Factors to Consider while Building a Landing Page

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Landing pages are your site’s window to the world. They are impact-makers. Whether you want people to opt-in to an email list or sign up for your paid newsletter, you will need an awesome landing page to get things done. You may have a great idea for a landing page and your brain might have mentally developed the best landing page blueprint ever, but what’s the point if things do not get executed the way they are meant to. So, if this is your situation, we are here with a complete ‘how-to’ and ‘why-as-to’ for making up a magnificent landing page. Let’s get going.

Landing Page Goal

Landing Page

Though this is not a basic, yet it is the most crucial landing page decision what you will ever take. Do you know the exact reason for coming up with a good landing page? Think about the goal you are looking at to accomplish through your website. That is your bull’s eye. Secondly, will your landing page tell visitors about your product/service or is it aimed at getting the contact information of potential customers? Do not get carried away by a design in your mind. Most importantly, think about the end result. This is how you will learn about the goal of your landing page.

Draw a rough sketch of your Landing Page

No one will better know how you want the landing page of your site to look and feel like. So, let us start from this. Visit and analyze some websites to draw some major design and content inspiration from. Figure out the layout you want, e.g. pop-ups, webinar marketing copy, Facebook ads, and contact page, social media updates etc. The paper and pencil/pen are the greatest tools at your disposal. Sketch out whatever you have envisioned and how things will be eventually executed.

Know about your Landing Page options

The next big step is about how exactly you want to build a landing page in WordPress. There are three methods to do so: Themes, Plugins, and third-party tools. Choose the theme that works for you and also supports customization of landing pages. Some of these themes will let you include elements like feature boxes, local scrolling, among others. Others will have in-house and pre-provided landing page templates. You can head to Themeforest to select the one you want. If you know a little CSS and want to make a landing page on your own, you can create one from the blank page template inside any of the themes. If your website is supposed to have elements like buttons and call-outs, Shortcodes Ultimate is the plugin for you.

Choose a Conversion-Oriented Landing Page Design

A simple website design should be your top-notch priority. Go for de-cluttering elements that do not slow down your website later on. So, choosing a ‘no sidebar, no footer, a minimal header and logo’ should be on the checklist.  You do not want visitors to drift away just because they find your website unnecessarily crowded with irrelevant content. A simple color scheme and lots of white space make up the essential pointers of a good website that has a great conversion aspect; i.e. people actually buy/endorse your goods/services.


Install the feature of “call to action” or “CTA”. This thing requires your site visitors to take an action; whether it’s to enter into the main webpage, sign-up, register now or download some free stuff you are offering”. They populate the website and promise user-engagement because you do not want visitors to leave your website just after going through a single landing page.


Putting up the elements that count for the formation of a successful landing page requires timely decisions.  You will have to employ a little art and a bit of consumer sense. You need to be thinking like your viewers will do. Follow the standardized and widely accepted principles apart from being creative. It would be great if you take cues from talented and experienced creative developers who can help you with this task.  Once you are done, do not forget to regularly recharge your landing page with relevant content so it stays afresh.

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