How To Output A List Of All Companies That Have Submitted Jobs

How To Output A List Of All Companies

WP Job Manager is one of the most useful plugins available for designing a complete job website for your users. The plugin is lightweight and allows you to add job board functionality to your website. It works with any of the popular WordPress themes available.

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How To Output A List Of All Companies

Using the shortcodes, you will be able to make different kinds of customization to the pages of your website. You can include an employer dashboard, job submission form, list jobs and many more. Once the user logs into your website they will be able to edit, view and even delete the job listings. Here, in our article, we will talk about a very popular addon for WP Job Manager, Job Colours.

1. What are the various features of WP Job Manager?

  • Powerful Admin UI: You will be provided with a highly powerful admin interface using which you will be able to display your jobs before the users in a highly organised way. The list may contain different information related to the job and company. You can also include search and filter functionality to the job listings.
  • Frontend job submissions: The employers will be able to list jobs on your job website from the frontend itself. The employers will be able to include details like job description, job location and other important details related to the company. The employers will also be able to preview the listings before posting them.
  • Single job listings: The single job listings will display the company description, job description and metadata in a clean format. You can also link the location of the jobs through Google Map.

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2. What is Job Colors for WP Job Manager?

WP Job Manager
How To Output A List Of All Companies

Job Colors for WP Job Manager will allow you to give a completely new look to your job website. Using this plugin, you will be able to select a particular colour for each of your existing job types that are present in the job listings. You can also select the colour to be the text colour or background colour. This will make your website look eye-catching and visually pleasing and your viewers will start taking more interest in your website.

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3. Where can you use Job Colors for WP Job Manager?

Job Colors for WP Job Manager can be used on any of the popular WordPress themes. Astoundify has also released two themes that are specially used along with the WP Job manager plugin. These two themes are Jobify and Listify. So, if you want to create your website in the best possible way, then make sure to use any of these two themes for designing purposes.

4. How to install the plugin?

The installation process is very simple. You need not have to be a developer in order to install Job Colors on WP Job Manager. The steps for installing the plugin has been mentioned below:

  • Install and activate your plugin. 
  • Go to the Job Listings option.
  • Click on Settings and navigate to the Job Colors option. From there you will be able to set the colors easily.


Wrapping Up:

In this way, you will be able to use Job Colors for WP Job Manager for designing an extraordinary website for the employees and employers. If you face any kind of queries while working on the plugin, make sure to let us know of it.

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