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WordPress is the topmost website designing directory which is trusted by millions of designers, developers, and useful when it comes to beautiful designs, optimized backend, and open ground to play with creativity. There are more than 54,000 plugins in the WordPress directory. However, if you are looking for a plugin worthy of your time and money, then we have narrowed down some free and premium for you. Building an e-commerce website needs more solutions to address customer needs as well as the owner’s investment. Hence, below are 20 fruitful Premium WordPress Plugins Essential for Professional WordPress Websites to make sure your bucks may not go in the bucket.

Premium Plugins for WordPress

  1.  Everest Forms
  2.  Jetpack
  3.  Yoast SEO
  4.  User Registration
  5.  Google XML Sitemaps
  6.  WooCommerce
  7.  Nivo Slider
  8.  VaultPress
  9.  WP Smush
  10.  WP-Optimize
  11.  Google Analytics
  12.  BJ Lazy Load
  13.  Wordfence Security
  14.  Broken Link Checker
  15.  Redirection
  16.  MailChimp
  17.  Social Icons
  18.  Disable Comments
  19.  Smart Slider
  20.  Defender

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1. Everest Forms

This free WordPress Plugin enables you to create unlimited design layouts in forms. Moreover, it can include fields like columns, radio buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, and more to let you built fully functional structures. It supports Google reCaptcha, enables email settings and editable form validations along with redirect page options.

2. Jetpack

Jetpack takes care of site performance; enhance content distribution to search engines, traffic growth, site security, image optimization, and website appearance. Additionally, it creates sitemaps to index your site.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO, Premium WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO focuses on creating useful SEO-friendly content. Catchy headlines and Meta descriptions boost your click-through rates. It helps you choose a focus keyword and use the keyword appropriately in content. You can use Academist Help to create useful content for your site. Also, it suggests you properly set up the text and images for better visibility for search engines.

4. User Registration

User Registration is a drag and drops user registration plugin for free. You can create a beautiful front-end user registration form quickly. There are countless registration forms, multi-column support, ReCaptcha support, email notifications features that extend on purchasing premium add-ons.

5. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps, Premium WordPress Plugins

Google XML sitemap helps Google to rank your website in organic search rankings. A sitemap enables to restore your XML structure to retrieve site results efficiently. It notifies servers on search engines when your content is published. Also, it creates an automatic XML sitemap to make your site visible on all search platforms.

6. WooCommerce

WooCommerce, Premium WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce includes multiple options for your e-commerce website. It includes flat rates, free shipping, and local pickups as well. You can see anything from software and services to physical products. It gives you a wide variety of payment options on check-out with cash, credit cards, Payoneer, and PayPal.

7. Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider, Premium WordPress Plugins

It enables you to add a post slider, image carousel with a slideshow to your website display. You can create engaging content with creativity on your homepage. You will get automated updates for the latest features and get additional support if signed up with premium.

8. VaultPress

VaultPress, Premium WordPress Plugins

This plugin helps you to build optimized data backups and restores your website with a single click. You can monitor multiple websites with a single dashboard and manage their backup subscriptions as well. The plugin is designed to scan and detect dangerous files on your site and emails and notify you if find any malware or change in installation. Hence, you can manage and solve the issue in a matter of clicks.

9. WP Smush

WP Smush, Premium WordPress Plugins

It compresses the image without compromising the quality. It optimizes your image files in every available usable format using updated compression techniques that help you to save space on the data of your site. It auto-smushes your visuals manually in the media library while uploading.

10. WP-Optimize


It is a fantastic tool to clean up your database and optimizes your website. It is programmed to remove redundant data without manual involvement. Hence it keeps your site clean and optimized for smooth performance.

11. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics monitors your website statistics. It enables you to track down your visitors’ demographics along with interests and behaviors. Also helps you in keyword research for SEO. It is a universal statistics plugin used by every website to get the authentic information.

12. BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load

It is another one of the best premium WordPress Plugins that replaces all of your visual data, including thumbnails, images, gravatars, and iframes with a placeholder and enables the system to load it only when a user scrolls the page. Hence reduces the website’s loading time and enhances its loading speed. Saves all bandwidth and works best with content, embedded links for videos. It is suitable for SEO and performance optimization.

13. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security

It secures your website by providing firewall protection, login security, blocking untrusted links, and malware. It scans live traffic in real-time, including 404 errors, logins, signups, robots, human hackers, and much more. With this, you will be aware of threats to your website security and take an instant action to tackle them.

14. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

It will analyze all of the content on your site and notifies you of a broken link. This will also act on missing visuals to let you fix them timely. It also prevents search engines from following those broken links by marking them as different. You can get notifications on email and the WP dashboard.

15. Redirection


It helps you to track all 404 errors and 301 redirections. This plugin adds 301 redirections when the content’s URL changes automatically while, 307 and 302 redirections manually. You can also have full logs for all redirected URLs.

16. MailChimp


This enables you to create opt-in forms for your subscribers for email listing. It is a most used plugin to manage forms like contact us, check-in check-out, comment, or request. It supports all major plugins, including WooCommerce.

17. Social Icons

Social Icons

The social icon plugin is a must-have plugin for your website. With this, you can add social media icons linked to your accounts via shortcodes. It supports more than 100 social media platforms and is easy to use. You can customize the icon by resizing them or change their color and layout according to your theme.

18. Disable Comments

Disable Comments

Professional organizations use this plugin. Because not all pages accept user comments globally, it provides an instant solution to disable comments and posts by users. Also, it blocks spam links and provides you with the option to delete comment-related items from the dashboard. It is a full-fledged plugin to let your site free from spam.

19. Smart Slider

Smart Slider

The beauty of the smart slide is that it lets you design page elements without replacing your theme. It is an amazing visual builder that enables you to design creative elements for your site. This includes user-friendly features, templates, and content modes with a wide range of canvas. It blows every other slider with an advanced level of functionality.

20. Defender


This is another one of the best premium WordPress plugins that has all the features you can expect from a premium security plugin, and it includes audit logs, safety recommendations, scans, vulnerability reports, blacklist monitoring, and automated backups. Also, it is among user-friendly plugins tweaking security setting headaches.

Final Thoughts on Premium WordPress Plugins

We listed up 20 best premium WordPress plugins that every website must have to get optimized safely. These may improve usefulness, user experience, SEO, speed and strengthens security; all of them will play a decisive role to market your e-commerce site and the products or service you have to offer in a better way.


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