How To Generate An Embeddable Job Widget

Embeddable Job Widget works in integration with the WP Job Manager plugin. Using this widget, you will be able to display a form on your website. The users will be able to use that form to generate an embeddable job widget. Using this widget, the users will be able to display the job listings from your website on their website. Embeddable Job Widget has a number of features and functions. The job listings can be viewed with the help of an embedded code after selecting the appropriate options for their widget. The users can preview their widget and use the embed code on their own website. You may use this code for any kind of website. It is not mandatory to use the embeddable code on WordPress websites only. The theme also works well with popular job themes.

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How to set up the Embed Code Generation Shortcode?

Embeddable Job Widget
Embeddable Job Widget

You will be able to add the embed code generation form to your web page by simply using a shortcode. The setup process has been mentioned below:

  • You need to create a page in the WordPress admin area. You can name the page whatever you wish to.
  • You need to switch to text editor from the visual editor and add the given shortcode.
  • Save the particular page.

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How to use the Embed Code Generator?

Embeddable Job Widget
Embeddable Job Widget

Embed Code Generator provides you with a huge number of configurable options. These options can be used to generate:

  • Keywords using which you will be able to search for jobs that match your particular keyword. Location using which you can look for jobs within a particular location.
  • Display count which will help you to control the number of jobs which can be displayed.
  • Show page information which will show the previous/next link to the widget to display more results.
  • Categories to set a limit on the number of jobs that can be displayed.
  • Job type to set a limit on the type of jobs to be displayed.

Once you have selected all the options for your widget, you need to click on the ‘Get Widget Embed Code‘ option. After that, you will be provided with two different sections: the code which you will be able to paste on your website to display your job and the preview of your widget.

How to customize the Widget Templates?

4 different template files will be provided to you along with the plugin:

  • content-embeddable-widget-job_listing.php: This will help you to control the jobs to be displayed.
  • embed-code-css.php: This file lets you have complete control over the CSS present in the embed.
  • embed-code.php: You will be able to control the main widget code using this file.
  • form-embed-code-generator.php: This file contains the entire embed code form.

If you want to customize the template files, you will have to copy thesee files from wp-content/plugins/wp-job-manager-embeddable-job-widget/templates/ and paste them into yourtheme/wp-job-manager-embeddable-job-widget/.

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Wrapping Up:

So, take full advantage of the Embeddable Job Widget and design a highly superior job website for your customers. For any doubts related to the plugin, feel free to contact us.

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