Website launch checklist: Test you need to go though before going live 2023

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It is very necessary for you to understand the website launch checklist. Are you planning to launch a brand new website? Or redesigning an existing one, or moving a site onto a new content management system (CMS) for a client. Before doing all these things it is necessary for you to go through some critical tests before making your website live. Launching a website is pretty interesting as well most frightening too. Before launching your website, it’s necessary to undergo this Website launch checklist to ensure proper functionality across a wide spectrum of activities.

Here I am going to discuss some essential checklist before launching your website-

If you want your website or your client site rank high on search engines. Then it is essential to check whether your site is well SEO optimized or not. To make your website on SEO audit list make sure you are following these points –

  • Keyword: What are the website’s current rankings for this keyword? there should be a specific keyword for your content. It should be on the google front page.
  • Backlink: Who’s linking to you? Are any of the website’s backlinks negatively impacting SEO? Are there additional opportunities to create backlinks that you’re not yet exploring? You need to provide a relevant backlink on your content.
  • Social media: putting out your content on social media is very necessary. Because social media is becoming ‘’Word of mouth’’ these days. Setup social sharing buttons and Click to Tweet calls to action on blog posts So, Is checkout is your website having a clear link between your website and company social media channels?

There are some tools, by using them you can check the SEO of your website.  Moz, SEMRush, and Smartcrawl are amongst the most popular plugins for SEO. But Yoast SEO is best among all. With more than 4.5 million downloads, an average 4.7-star rating out of 5 This plugin has the ultimate readability score feature, which focuses on on-page SEO that results in better content. It also suggests the optimum length of the title or meta description. In return, will help you to increase your website rankings and click-through rate for organic search results. Go for Yoast SEO for best results.

1. Readability testing

Website launch checklist

This is an essential part of launching your website. Most of you focus on the technical aspects of launching a website. Least bothered about how your content is written. This test focuses specifically on auditing the website’s content. If the website content is not well- written or correctly checked. Then visitors will once read it or check your site and never come back. To avoid this you need to check whether your content is large enough to be read by your target audience. What content needs to be written? What calls-to-action need to be created? Are prepare for that? It is very necessary for you to check spelling or grammatical errors. Lucky you that WordPress has loaded you of plugins to help you out and make your work easy.

There are tools to empower your efforts in bulk, so you don’t have to dissect each page or post, word by word. One of the best recommend plugin is the Hemingway App. It is a free plugin that helps you to improve sentences, and fix other related readability issues in your content.

This free app highlights complex, lengthy, and common errors. Try out this free plugin and make your work simple and easy. Another best plugin is Grammarly paid plan. As it is paid it comes numerous features. Try these two best grammatical errors plugins and add amazing and correct content on your website.

2. Browser ready website

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It is very important to check your website on various browsers. Browser testing is the process of checking how your website looks in different major browsers. This test is usually done on computers. Chrome and Firefox are considered as the most important browsers for testing. To make your work simple I am sharing some best tools to make your website browser ready. Browserstack: This tool has a free trial and a paid plan. It has the ability to access and test all browsers using desktop browsers and mobile browsers too. So, try this amazing plugin and make your website browser ready.

Another best recommend plugin is Browsershots: This free tool provides a lot of best features. It offers functionalities that aren’t included in the other tools mentioned here—even paid options. This plugin also provides you the paid plan by which you can access Browsershots’ useful browser testing tools.

Browser Sandbox: This free plugin allows you to test many browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium Canary, Firefox Mobile, Safari, Opera and much more. So it isn’t amazing to try out this plugin check browser test instantly.

3. Ensure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

Website launch checklist

Testing your website on mobile is very necessary. In today’s world, everything is on mobile you can start up your business anytime anywhere with mobile. If your website is not responsive it will be hard for the visitor to understand your site. It may also happen that he won’t come back again. So. mobile testing is now more important than ever when launching a website. Create websites that are just as functional on mobile as they are on a desktop. mobile testing involves testing the mobile-friendliness and responsiveness of your website.

Does this include elements such as Does your WordPress theme work on mobile? Is the text easy to read on mobile? Is navigation functional on mobile? Are you able to fulfill all the criteria to make your website mobile- friendly? Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test plugin: It is the easiest and simplest plugin for checking your website is mobile-friendly or not. It’s easy to use—just paste in your website URL and the tool will check if it is mobile-friendly or needs improvement. Apply this plugin to your website and see the results.

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4. Test your Site Speed

website launch checklist

Speed is one of the important parts of your website.  You just need to check that your site load speed should not be longer than 3 seconds poses. If it is then that people will leave your website immediately—and never look back.Sad for you. So, to avoid this risk you need to mention your speed. WordPress again offers you the best speed check plugins, instantly increase the speed of your website. Google’s PageSpeed Insights are very helpful for determining if your website is loading fast enough on a desktop and on mobile. Another best plugin is Pingdom. It is a more advanced step testing plugin.

Comes with both free and paid plan .It also focus on page load speed, Pingdom provides a number of additional insights for optimizing your website. Using  GTmetrix plugin can prove really helpful for web developers trying to optimize page speed. Hummingbird most recommended plugin that instantly increases the speed of your website. It helps you find speed optimization opportunities. To make your website speed load faster try out these amazing plugins.

5.Test Your Links

website launch checklist

It’s critical that every link on your website leads where it’s supposed to. This is especially important if you restructure your site, so make sure all your website redirects. You need to check broken links available on your website and fix it with new ones. Broken Link Check is a free online broken link checker. No need to download an app, and no need to install a plugin. Just enter your website URL and check for broken links! Screaming Frog is the most popular SEO tool that looks for errors like broken links, with both a free and paid version. So, try out today and make your website broken link free.

6. Check your website compatibility website launch checklist

Compatibility of a website is essential. Your website should be compatible in all aspects. As you all know Not all plugins and themes in WordPress are compatible with each other. Most of the developers face such situations. Whenever you activate new plugins, themes, or WordPress versions, it’s necessary to run compatibility tests.

There are loads of WordPress plugins through them you can check your website compatibility test. PHP Compatibility Checker  checks the theme and plugin codes of your website and reports back if there are issues.

Theme Check: As the name suggests this WordPress plugin checks if the theme you are using meets the current theme review standards or not. Check your site compatibility with this plugin and make your work easier.

All set to Launch

After following these essential steps now you are ready to launch your website. Sometimes, websites are launched first, then tests are implemented. This can be problematic for you. So, to make your website looks clean and engaging it is important to go through these points. Launch your website and share your experience. Feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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