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WordPress Content

WordPress is the most powerful and beautiful tool to share your content with the outside world. It’s not only a great platform for writing your content but also gives you options to customize and format it and make it more readable. But, writing a blog is not just enough, you do need to do a lot to make it the best out there. You must make your content popular among the crowd and something that is worth sharing. So what should you do to make your WordPress content popular among masses? Well, that’s what we are going to tell you in this article.

We will tell you various steps you can use to make your WordPress content worth sharing with the public.

1. Create Valuable Content

WordPress Content

Basic things first, value. If your content is not valuable or useful to the audience, they would not care to go further with it. Most of the articles in WordPress get zero user attention as they are of no use to them. So creating interesting content becomes very important.

Focus on things that you wish to share and then create a list of audiences who will benefit from that post. A blog about accounting will be of no use to a designer. Therefore, always keep your topic as well as a target audience in mind and then start off with your blog.
Also, make your facts and statements clear and always give examples and something that a reader can learn from your blog.

2. Collaborate With The Influencers

WordPress Content

Collaboration becomes a significant thing if you want your content to reach an audience.
Whenever you create content, you might be having people in mind who can feel interested in your blog or can get some assistance from it.

For example, if you are writing something about technology and know someone who usually shares tech articles, then you can mention him in your blog post. If they like your article, they will share it with their audience. So look out for people who can benefit from your content and give them due to credits. You can also mention someone who has inspired you to write that blog post. Trust me; they would love that gesture for sure!

3. Appeal Your Audience Emotionally:

WordPress Content

Emotions play a critical role in your blog post. They can either make your blog or break your blog. Always use these four major emotions in your blogs:
1. Exciting
2. Surprising
3. Impressive
4. Positive

Include these emotions in your blog post. Usually, if you can feel any such emotion while reading your blog, then its most likely that your users are also going to feel those emotions.

Never share or write a blog that is offensive or creates a negative impression in the mind of the readers. Make the content exciting, surprising, something that initiates positivity as well as inspires and motivates the readers. If they can feel these emotions, they are going to share them with others.

4. Sharing The Blog

WordPress Content

There can be some methods that you can use to spread your WordPress Blog with others. The easiest one being adding a social sharing plugin to your WordPress website. These plugins give you options to add social sharing buttons on your blog posts which readers can use to share the blog to different social media platforms.
Another thing that you can do is to ask your friends and colleagues through email or send then a link to your article and share it if they find it useful.

Be constant in sharing your WordPress content with others. Encourage your audience to share your content, email the content to your colleagues and ask them to share it. You can also reach out to a blogger who can benefit from your content and requests them to share or repost your article.
You can also use Reddit, Stumbleupon etc. to submit your articles as well.

5. Use Images

WordPress Content

Images can be considered as one of the most useful means of grabbing your readers’ attention towards a blog post.
Make sure you use large sized images so that they get merged with your content and look like a part of it.

You must also use high definition images. There are many websites that offer you high-quality images such as pixabay, pixels. You can find a complete list here. Give credit to the photographer by adding its source in your blog.

6. Your Content Should Be Relevant

WordPress Content

Relevancy is an essential aspect of any content. Irrelevant content is of no use to a reader. Do research first, see what others are writing and how they are getting more shares. Your content relevancy is of utmost importance when it comes to making your content worth sharing.

You must keep your articles detailed, add relevant and useful information to it and let your audience benefit from it.


So, we can now conclude that making your content favourite among the masses and getting it shared by people isn’t an impossible task at all. All you just need to do is follow the above-given steps and produce interesting and positive content.
We hope that this article has helped you in creating a WordPress content that is worth sharing. Please, drop your suggestions in the comment section below or hit the sharing buttons if you found it useful.



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