and shipping class), and configuring tax rules and calculations ensure accurate and transparent order processing.

    WooCommerce Migration

    Transferring an existing online store from a different e-commerce platform to WooCommerce. It’s important to choose an experienced WooCommerce migration service provider who has expertise in both your current platform and WooCommerce.

    Ongoing Support and Upgrades

    WooCommerce development is an iterative process, and ongoing support, maintenance, and upgrades are crucial to keep your store running smoothly, secure, and up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.

    Performance Optimization

    Optimizing the performance of your WooCommerce store is essential for providing a seamless user experience. This includes implementing caching mechanisms, minimizing page load times, optimizing database queries, and ensuring your store can handle high traffic volumes.

    Security and Maintenance:

    Implementing security measures, such as SSL certificates, and regularly updating WooCommerce and its extensions, helps protect your store from vulnerabilities and ensures ongoing maintenance and support. Checkout our WordPress Maintenance Plan

    for more details

    SEO and Marketing

    Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, integrating with marketing tools (such as email marketing and analytics platforms), and optimizing product listings and metadata are important for driving organic traffic and maximizing conversions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    WooCommerce is without a doubt one of the most successful, popular, and profitable eCommerce development platforms because it is user-friendly, engaging, and allows you to extract maximum benefits for your business. Launch advantage of the world’s most popular e-commerce platform right now and take your business online with our fantastic WooCommerce modification services.

    WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce plugin built for WordPress. It enables businesses to transform their WordPress websites into feature-rich online stores with robust selling capabilities.

    WooCommerce offers numerous advantages, including its seamless integration with WordPress, a vast collection of themes and plugins, flexibility for customization, strong community support, and easy management of products, orders, and inventory.

    WooCommerce development providers offer a range of services, including store setup and configuration, theme customization, plugin integration and development, payment gateway integration, shipping setup, product management, performance optimization, security implementation, SEO and marketing, ongoing maintenance, and support.

    Yes, WooCommerce allows extensive customization of the store’s design. You can choose from a wide range of pre-built themes or opt for custom theme development to match your brand identity. Customization options include layout modifications, color schemes, typography, and more.

    Yes, WooCommerce provides a vast selection of plugins and extensions to enhance your store’s functionality. These can be used to add features such as product reviews, advanced search capabilities, social sharing buttons, multilingual support, and integration with third-party tools like email marketing or CRM systems.


    WooCommerce is without a doubt one of the most successful, popular, and profitable eCommerce development platforms because it is user-friendly, engaging, and allows you to get the most out of your business.
    Yes, Elementor’s Pro and Free editions are both fully compatible with WooCommerce and EDD.

    Yes, We can assist you in migrating your existing store to WooCommerce. They can handle the data migration process, ensure a seamless transition, and optimize the new WooCommerce store for better performance and functionality.

    The development time depends on various factors, including the complexity of your requirements, the number of customizations needed, and the size of your product catalog. A simple store setup can take a few days, while more complex projects may require several weeks or longer.

    Yes, WooCommerce is designed to be user-friendly, and basic tasks like adding products, managing orders, and updating content can be easily performed through the intuitive admin interface. However, having a WooCommerce development provider available for technical support and guidance is highly recommended

    Yes, WooCommerce can be integrated with various third-party systems and services. This includes integrating with popular payment gateways, shipping carriers, ERP systems, CRM platforms, analytics tools, and more. Integrations can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

    We implement security measures such as SSL certificates, secure payment gateway integrations, regular updates to WooCommerce and plugins, and employing best practices for data protection. We can conduct security audits, perform vulnerability assessments, and ensure compliance with industry standards. We also offer WordPress care plan at very small price just to manage WordPress security and updates.