WordPress Plugins that Will Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Make Website Mobile Friendly

According to statistics, 90% of the world’s population that’s over the age of six will have their own smartphone. It means that if you don’t focus on improving your website’s user experience and don’t make the website mobile friendly – you will lose your audience in the near future.

When attracting an audience to your web portal, you have about five seconds to intrigue their interests and persuade them to stay on your website. In case your website is slow, the person will leave and not come back. This is why you definitely need to optimize your website as soon as possible. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to renovate your website or choose from the best logo designs to promote your brand.

Optimizing means that you have to work on the making user experience better and also allow your website to run smoothly and faster than before. This will help Google’s search engine to positively score your website, allowing it to rank higher in the search.

If your website is built on WordPress then you can optimize your website much more easily and efficiently with the help of the website’s plugins.

A Plugin for All Your Web Needs:

community wordpress theme

Plugins are similar to mobile apps that can help you include any changes or ideas you want into your website. To install a WordPress plugin, all you have to do is go to the ‘Admin’ option on your website, click the Plugins button, and choose the “Add New” option.

Make Website Mobile Friendly

Now that you understand how plugins work, here are the top choices for making your website effortlessly mobile-friendly:

1. Jetpack:

Make Website Mobile Friendly, jetpack plugin


Jetpack comes with a suite of special features that are designed to help website owners attract traffic towards their website. The plugin offers a wide range of configurable functions that help keep your readers engaged in your content. This includes:

  • Social sharing options.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Subscription options.
  • Website custom user profiles.
  • Suggestions for similar articles.
  • Picture gallery.
  • An editor.

The advantage of using Jetpack is that it gives you access to an abundance of features without letting you install any other plug-ins.

Download Plugin

2. WPtouch

Make Website Mobile Friendly, WPtouch Plugin

When looking for mobile solutions for your WordPress website, WP Touch is the first choice. In fact, this plugin has been very popular among website owners. The plugin enhances your website, which makes it faster and easier to read for your audience while keeping the content the same.

Additionally, once you include the plugin in your website, you will see an improvement in mobile search ranking websites. Not only that but the WPtouch has given website owners the flexibility to:

  • Exclude or include pages. Include or exclude pages.
  • Changes pages, menus, and control pages.
  • Has a free paid option.

With the free version of this plugin, you can make access to a wide range of mobile themes. Along with this, the plugin also comes with other custom perks such as, language detection, color changes, and other special elements that help your brand.

Perhaps the best feature that this plugin comes with is how easy it is to configure it. Once you turn it on, the website will automatically be optimized without you making any changes. Moreover, you can even choose between a mobile version and a regular computer version theme.

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3. Auto Optimize

Auto optimize wordpress plugin


Auto Optimize is one of the top plugins for websites that are hosted by companies, such as GoDaddy. The plugin will not only improve the web upload speeds for your users, but also allow it to optimize your database, aggregate scripts, and deletes cache.

Auto Optimize can reduce the upload time by 30%, which makes it less likely that someone will leave your website without giving it much time.

The best part about this plugin is that it’s free for everyone. This means you don’t have to pay to get all the good features that it provides. It’s also easy to use, understand, read and control. So you can rest assured, knowing that you’ve met the international optimization mark with this plugin. Moreover, you don’t even need any extensive knowledge to use this!

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4. Hummingbird – Speed up WordPress

hummingbied pro wordpress plugin

The Hummingbird plugin works exactly like how its name suggests. The plugin will swarm around your website, discover the issue that’s slowing it down, find a one-click solution, and fix the problem within minutes – if not, seconds. Its functions include:

  • Hummingbird caching: The plugin provides a full-force caching suite that allows your audience to load the pages of your website faster while also loading images.
  • Optimization of assets: It customizes your files and compresses them to allow top performance.
  • GZIP Compressor: It increases the speed of JavaScript, HTML, and stylesheet transfer.
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Final Thoughts On Make Website Mobile Friendly

With WordPress plugins, everything becomes easy – from controlling your website’s unnecessary cache to increasing smooth performance, it’s a dream come true for many businesses. However, when downloading these plugins, keep in mind to prevent yourself from downloading too many of them. Chances are that due to the immense amount of plugins, your website will have the opposite effect and ruin its performance.

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