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Are you struggling to create lead generation on your website? Frustrated? Don’t know what to do? Don’t panic I had the mind-blowing solution for it. You must have heard about the Thrive themes. Yes! You guessed right. Themes have introduced a new WordPress plugin thrive Architect. If you’re serious about building an online business, you need to build a mailing list and Thrive Architect is the only visual page builder plugin that gives you the power to create lead generation forms. Today in this article I ‘m going to tell you how to add Lead generation features in Thrive Architect Plugin-

Here we go

Most landing pages have one goal in common that is to generate leads. Thrive Architect plugin has two types of lead generation that you can use on your landing page.

1. Default Lead generation option

thrive Architect

If you have installed Thrive Architect plugin. You’re planning to create your own landing page, you can easily drag-and-drop the Lead Generation element from the sidebar on your page.

Then choose to stack the fields vertically or have them running horizontally. Plus you can also customize other features like colors and text.

If you’re using a Landing Page Template, then the Lead Generation element will already be in place. It is as simple that. Install Thrive Architect and enjoy the default lead generation option.

2. Lead generation with thrive Lightboxes

thrive Architect


Now the second option is through light boxes. When you install Thrive Architect plugin on your site, you’ll see that you are on the  Thrive Themes Dashboard and to something called “Thrive Lightboxes”. Checkout step by step-

  • Now from the Thrive Themes Dashboard, you can easily connect your email service. This will only take a few minutes to set up. You decide which element on your page you want to target, and then use the Animation & Action option to invoke a Lightbox.
  • When you click the button, it opens the built-in Thrive Lightbox from there you can customize the Lightbox design with the visual editor.

3. Email service integration

thrive Architect


Whether you are applying lead generation option from step 1 or 2. you’ll need to connect the Lead Generation form to your email service.In order to edit and connect the visible lightbox to your email service. You need to go to the Thrive Lightboxes menu in your WordPress dashboard and then you have to click on the “edit with Thrive Architect button”. Now you are connected to the lead generation form on the lightbox with your email service. So simple,  that’s how easy it is to connect a landing page lightbox to your email service and start collecting leads.

4. Checking your page is responsive

thrive architect

It is very necessary to check whether your page is a response or not. In today’s world,  everything is on mobile you can start up your business anytime anywhere with mobile. But  If your page is not responsive it will be hard for the visitor to understand your site. It may also happen that he won’t come back again. So, mobile testing is now a more important thing you should do. Every page you build with Thrive Architect, plugin whether you start from scratch or use a template, is mobile responsive. But the plugin has three extra mobile responsive features that help you build unique pages.

Preview page on different screens

As you are all set to build your page, you need only a few clicks away from checking what it looks like on various screen sizes.

Fasten the visibility of elements and entire content blocks

or any element, or any Content Box with multiple elements in it, you can decide whether it will be shown or hidden.

Squeeze every detail

You can easily tweak the layout and position of elements for different screen sizes without creating duplicate elements with the show/hide option. As more and more people are browsing the web with a mobile device, it makes sense for your site to be mobile responsive. With Thrive Architect, you can get the best experience, regardless of screen size.

Wrapping Up

Are you using Thrive Architect for lead generation? If not then Install now and enjoy the feel of collecting leads. Share your experience with us. For any query feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading. 

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