Third-Party Divi Plugins are an essential part of the WordPress theme set-up. They enhance the various functionality of the Divi theme. They can be referred to as the one-stop solution for the theme developers and the site owners. While there are numerous Divi plugins offering advanced features and user-friendly these 6 are the top-recommended Third-party Divi plugins. Starting with Divi Page Builder Everywhere first-

Divi Switch

products divi swich


Divi Switch plugin is apt in adding features to the theme in the form of toggles. The plugin has 50 additional toggles for the theme dashboard bestowing more than a hundred customized themes and numerous combined display options. One can edit the various components of the header and the footer with the help of this plugin. The multi-purpose features like section separators, transitions, custom buttons, image aspect ratios, and custom buttons perform advanced tasks on the WordPress website. This is one the must use Third party Divi plugins.

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DIVI Page Builder Everywhere Plugin

Page Builder Everywhere plugin has the specialty of adding new page sections to the standard builder. The plugin works exactly like the Divi builder with no extra complications. So the users need not worry about knowing more for adding this utilizable plugin to the theme builder. The Divi plugin allows the user to insert any type of normal section or content to the header, sidebar, or footer, thus giving more locations to place the major content such as galleries, images, maps, contact forms, counters blogs, testimonials and much more.

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Divi Ghoster

Divi Ghoster is a white labeling plugin allows the user to add their own branding to the website. You can hide source data from the viewers and unauthorized persons. The WordPress site owners can rename the theme and even hide the plugin from others. Once installed, the users can also customize the login screen. As they have specific plugins that enable them to be innovative with their site to great extend.

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Divi Dashboard Welcome

Divi Dashboard Welcome

Divi Dashboard Welcome plugin gives control to your dashboard welcome screen, that allows you to customize the screen with options to brand the dashboard for the clients. You can utilize the provided space for highlighting the services along with providing needful links and creating supports for the clients and the visitors.

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Divi Booster

divi booster

Divi Booster plugin is especially recommended as it adds half a century of configurable options to the theme.  In this compact Divi plugin, there is no extra payment required for updating from time to time. The plugin boasts the theme, as new features are added, upgrading the quality of the plugin at regular intervals. The advanced feature options let the user change the look only a single page while all other pages and extensions remain exactly the same as the precious. The footer customization option is for replacing the footnote of the website as required. The CSS manager, developer tools, and Divi builder on certain post types make the plugin stand out in the crowd.

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Aspen Footer Editor

products footer editor

Aspen Footer Editor is a Divi and Extra WYSIWYG editor from Aspen Grove Studios that makes it easy to modify the global footer. You can modify the text, add media such as images and video, links, and other content using the TinyMCE editor just like the regular visual editor for creating posts or pages. It includes the text tab so you can add HTML and CSS styling so you can change the background color, font style, font color, size, text, etc.

They’ve included a few examples of styling that you can modify to help get you started. You can also add third-party shortcodes just like you would in the standard editor. Once you create a footer you don’t have to select it. It’s automatically used globally on your website.

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Gravity Divi Module

best Divi Plugins

Want to create attractive forms on your WordPress website? Take a look at Gravity Divi Module. It integrates Gravity Forms with Divi and allows you to design simple and beautiful forms that ultimately helps you in increasing form submission rates. Just install Gravity forms on your WordPress site and integrate it with your Divi platform using this plugin. Key features include easy to customize Module Settings, show or hide Title & Description, Optional tabindex Attribute.

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Divi Breadcrumbs Module

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This module is perfect for you if you want to create beautiful & functional Breadcrumb Navigation Menus on your WordPress website. It is helpful for your site visitors to let them know where they are on your site. Using Breadcrumbs, they’re able to move freely on your website without any difficulty. One benefit of using this plugin is that it sends hierarchy signals to Google when they scan your site which is best from an SEO point of view.

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Divi Overlays

best divi plugin

Looking for a Divi Popup Builder Plugin? Try Divi Overlays. It allows WordPress website owners to design full-screen overlays, popups, or modals using the Divi Builder. Add any type of content to an overlay and trigger it text links, images, Divi buttons, etc. depending on your choice. Moreover, it also comes with triggers such as timed delay, scroll delay, or exit intent that plays automatically.

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Divi Dashboard Welcome

WordPress divi plugin

Divi Dashboard Welcome allows you to change the default WordPress Dashboard content and to control the WordPress Dashboard Welcome screen. You can control the dashboard for both yourself as well as your client sites. It also offers five Dashboard layouts of its own. And, if you want, you can also create your own layout. This plugin is compatible with all the themes that work best with Divi.

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So, What’s Your Choice?

That’s all for today! Hope you got the best choice for your WordPress website. Try these Third-Party Divi Plugins and make your website more functional than ever. And, don’t forget to improve your SEO score with these WordPress Antispam Plugins.

For any feedback or suggestion, kindly drop a comment below.


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