WordPress Themes for Developers

With the help of our dedicated WordPress theme development team, we are able to provide appealing, clean code and responsive themes, to build a website for any niche. These themes have been built using plugins, and comply with standard norms of coding to deliver a responsive website. Do you want to create your own WordPress theme? If yes, then look for the best Start Up WordPress Themes for Developers listed below.


Start Up WordPress Theme for Developers

Here are some of the popular StartUp WordPress Themes for Developers in marketplace, community, and E- Learning platforms :-

1. Marketplace WordPress Theme for Developers

Marketplace WordPress themes are suitable for building an online store for selling furniture, electronics, garments, accessories and many more fields.

Small business, entrepreneurs, and corporate companies can utilize Marketplace themes with StoreMate WC Vendors, StoreMate WCFM, and StoreMate Dokan Theme. Let us discuss these marketplace themes separately, to know more.

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2. StoreMate WC Vendors Theme

WC Vendor- WordPress Themes for Developers
WordPress Themes for Developers

StoreMate WC Vendors Theme seamlessly builds, takes care of and commerce for promoting growth of the online store. It helps a developer to build a WooCommerce store to generate revenue.

This WordPress theme comes with everything you require for expansion of the online platform using StoreMate WC Vendors Theme. This theme is powered by WC Vendors, Reign, and WooCommerce, featuring monetization, and brand promotion.

Key Features:

  • Suitable to generate revenue
  • Powered by WooCommerce
  • Monetize profits
  • Establish online platform
  • Product Layouts in Grid/Listing

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3. StoreMate WCFM

StoreMate WCFM
WordPress Themes for Developers

Using StoreMate WCFM eliminates the extensive HTML coding by providing this theme to design a desirable marketplace. This theme is supported by WCFM, WooCommerce, and Reign. Boost your monetary profit with various payment gateways.

Don’t worry about creating your marketplace, if you are making it for the first time. You can start making your marketplace from scratch to procure a highly responsive and well documentative marketplace platform.

Key Features:

  • Make desirable marketplace
  • Powered by Reign and WooCommerce
  • Promote brand popularity
  • Initiate monetization
  • Flexible and highly responsive website.

4. StoreMate Dokan

StoreMate Dokan
WordPress Themes for Developers

StoreMate Dokan is a polished WordPress theme for creating a personalized marketplace platform. You can easily display your products, and services to gain organic traffic and create outreach to clients in the online store industry.

This is a fully supportive theme to convert your simple website into an appealing online Dokan. It helps a user to carry out monetization easily by boosting growth of the website. This is an accessible theme allowing you to easily customize your company’s brand with the help of color scheme, interactive layouts, discussion, and suggestions.

Key Features:

  • Get immense recognition
  • Convert site to Commerce store
  • Full control over customization
  • Generate good revenue
  • Dokan widgets for easy browsing

Community WordPress theme for Developers

Design your social networking website using the Community WordPress theme for Developers. It helps to convert your site to a usable member community with products, and services. Merely, the community theme contains pre-designed website demos that are accessible for constructing the development projects. It brings out modern and stylish layouts fit for every community platform.

Community themes are highly customizable and flexible to tailor the website according to a user’s need.

1. BuddyX Theme

BuddyX - Free Community Theme
WordPress Themes for Developers

BuddyX Theme is a networking WordPress theme available in free and premium versions. It delivers a highly responsive website with fast loading of the homepage. It can build a social platform like Facebook but also eLearning, community, marketplace and membership websites.

This theme is supportive to bbPress, WC Vendors, WooCommerce and uses Elementor page builder. It uses clear code, eliminating the old HTML language, and is SEO-friendly. It adapts itself within a limited framework to boost the performance of your website.

Key Features:

  • Several integrations
  • Free membership website
  • Create LMS platform
  • Uses Dokan and WC Vendor
  • Easy digital downloads

2. Reign Theme

Reign WordPress Theme- WordPress Themes for Developers
WordPress Themes for Developers

Reign Theme is a community platform powered by WordPress. It allows you to create your brand name, sell products and services and expand your business online. It comes with creating websites for online courses, catering services, conducting events and much more. You can freely launch your community platform for inviting the organic crowd and engaging audience.

