create a sales funnel

Creating an online business or an eCommerce website is not the only thing that is required to bring customers to your website. Rather it is just the beginning and requires a lot of other things to be done to bring potential customers to your website.

If you own a website or are an affiliate then it becomes necessary to lead your website that results in more sales. But, at the same time if your sales process is complicated for your visitors it can result in potential leads running away from your website.

To make this sales process easy and reduce the complexity, it is recommended that you go with creating a sales funnel for your business. Sales Funnel is highly effective that allows your visitors to turn into potential customers. If your sales-funnel is well-planned and not very complicated then you can definitely expect a hike in your sales as well as more and more lead conversion.

In this blog post, we will let you know about sales funnel and how to create a sales funnel to generate more sales for your website as well as affiliate business.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

create a sales funnel

A Sales Funnel is a well-laid out process or a path that your customers take before making a purchase.
From the time a visitor comes to know about your business until the time he purchases something from you, he passes through different stages of your website’s sales funnel. This sales funnel is sometimes also used to entice your potential customers to sign up for your email marketing campaign.
The typical sales funnel that online website follows includes four major steps. These are:

1. Awareness:

Awareness is the stage where your visitors come to know about your existing product or services.
This is when your prospect visits your website for the first time, either through social media or through any Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or via any other source.

There are a variety of means which can be used to bring visitors to enter your funnel and awareness being the first stage becomes important. Email newsletters signup, ebook downloads, online quizzes, survey forms, are some ways that you can opt for to bring prospects to your sales funnel. To solve the problem of your customer, it’s important that you make them aware of your business and this can only happen when you make an effort to bring them to your website. Regardless of the path they chose to enter your sales funnel, it’s your aim as a marketer to move them through all the stages until they become your customer.

2. Interest:

Let’s say you sent an email to 1000 customers and out of these only 50 decided to enter your website. This is the rate of people who have shown interest in your products. Here comes the second stage of the sales funnel. This the time when you can make your visitors interested in your products and services.
This is due to the fact that at this stage your prospect is actively searching for a solution to their problems and how they can achieve it.

They start searching for solutions on the internet and this is where you can attract their interest in your website. Once he finds out about your he expresses his interest in your products and starts following you on various platforms. He tries to inquire more about your products and services at this stage.

create a sales funnel

3. Decision:

This is a really difficult step in a sales funnel. Getting prospects to make a final decision of buying your project is not easy. Beyond all the pinky promises and compelling taglines, your customer search for something very credible and one thing which can bring them to reach the final decision is lots of reviews and testimonials of other customers. Knowing how happy other customers are, can engage your prospective customers to buy your product.

Here is the chance for you to hit the right target. You can also start by making sales offers, calls, ads, webinars, on your website.

4. Action:

This is usually the final stage of the sales funnel process. Here the prospect is becoming a customer by finally making a purchase with you.

At this stage, the prospect is deciding to buy your products and mostly that decision results in sales or signs up to your newsletter whichever is the case.

The sales funnel can be really fruitful if it is planned and implemented correctly. Getting at the last stage of the sales funnel is not an easy task. It takes huge efforts plus follows up at every stage.

Setting Up An Effective Sales Funnel For Your Website

Now that you are aware of what sales funnel is and what are its various stage, let us begin with setting up a conversion funnel that gives results for your website. We will explain three major steps for setting up an effective conversion funnel for your business.

Step 1: Optimizing Your Website For Higher Rankings And Visibility

As stated above, creating a website is not it. In fact, you are required to make your website visible to your target audience. People should know your brand and this can only be done by optimizing your website in the Search Engine Result Pages i.e SERPS.

How will you optimize your site?

There are two major steps that can be followed in order to come to the SERPS. These are:

1. Keyword Research:

create a sales funnel

Keyword Research is very important for sales to funnel. By doing effective keyword research, you can find your targeted audience and can also drive potential traffic to your website. Coming on the first page of Google Ranking, will not only improves your sales funnel but will also bring more customers to your business.
Long tail keywords also play a major role as these are much easier to rank for and not all the websites optimize for long-tail keywords.

Why Do You Need A Keyword Research?

create a sales funnel

Keyword Research is an essential part of your sales funnel is you are running an online business. You must practice Keyword Research on your site for the following reasons:

1. Drive Quality Traffic to your website
2. Measure the potential of traffic by analyzing the popularity of a keyword
3. Write content which is effective
4. Understand the behavior of your customer

Therefore, it becomes important to perform proper keyword research. It is very important to get the right visitors to your site so that you can convert them into leads. If you rank for the right keywords, you will be able to bring potential customers to your website.

Let us find out some of the benefits of proper keyword research for your website:

1. An Engaged Audience
2. Increased Conversion Rate
3. Insights on Current Marketing Trend
4. Benefits of Longtail Keywords
5. Improved Search Engine Ranking and visibility

2. Using On-Page Optimization Technique:

create a sales funnel

This refers to optimizing individual pages of your website in order to rank higher in the SERPS. This refers to optimizing the HTML as well as the content of your web pages.
You can build an internal linking strategy, add unique title tags, add a unique meta description, and perform various other fixes.

