Ways To Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

Is your WordPress Website hacked? Believe it or not, but yes, there many ways which shows that your WordPress site is hacked. Beware ! the signs which I am going to tell you if you find it on your website then it will be cleared that your website is hacked. As you all know WordPress is a huge blogging platform. There are millions of users and it seems that the number is rapidly growing each and every day.Usually, if you get hacked, you will know about that instantly. Your site will become slow, inaccessible, you won’t be able to login. There are several other signs that might show you that your WordPress site got hacked. In this article, I’m going to discuss these danger signs that are harmful to you. So, let’s get started –

1. Sudden Drop in Website Traffic

WordPress website hacked- warning


This is something serious one. You will see a sudden drop in the number of visits. Instead of referring new visits to you, hacker played very smartly he might send visits away from your site. This might happen because a hacker redirected your site to another one.Another reason of getting fewer visits to your website is that Google blacklisted your site. This action would show a message to every user who may choose not to open your site because it is infected.That’s why every blogger and business owner needs to pay serious attention to their WordPress security.

2. Unsuccessful login “


WordPress website hacked - login

This is a very obvious sign that indicates that your site is being hacked. If you are retrying again and again but unsuccessful at every attempt then there is a chance that hackers may have deleted your admin account from WordPress.

Another reason it might be first time WordPress message you about incorrect username/password, please consider the fact that you might have entered a wrong combination or that you may have turned on the caps lock button.

3. Bad content added to your website



One of the most common sign is bad content availability to your website. If your site is hacked, the hackers may gain access to one of your theme files. If this is the case, they can fairly easily add things into the site. Your site will become bad to worst then. Your Site will have a lot of invisible code. Sites that have unwelcome links and content added into the footer on every page. Sites that have been completely replaced with new content.

4. Your Site’s Homepage is vandalize


WordPress website hacked


Very obvious sign you’ll come across it will clearly visible on the homepage of the user.

Most hacking attempts do not deface your site’s home page because they want to remain unnoticed for as long as possible. However, some hackers may deface your website to announce that it has been hacked. Such hackers usually replace your homepage with their own message. Some hackers may even try to extort money from site owners. Users please you need to check out. Keep all your senses open because the hacker can spoil your website from anywhere.

5. You can’t send/receive emails


WordPress website hacked


If you are unable to receive emails this can be a clear sign that you get hacked. Once the hacker gets access to your site, he will probably want to use your server for spamming everyone else. Check your email once again, then check it with your provider to make sure that there aren’t any errors. Even sometimes you don’t get the idea that your site has been hacked, you’ll just notice people aren’t getting your emails.

6. Your Website is Often Slow or Unresponsive


WordPress website hacked - slow loading



Slow working of your website is one of the major sign that shows your website is hacked.This can happen for these specific reasons –

  • Firstly one reason may be that the hacker has added so much bad code that the site slows down.
  • Secondly, a hacker has added your site into a network of sites or a spam email network where traffic is sent to the site and re-directed.

No need to panic, it might happen because you haven’t boost and added performance your site since a long time . If you haven’t so this can be done by installing boost up plugins to your site.


7. Popups or Pop-Under Ads on Your Website




Last but not the least These types of hacks can be really harmful to you.They  are trying to make money by hijacking your website’s traffic and showing them their own spam ads for illegal websites. These popups do not appear for logged in visitors or visitors accessing a website directly.

They only appear to the users visiting from search engines. Pop under ads open in new window and remain unnoticeable by users.


Oh my god! these are really some very serious issues that can fully destroy your site and money. No doubt, there are certain solutions that can take your site out from this hacking trap. Signs of WordPress hacking can be distressful and needs to be dealt with immediately. Ignoring it can be distressful indeed. I hope this article can be helpful for signs that your WordPress site is hacked. Please comment below for any question.


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