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Trusted & outstanding WordPress plugins & add-ons to integrate awesome functionalities to your WordPress Site. Explore a wide range of premium & free add-ons for BuddyPress, PeepSo, LearnDash, LifterLMS, Dokan, WPJob Manager, GeoDirectory and WooCommerce.
allow members blog
BP Member Blog Pro plugin provides each of your site users their own writing environment with a fantastic user experience.
Integrate your BuddyPress community to provide a smooth customer experience and increase site engagement.
With the BuddyVendor plugin, you can quickly turn your BuddyPress community into a social marketplace.
Peepso Member Blog allows users to create and manage their blog posts from the front end of their social networking profile.
Allow community members and groups to post updates along with selecting their current location.
The BuddyPress Search is an add-on for BuddyPress and lets your site members search every BuddyPress component, along with Post, Pages...
Buddypress reCaptcha is the best solution that provides an all-in-one captcha for  Buddypress, WordPress, and woo-commerce.
This plugin allows you to add a quick view popup for products listed on the woocommerce shop page.
BuddyPress Member Blog is a free plugin that allows users to create/manage their blog/posts from the profile.
BuddyWoo Integration Plugin will help to integrate WooCommerce with Buddypress.
BuddyPress Friends and Follow suggestions plugin assists you with improving your BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform-based community
Attach GIF's into your BuddyPress activity, comments, and messages
Generate the preview of the links with the image, title, and description within.
Post updates from anywhere on your website by using a simple shortcode
Add and Customize the BuddyPress components on any of the wordpress pages/posts using elementor widgets
If you are looking to earn via an online course marketplace like Udemy. Reign Sensei add-on is just the perfect match for you.
If you are looking to sell your products like amazon and ebay, Peepso WCFM addon can be a best solution for you.
Build Run and expand your marketplace with Reign WCFM Addon. This addon ensures you to have each and every functionality of WCFM and WooCommerce.
Create and Manage your Learning Management System on WordPress using our advanced and feature-packed Reign Tutor Lms Add-on.
PeepSo WC Vendors add-on lets your users manage the stores with their profile directly.It displays WC Vendor options at PeepSo member Profile.
Select and display important profile field on single member's profile header & member directory
Easily import/export your BuddyPress members. Small but an important features.
Bump the recently liked or commented activity at the top of your newsfeed
Reign WC Vendors comes with custom designs for Single Store page layout, including a clean & modern WC Vendors Store extra widget
Display the upcoming birthdays of your BuddyPress community members.
Integrate WooCommerce with PeepSo to display WooCommerce tabs on the member's profile page.
Integrate EDD with PeepSo to display EDD tabs on members’ profile page.
Learndash Notes will extend the LearnDash functionality to create Notes for courses, lessons and topics.
Make your posts sticky on BuddyPress by pinning site-wide and group activities on the top of the community wall.
Allow BuddyPress users to post content with attractive background colors and beautiful images.
Integrate Dokan with PeepSo to display Dokan multivendor options on the members’ profile page.
Learndash wpForo integration allows you to add a discussion channel for your learners. Allow you to link your course with multiple forums.
Add selected community members as common friends for all members.
Orgnanize all the BuddyPress activity-streams just like Facebook newsfeed.
Allow members to add status on their profile and give their reactions to all the activity updates.
Allow users to add multi-language hashtag links on BuddyPress community website.
Build Any Type Of Job listing with The Fastest And Easiest For WordPress
Reign LifterLMS addon has been designed to enable you to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses in a distraction-free environment.
Transform your Reign Theme Into Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay
We are here to help! Learnmate includes extensive documentation to set up every aspect of the theme, but if you need further assistance we’ll be right there with you on our fully monitored Support!
Reign Geo Directory Add-On offers a solution for site owners to have maps for their directories.
Redirect members to a different location after they logged in or logged out from your site based on their user role.
Bump the most recent activity on the top of newsfeed in your BuddyPress website.
Integrate LearnDash with PeepSo to display options for courses inside a member's profile.
Integrate LifterLMS with PeepSo to display options for courses inside a member's profile.
Allow members to flag inappropriate content on your BuddyPress community site
Lockdown the BuddyPress components to make your member's profile safe.
Integrate wpForo with PeepSo to add a forum inside your PeepSo social network website.
Allow users to create and respond to polls inside the BuddyPress activity or in groups.
Woo Sell Services allows sellers to sell services to their customers/users. This plugin will add the ability to WooCommerce to sell services just like a product is sold.
Specify a list of bad words to control the content in your BuddyPress community.
Integrate bbPress with PeepSo to add a forum inside your PeepSo social network website.
If you want to start a service selling business online, EDD Sell Services is a smart solution for you as it allows selling services online right from your EDD store.
LearnDash Dashboard gives the admin, instructors, and students a dashboard of their own, where they can easily manage anything related to their courses, lessons, and contact others.
Add repeater fields or group of fields to the front-end forms on the member's profile.
Allow members to create and display resumes on BuddyPress right from their profile page.
Lock down certain components of BuddyPress so that they won’t be accessed publically.
Use shortcodes to display activity streams, members, group listings, and user notifications on any post or page on your community website.
Allow users to create and manage their to-dos with the relevant category right from their profile.
Create specific tabs in employer’s and candidate’s profiles on BuddyPress.
Allow users to provide their reviews and ratings to the community groups based on multiple criteria.
Allow members to provide their ratings and reviews to other members’ profiles based on multiple criteria.
Allow community members to post updates along with selecting their current location.
Provides live notification to the BuddyPress community members whenever someone favorites their content.
Custom Email Options plugin can solve a lot of issues when it comes to the PHP message process such as changing the “from” address and name.
Custom Font Uploader plugin allows you to upload custom font-family using browse and upload as well as using google font-family and have it enqueued in your site.
Allow community members to share the post updates to their social networking profiles.