Steps for On-Page Optimization:

On-Page Optimization is a required step if you are running an online business or are an affiliate marketer. If done properly, it can result in huge traffic for your website. There are many steps that you can follow for optimizing your site effectively. These include:

1. Using SEO-Friendly URL:

A URL that is short, crisp and SEO-friendly goes a long way in optimizing your website. Including your focus keyword in the URL of your website, page or post is very beneficial SEO practice and works great in bringing your website up in the SERPs.

2. Start Your Title with a keyword

Another great SEO practice is adding Keywords at the beginning of your title. This largely increases the chances of getting more visibility. A good, SEO-friendly title will surely get you more clicks.

3. Adding modifiers to your title:

Adding modifiers in the title of your content plays an important role in driving traffic and sales to your website. Modifiers such as Best, Top, Cheap, Coolest, etc, always attracts visitors and is also helpful in creating a long-tail strategy for your website.

4. Using Proper Headlines Hierarchy:

Heading Tags have a hierarchy from <h1> to <h6>. This hierarchy is useful as it provides a complete structure to your content. These headings help you grasp the main topics and attract the audience to know about any specific part they directly wish to know from your content.

5. Add high-quality images:

If your content is visually appealing, chances are it will be loved by your visitors. Images are one of the most useful means of grabbing the reader’s attention to your content. Using high-quality images will not only attract more traffic to your website but will also create a positive impact on your reader’s mind.

6. Adding Inbound and Outbound Links:

Always make sure that you add proper linking to your content. Adding Inbound and Outbound Links is one of the main aspects of On-page Optimization. Internal as well as External linking both matters for your website’s SEO.

7. Speed Up Your Site:

Also, a site’s speed matters if you want to retain customers on your website. If your site is slow and takes time to load, then your visitors will run away from it as they always require something which is fast, effective and does not make them wait for long.

8. Optimize Your Images:

Another important aspect of improving traffic is optimizing all the images of your website. An optimized image will increase your site loading speed.  Optimizing images for the website can reduce your total page load size by up to 80%.

9. Add Social Sharing Buttons:

In order to attract more readers, it is very important to make them aware of your website, your products, and your services. Adding Social Sharing buttons on your website will bring more attention to your content and thus more visitors to your website.

10. Create Lengthy posts:

Last but not least, you should focus on creating long-form content for your website as this will get you more online visibility, more internal and external linking as well as more shares. A lengthy content will give you more keywords to rank for, something to promote as well as increased user-retention on your site.

Step 2: Content That Stands Out Of The Crowd

create a sales funnel

Content that is well-structured, of high quality and is readable will always stand out of the crowd. By creating high-quality content on your website, you show that you have expertise in your niche. This will likely increase the interest of your visitors in your content which in turn can be very positive for your sales funnel.

What You Can Do To Create High-Quality Content?

High-quality content is very effective for bringing more and more prospective customers to your website. In order to create the content of higher quality:

1. Make Your Content Original:

create a sales funnel

If your content is not original and valuable, then it is not useful to your audience and they will not care to go further. Therefore, it becomes very important to create a user-friendly and relevant content. Keep your targeted audience in mind, and then start with your content.

An original blog or an original description of your content can take you a long way. You can publish original content and also keep updating your old content with new ideas and topics. Moreover, a well-structured blog adhering to the latest trends and preferences of your readers will always have a high search and more chances of customers entering your sales funnel.

2. Make Your Content User-friendly:

create a sales funnel

Another point for high-quality content is to create content which engages your reader. This can only be done by writing something which is user-friendly and readable. Make sure that your headlines, title and other major aspects of your content are optimized.

You can also make your content more readable by adding bullet points and white spaces wherever necessary. Make sure that the content you are creating interests your readers and is beneficial for them.

Also, connecting with your audience on an emotional level plays a critical role. Make sure that you keep these emotions in your content.
1. Exciting
2. Surprising
3. Impressive
4. Positive

Step 3: A Trustworthy Landing Page Showcasing Your Brand

create a sales funnel

The landing page is a standalone web page that is different from your website and is very effective in engaging the users.
The main purpose of your landing page should be to motivate the audience to convert into potential buyers.
A trustworthy landing page is important as it increases your brand’s credibility. A landing page should be such that it compels your potential customers to take the final decision of the purchase.

In order to create a landing page that converts, you can add images and videos wherever requires and also place clear Call To Action Buttons prominently on your page. You can create an amazing landing page with the help of these landing page builders.

Final Thoughts on How To Create A Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel plays a very major role in bringing prospective customers to your website. Developing a sales funnel can be a challenging task but if implemented in the best possible manner, it can make your conversion reach a higher level.
An effective sales funnel can only be created by optimizing your website properly, writing high-quality content and creating a trustworthy landing page.

We hope you gained some useful insights on sales funnel and how to create a sales funnel with the help of this article. Please drop your questions and suggestions in the comment section below.

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