It facilitates smooth functionality of the providing to connect with members of the team using advanced features. Reign Theme comes with activity feeds, member connections, social groups, member profiles, forum discussions, private messaging, events and gamifications. It turns your regular visitors into subscribers by selling services and generating funds.

Key Features:

  • Build social networking sites
  • Uplift your brand name
  • Members, groups, and communities
  • Space for express views
  • News Feed Plugin

3. BuddyX Pro Theme

Buddy X theme- WordPress Themes for Developers
WordPress Themes for Developers

BuddyX Pro Theme not only builds online platforms but also connects with BuddyX themes. It is compatible with multi-vendors, and WooCommerce stores. It uses Elementor page builder with drag and drop slider revolution to bring out the best view of the website. This theme is Gutenberg optimized and uses WordPress software version.

This theme can customize any kind of platform to sell courses, for social community, establishing online stores, converting into membership sites, and promoting branding. It allows us to perform activities and engage with members. It creates user profiles to connect with people and message them. You can create groups and forums too.

Key Features:

  • Gutenberg Optimized
  • Community platform
  • Security and privacy
  • Alerting notification
  • Engagement grip

eLearning WordPress Theme for Developers

With the growing trend of online courses, many universities and schools have shifted their focus on making the learning process interactive for the students. As per the estimates of Global Market Insights, the eLearning market is predicted to escalate between 2020 – 2027 by an estimate of 20%.

Today many course owners, along with providing online courses, offer study materials and other services for the students to perceive in their career line. Many online instructors provide information about the courses other than they are offering and benefits of choosing their course.

Let us proceed to know more.

1. LearnMate LifterLMS

LiftLMS- WordPress Themes for Developers
WordPress Themes for Developers

LearnMate LifterLMS is the most influential platform that helps you to create an eLearning website for encouraging learning experiences. It is suitable for building education and eLearning for building a complete website using the LifterLMS toolkit. It builds an appealing and appropriate website providing all services at one place.

This theme allows you to use various color schemes for background and text. It has custom typography settings for the website. Use the leverage of having LifterLMS to convert your sober looking website to a modern eLearning website with membership or subscription plans. It allows you to review courses, single course layout, accessible widgets, to understand and navigate throughout the page.

Key Features:

  • For education and eLearning
  • Achieve monetary goals
  • No coding required
  • Distraction free reading
  • Switch between free and default layouts

2. LearnMate LearnDash

LearnMate LearnDash- WordPress Themes for Developers
WordPress Themes for Developers

LearnMate LearnDash can be best couples with LearnDash LMS for establishing an eLearning website. It is a single stop to all your needs for building an eLearning site, and is powered by Reign. You can create an eLearning website and sell courses mainly for educational purposes, like to prepare for institutional or job career exams. Your can provide notes, and media for the subscribers.

Experience the new way of creating, customizing and establishing your website online. Invention, identification and income, these three are the main aspects of LearnDash. It has superb plugins that are LearnDash Notes, LearnDash wpForo, Reign LearnDash Add – on, and PeepSo LearnDash Integration.

Key Features:

  • eLearning paired with selling courses
  • Start your learning platform
  • Easy user interface
  • User-friendly features
  • Branding and styling layouts

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3. eLearning Theme

The eLearning theme is powered by Mysteriyo. It uses Gutenberg optimization along with Elementor page builder, delivering a modern looking professional layout formed website. Masteriyo is an LMS plugin that optimizes the speed loading of your website. It ensures compatibility with various surfing websites.

This theme uses clear code, SEO – friendly to rank your website and generate organic traffic. It provides a highly responsive and flexible website, so that you can customize when you need and make it more presentable. It is RTL- ready to detect the user’s language and is light weight as it uses minimal workspace to build a website.

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Key Features:

  • Light weight
  • SEO Optimized
  • RTL Support
  • AMP supportive
  • Compatible with multiple browsers

Buddy X

Conclusion of WordPress Themes for Developers

Finally, we have a list of the Start Up WordPress theme for developers to build a marketplace, community, and an eLearning platform. These above – given WordPress themes are featured by SEO optimization, Gutenberg optimization, and promote online business. They are powered by Reign, WooCommerce, and WC Vendors. Get everything at one place to build a social community like Facebook, create eLearning websites to sell courses and interactive sessions. Build a marketplace for brand promotion and increase business.

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