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WordPress is such a versatile CMS that the array of customizable themes and plugins it offers is commendable. In such a case, it becomes quite difficult to choose a theme; especially when you have to shell out dollars to buy a Premium WordPress Theme. Entrusted professionals offer the listed premium themes, and they show an entire list of features and customization options. So, before purchasing a Premium WordPress Theme consider the following things.


The Money Involved

There are dozens of marketplaces that offer premium themes. This means that you can take advantage of the competition to steal an affordable deal that suits your pocket. Make sure that you have read and understood the pricing option because some themes will have fixed prices, and other might be paid for per month/year. Also, take note of the plugins that come bundled with them. Make an informed choice so that you do not have to extend another part of payment later on.


Regular Updates

It is very important for a user to check the number of times a particular theme has been updated. You should step your foot back if the theme you want to buy was last updated more than a year ago or so. WordPress’ regular updates require themes’ developers to make fresh changes in the structure of their themes so that they close security breaches and make new additions. So, always go for a theme that is regularly updated.


Rating, Reviews, and Comments

Envato like markets has a rating system where certified buyers are allowed to rate the item and let others know about its performance and quality. The more the ratings, the better the theme is. So, if the theme of your choice has been rated with 4 stars or more, you have made the right choice. Popular items have a lot of comments and reviews which might be helpful. They will help you figure out the strong and the problem areas. So, always pay heed to these factors.


Features And FAQs

Always take a look at the features list of the themes that you have shortlisted for your purpose. Read out all of them so that you are sure that the premium theme offers all features and functionalities you are looking for and will probably require making your site with. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) segment entails updated from the developer on several things/queries users are not sure or unclear about. It contains crucial info about things like the framework that the theme uses, compatibility with specific plugins, support system etc.


The Responsive Element

A premium theme should be responsive i.e. it should be capable of utilizing CSS and JavaScript to adapt your website’s layout to the user’s browser size and they should be able to see the content and layout in a mobile designed layout.


Compatibility with Browsers & SEO-Friendliness

The theme must offer an interface that makes the website viewable on all modern browsers. Have a good look at the meta-data attached to a theme where you’ll find info about cross-browser compatibility. Making sure that that the theme is SEO-friendly should be a priority as well. To do so, just open the demo site and then scrutinize the code behind it. Look if taxonomies have descriptions, archive pages should have excerpts, there should be breadcrumbs, proper anchor text for post titles and you can scan a post for valid H1, H2, and H3 tags. You can also test the markup language on the demo site and check if a theme comes with SEO plugin like Yoast.


The Theme Demo

A theme should deliver action and not mere words. To have a sneak peek through previews may not deliver a true picture of what the theme will actually turn out to be. So, always look for a ‘demo’ tab so that you can indirectly see the future of your compiled-up website.  Also, don’t forget to test the demo site at least across two popular browsers (desktop and mobile).


Wrapping Words!

Now, its time to wrap my words for this article. Here I have mentioned almost all the relevant steps and fundamentals to cover this topic. Hope, you like this article and it will be helpful to you for your reading purpose. If you like this article, or you have any suggestion you think should be added to this article, feel free to suggest and by just simply leave a comment below.

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