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The internet has made it that easy to hunt the Product Descriptions to deliver at our doorsteps. As you know, Google displays relevant search results based on the engagement of the pages or websites. It doesn’t matter that you are selling a quality product or anything. When online buyers search for products, they click to explore rare links of the search engine. They may compare the top products of the search page. It shows, if the product does not appear on the first page of google, people may not know its existence.

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Product Descriptions

However, in this diverse online shopping world, SEO-friendly keywords work as a magical tool that land users on your product page. The amiability with SEO ultimately converts your product to sales. If you are struggling to write perfect product descriptions, we are here to introduce you to essential tips that help you in writing SEO-friendly product descriptions.

1. Write Unique Descriptions

Write Unique Descriptions
Product Descriptions

The moment you start writing for search engines, keep in mind that attractive descriptions with the right keywords can increase user readability and engagement. Search engines work like a web directory and track several websites against a single term. A product needs to appear on the top of the search engine that encourages users to drive on the product page. 

To do so, one can write a unique product description because algorithm search tends to evaluate the uniqueness, originality, and significance of a web page.

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2. Short Descriptions

A short description can vary between 30-40 words. It acts as an introduction to the product.

3. Long Descriptions

It is a complete product description with 80-100 words or more. Give the general introduction of the product, the brand, and mention its features and purposes. A perfect long description includes ranked keywords.

4. Category-wise Attributes

These are the individual characteristics that an SKU has. E.g., a Mobile phone can have different values like storage, camera quality, RAM, appearance, etc. You can write a description to focus on any category.

5. On-page Keywords

We can write product descriptions with smartness by including ranked keywords with different attributes, heading, and other static text.

6. Meta Tags 

It is the blend of title, description, and keywords. You can write an individual meta tag for every page link on your website.

7. Key Features and Highlights

A writer can pull the customer out for the product listing page or the Search Results Page. A good product description depends on its informative structure. Highlight the features of the product as possible. But don’t ruin it by adding too much information. Indistinct descriptions will drive customers away. People like to get the general aspects of what they are buying and how it benefits them. 

Therefore you should describe the features to give them a good understanding of your products and encourage them to follow the page.

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8. Role of SEO Keywords

Role of SEO Keywords
Product Descriptions

The right keyword is the sole of a product description. It is the key to unlock the leading position in the search engine. It will help search engines recognize your pages, which will enable online users to find what you are selling. The perfect use of keywords would give top-ranking your products and enhance the visibility of your online store.

9. Use Keyword Tools

The online platform flooded with keyword research tools. But the best phrase begins with a solid keyword tool. We recommend some tools that help you to examine specific keywords and provide you relevant data. SEMrush or Moz Keyword Explorer can be a great choice. These tools categorize the keywords and enable users to find potential customers. Insert specific words on search boxes to get an overview of their needs and preferences.

10. Target Audience

In the online shopping market, the people who purchase your product and show interest in the relevant products are your target audience. The popularity of your product depends on how promptly you identify your target audience. Once you find your target audience, you need to write brilliant content that convinces them. A copy of your product should spark their interest-only then they would land on your sale page. 

You can mention some common points such as age, gender, habits, culture, income, and many more. For example, your target audience is mid-age people. The safety of products, affordability, and durability would be a priority.

11. Short and Effective Content

In this fast-paced world, no one wants to spend extra time on words. Well, the simplicity of language will generally leave a good impression on customers, but the younger population will notice the absence of one. Therefore, you need to write short and valuable descriptions. It can get good grace that would not push them to read the wordy information about your products and let them know why they need to see it. It is better to avoid quite an adipose wordiness and keep it simple to read.

12. Products’ Awareness

There is no required length of description that works for every product. It depends on the needs of your audience that differ on their level of awareness. Online buyers with low awareness would need more convincing descriptions. It means your copy needs to describe thoroughly what your product is and why they purchase it. On the other hand, online customers with high awareness are already completely aware of the product and why they need it. 

Your description should make them confident that your product is perfect to meet their needs. It needs to work as a key to open their wallet to perform a purchase.

13. Content Organization

Content Organization
Product Descriptions

Content organization is also an essential part of writing an ideal description. A strategic mixture of content with rich keywords can push the organic ranking of a product. Therefore, organize your content including features and applications of the product.



When it comes to writing product descriptions to sell online, keep in mind that everything begins and ends with SEO-friendly content. The product descriptions help consumers to find your product. It is the best way to fill the gap between products and buyers. We recommend you analyze the trendy keywords and create the descriptions accordingly. The crafting of SEO-friendly descriptions demands popular keywords with informative content.

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