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Are you stuck on choosing the best WordPress theme builders for your website? We have hand-picked some of the best WordPress Theme Builders in 2022 for you to build your website’s theme.

Before jumping into that, learn something about WordPress theme builders. Know how they are different from page builders and things to look for in selecting the WordPress theme builder?

Here are the best WordPress theme builders have given below, with descriptions and quality features. Read on to know about each WordPress Theme Builder of 2022.


WordPress Theme Builders: Insightful Overview

WordPress theme builders help to customize the basic components of WordPress’s website. These components are – Product Archives, Global Archives, Global Pages and Posts, Header, Footer, and WooCommerce Products. The function of a theme builder is to provide a quick view of these elements when applied to creating a website.

Significant difference b/w Theme Builder and Page Builder – Theme Builders and Page Builders have similarities but also have some differences. Some of the theme builders mentioned in this blog are WordPress plugins too. Page Builder helps build a single blog post, whereas Theme Builder helps design layouts useful for overall content for a user’s website.

A user can easily apply theme builders on their website through some steps. Like for Elementor pro, a user can have a theme builder available for their website by following three steps.

WordPress Theme Builder Steps For Website

Step 1: From the WordPress admin menu of Elementor, go to theme builder.
Step 2: From the Elementor editor screen, select the hamburger menu available on the upper side on the left corner (widget panel). Click on the theme builder available in the settings.
Step 3: There is an alternative method of applying the theme builder, using the shortcut keys from the keyboard. Here you have two options to apply the theme builder – Press CMD+SHIFT+ E, if you’re a MAC user, else press CTRL+SHIFT+E, if you’re using a theme builder from Windows.

There are some things to look for when applying a theme builder.

  1. Look for content or website focused theme builder
  2. Templates and Content are two important key terms. The template of a theme builder contains Header, Footer, Single-post, and Archive. Whereas dynamic content features allow the insertion of content and widgets.

Make sure to apply a user-friendly theme builder, accessible to customize everything easily for a user’s website. It would be beneficial to use a pre-designed theme builder; in that case, your time would be saved.

They must be cost-effective but do not compromise with the quality. Use a conditional layout display that allows your complete control over customization for the blog posts. Meta Box, ACF, and Pods are the plugins available for the dynamic content.

5 Best WordPress Theme Builders

Further, this blog has a list of the best WordPress theme builders. Let’s dive in to know more about them with the help of description and pointers.

1. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro
WordPress Theme Builders

Let me introduce you to the top WordPress Theme Builder, Elementor Pro. It was launched back in 2016, gaining the trust of millions of users. There were more than 3,00,00 downloads by the user for having WordPress theme builder Elementor Pro to design their website and increase traffic using quality features that it exhibits.

This is a user-friendly theme builder that does not generate any glitch in functioning the visual interface. Elementor Pro contains a collection of styling options and various designs suitable for creating your website. It allows you to have an absolute grip over customizing the templates for single or any blog posts.

This theme has a drag-and-drop page builder, along with elementor widgets to make your work much more manageable. It might be a bit costly theme builder, but when bought into delivering the quality results, given in the features.

Key Features:

  • Smooth visual interface
  • Plethora of styling options
  • Complete theme building
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Custom blog posts templates
  • Dynamic content integration
  • Pop Builder
  • Elementor widgets
  • Conditional templates
  • Complete control over customizing templates

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2. Thrive Theme Builder

ThriveThemes- WordPress Theme Builders
WordPress Theme Builders

Next, we jump onto Thrive theme builder, a unique theme because of not being a plugin; this differentiates this theme builder from others. It is a highly customizable theme to be suitable for marketers and bloggers. Thrive Theme Builder provides them with pre-existing styling templates that give a classic look to a user’s website. This is easily accessible with a simple setup.

