An FAQ gives easy, short, and direct answers to customers. It is a page or a website specially built for providing customer support. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions and, as the name suggests, consists of a list of the most asked questions.

Benefits of a FAQ Website

benefits of faq website

FAQs are the most efficient way to answer repetitive questions from current and potential clients. They save time and effort for the support team, help close deals, and provide lots of insights about the company. Some of the benefits of a FAQ website are:

  • Saving cost and time: An FAQ will help you save and utilize both time and money by providing answers to repetitive questions.
  • Building trust and loyalty: Giving customers quick and adequate response, resolving their queries as soon as they arise, as are signs of good customer support. And good customer support is key to building trust and gain loyal customers.
  • Addressing customers’ needs: Providing information about products and services in the FAQ section heeds to various needs of customers. They have easy access to the company’s information.
  • Google featured snippets: Google generally highlights the featured snippets that provide a direct answer to the questions. With a well-designed FAQ page, your website will have a chance to appear in the Featured Snippets.
  • Link-building and easy navigation: A good-built FAQ page creates links throughout the main website and other websites, which tends to help the customer more efficiently and create much more traffic.
  • Increase in sales: A FAQ page designed to cater to customers’ specific needs and have comparisons between different products and services tends to contribute towards sales.
  • SEO friendly: It is not a hidden fact that Google and other search engines like bing love FAQ pages. So, if your website’s FAQ page has a lot of information structured, that helps the visitors help you to get found on search results quickly.

Deciding what questions to include on an FAQ page

Remember one thing; an FAQ page should be customer-oriented; it should provide answers to customers. If you do it successfully, customers will be confident enough to try new products and refer products to others. Here are few tips that will help you decide what questions to put on a FAQ page:

  • Common questions: Make a list of all standard and repetitive questions and place them on the FAQ page.
  • Analyze competitors: Go through competitors’ FAQ pages and try to develop answers better than them.
  • Categorization: Categorization of the questions is essential. Make some groups or categories and divide questions accordingly.
  • Expert answers: Make a team of experts come up with perfect solutions for the customers. This can really make the difference.
  • Simplify: Don’t go all technical with answers. Most of the jargon used by technical people is unknown to everyday users. So, it will be a waste of time resources if we provide over-technical answers to our customers. It can have adverse effects on SEO optimization also.
  • Keywords: Always create a well-researched and keywords-oriented FAQ page. Customers will find the information quickly, and it will boost up the SEO.
  • Creating links: It is one of the most important things to include while creating a FAQ page. Adding links create an optimized flow of information throughout the website, and customers tend to learn more about the overall working of the organization.
  • Forum Integration: Integrating forums in an FAQ page is a great option to make it more user-friendly and customer-oriented. Different discussion threads will contribute unique value to the company.

How to create an excellent FAQ Website?

Creating an excellent, customer-oriented, and SEO-optimized web page is very easy using WordPress and its free knowledge base theme KnowX.

The KnowX theme has all the features to build an excellent and successful FAQ page on WordPress. It has multiple layout options, categorization options that will make your FAQ page easy to navigate and will make your customers happy and confident at the same time.

Benefits of FAQ website


Click here to see the live demo.

FAQ WordPress Theme: KnowX features

  • Multiple layouts: There are several layouts you can choose from. Each layout has its own unique design and features, offering various ideas for building your knowledge base.
  • Forum integration: The KnowX theme supports the best WordPress forum plugin, bbPress, which helps us create single or multiple forums in our FAQ page for customer discussion and provide insights to our customer support team.
  • Import demo: You can kickstart your FAQ page in one click. You have to import the demo and install it; your FAQ website is ready just like that.
  • Advance theme customizer: This feature helps you to customize the theme even further. You can input your ideas and develop the FAQ website as you want. You have to access the Advance Theme Customizer menu from your WordPress.
  • Popular Post: KnowX theme has the support WordPress plugin Popular Post which helps the user find the latest and trending questions easily. This reduces the customer service time and increases overall satisfaction.
  • Managing Categories: This feature makes it possible to organize the knowledge base categorically, facilitating the search of the knowledge base for users. This enhances the navigation and design of the website and helps SEO optimization.
  • SEO-optimized: The KnowX theme has excellent support from google bots. This helps in SEO optimization and increases your website’s traffic.

Final Thoughts

Having an FAQ website is important for any business, this will save time by having to reply to several common questions. So, build your website easily using our free knowledge base WordPress theme.

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