This theme uses a fundamental Shapeshift theme containing a variety of themes to provide a stunning view of your business website. It contains close-knitted elements integrated, being one step ahead of you with quality features. Using Shapeshift base keeps your website well documented and responsive with layouts.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for bloggers and affiliate marketers
  • Default styling looks
  • Highly customizable theme
  • Full control to edit templates
  • Easy set-up wizard
  • Lets you create suitable layout
  • Shapeshift Theme – theme package
  • Unique from other theme builders
  • Vibrant collection of third-party of marketers
  • Support dynamic content

3. Brizy Pro

Brizy Pro
WordPress Theme Builders

Brizy Pro is one of the most user-friendly WordPress theme builders. However, it helps to attain high traffic on the user’s website applying the classic theme builders. Brizy Pro has a visual and drag-and-drop editor. The visual editor plays the role of keeping all the elements in line to decrease the time taken to design a website and save money.

Being a pro, it comes with easy functioning and high-speed experience. This theme builder has a Brizy Sync Tool that inhibits/blocks the templates from the outside. Brizy Pro eases your work by providing you with the theme builders you have used earlier, and it saves them.

It provides a free Squarespace/Wix version, separating it from premium features,  integrates with WooCommerce. It contains in-built email marketing integrations and a popup builder. Brizy Pro offers a Brizy Cloud Service, a non-WordPress version, shortcut to designing your website.

Key Features:

  • Features theme building for user’s website
  • Smooth functioning
  • Easy designing saves cost and time
  • Integrated Brizy Sync tool block templates
  • Save and reuse the templates
  • Free Squarespace/ Wix version
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Innate email marketing
  • Brizy Cloud Service
  • Pop up builder

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4. Divi- WordPress Theme Builders

Divi - WordPress Theme Builders
WordPress Theme Builders

Divi 4.0 version contains single and archive templates. It is a versatile theme builder with standard features to customize the website. It has quality, vibrant themes that help in giving a stunning look to your website. Divi can be best coupled with Elementor Pro for variety of features from both.

This standalone theme comes in the spotlight to be different from other theme builders. It allows you to add, edit and delete the content with complete control to customize it, as per your requirement. It includes a variety of template kits for websites, to assist you in building a website with a strong foundation.

Divi consists of a dynamic marketplace having third- party extensions additional to the crux of the plugin. It allows you to rewrite your content in the front-end and back-end user interface, primarily with back-end users. It is because a back-end interface will enable a user to customize and draft the content according to the user’s need.

Key Features:

  • Versatile theme
  • Premium page builder
  • Stunning themes for creating website
  • Standalone, and unique from other theme builders
  • Full control to edit content
  • Complete access to front-end and back-end interface
  • Contain single and archive template
  • Used as theme or plugin
  • Responsive controls
  • Backing WooCommerce

5. Oxygen Theme Builder

Oxygen Theme Builder
WordPress Theme Builders

Oxygen theme builder delivers an awe-inspiring appearance for your website. It is a fantastic plugin used as a WordPress theme builder. It performs theme replacement with a simple theme builder providing a sober look and proper finishing to your website.

This theme helps prepare readable and dynamic content using the native WordPress information. It can also be known as custom fields, similar to the themes inserted in the advanced custom fields.

It has flexbox layout engine specifications, which makes it flexible and easy for the user to build his business website. With simple theme builder tools, this theme is ideally made for advanced professionals and developers only.

Key Features:

  • Flexbox Layout Engine
  • Suitable for professionals and developers only.
  • Simple code of using tools
  • Repeaters and loops allow dynamic content
  • Conditional logic to show/ hide content
  • Gutenberg block builder
  • Integrated WooCommerce versions
  • Advanced custom fields
  • Include quality features automatic for content
  • Gutenberg for client websites

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This blog terminates at this point. The whole blog is summed up with the best WordPress theme builders in 2022. WordPress theme builder features the drag-and-drop responsive for building any website.

It incorporates many other critical features like – various designs, different styles, responsive controls, pre-modulated theme builders, WooCommerce integration, supports mega menu, in-built email marketing, dynamic content support, no coding required, and is highly valuable. Theme builder allows you to add, edit or delete the current components of WordPress’s website.

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