Quiz And Survey Plugins

Viral quiz and survey builder plugin allows you to create interactive quizzes and surveys for your users so that they remain engaged to your content. You will be able to create personality tests, list posts and trivia quizzes using this plugin. They offer a huge number of benefits to your business.

You will be able to collect feedback on various topic and use that data to develop marketing strategies. They also enable social sharing. Here, we have come covered some of the best WordPress quiz and survey plugins which are not only well-designed but are also very engaging and easy to use.

Powerful Viral Quiz & Survey Builder Plugins

  1.  Thrive Quiz Builder
  2. Quiz Maker
  3.  WP Quiz Pro
  4.  Interact
  5.  OnionBuzz
  6.  WP Viral Quiz
  7.  Quiz Cat
  8.  Quiz and Survey Master
  9.  HD Quiz

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#1 Thrive Quiz Builder

Quiz And Survey Plugins

Thrive Quiz Builder is an extremely useful WordPress web plugin. It is developed by Thrive Themes. It is packed with features and allows you to build an extremely engaging quiz content for your users using a simple quiz builder. The questions can be in the form of images, videos or text.

This plugin is extremely popular because of its multiple purpose nature. You will be able to create specific quizzes based on specific goals which will help you to grow your email list. Another great feature of this plugin is the batch builder which can be used to increase the number of social shares by sharing the quiz on social media platforms.


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#2 Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is an all-in-one powerful WordPress plugin designed for building interactive and engaging quizzes and exams. There is no limit on the number of questions and tests you can create. The plugin comes with an intuitive user interface, responsive design, and several quiz types, such as personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, yes or no quizzes, and a lot more. Besides, it allows you to create fully customizable tests effortlessly.

With Quiz Maker, email marketing integration works via such popular tools as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, and so on. You can enable the information form to obtain necessary data from users and send automated certificates to them for quiz completion. Moreover, you can set a timer to your quiz and redirect users to your preferred domain. It takes only a few seconds to export and import your quizzes, receive the quiz results in charts with the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin. Last but not least, it’s possible to display individually presented results messages by using 20+ message variables. More is on the way!


#3 WP Quiz Pro

Quiz And Survey Plugins

WP Quiz Pro is a premium WordPress quiz plugin which was developed by MyThemeShop. It has six interactive quiz types which can be used to create different types of quizzes. You can even create flip-card based questions in which the answers are revealed only after the users click on that particular card.

WP Quiz Pro has a number of features which makes it quite popular. It provides you with multiple quiz styles for creating different types of quizzes and can be used for creating video-based questions as well. This tool comes with email marketing interaction. You will also be able to create different types of Facebook quizzes and surveys using this plugin.


#4 Interact


Interact can be used to create extremely engaging quizzes for a user. It is a WordPress quiz plugin which has an extremely simple implementation. Interact has different types of quiz options like personality quizzes and scored quizzes where the result depends on the number of points accumulated by the user.

Interact has a very interactive user interface which can be used to create different types of quizzes. You may also create a quiz tree using this tool. Interact has 3 quiz styles for different types of quizzes. You are provided with over 200 quiz templates which are organised in 37 different categories. All the themes are fully customisable. It also has GDPR compliant options.


#5 OnionBuzz


OnionBuzz is a quiz maker plugin which can be used to create well-designed quizzes. There are 5 quiz types which can be used to create different types of quizzes based on your choice. The UI is extremely interactive and can give you a fun vibe. You can even use this plugin to lock the results of the quiz until you share the quiz link on the social media platform.
Email marketing integration is available through MailChimp. OnionBuzz can also be used to generate revenue from quizzes by inserting different ads during the quiz. It provides analytics and user statistics and you will be able to conduct A/B testing on your website.


#6 WP Viral Quiz

Create Quiz Online

WP Viral Quiz is an extremely simple plugin which has just two quiz types meant for trivia and personality tests. It is basically meant for beginners. WP Viral Quiz is extremely easy to use and relies on WordPress for its user interface. This can be used to increase your subscriber count as well as social share.

You can even earn revenue using this plugin. It can be used to generate a randomized question. Two skins are available. WP Viral Quiz provides email marketing integration and social media integration as well. You can also use this plugin to import quizzes which have been created by other users.


#7 Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is a premium WordPress quiz plugin which is extremely simple to use. It has two quiz types and can be used to create multiple choice quizzes where you get the final score at the end of the test. Quiz Cat has a very easy to use user interface which even a beginner can use with ease.

Quiz Cat can also be used to grow your email releases by encouraging the users to enter their email id to see the results of the quiz. The quizzes can be integrated with Facebook pixel tracking code as well. You can also export the quiz responses from another platform.


#8 Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is an extremely good option for the users who are searching for a versatile solution. It can be used to create multiple quiz types to generate dynamic results. You can also use this plugin to create a survey for customers and visitors.

Quiz and Survey Master can be used for a variety of quizzes. The results generated can be stored and shared. It contains a comment box feature where the users can give their comments and opinions. The UI is extremely simple to use. Quiz and Survey Master has over 10 question types. The questions can be text, image as well as video-based.


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#9 HD Quiz

HD Quiz

HD Quiz is a very simple quiz plugin which is absolutely free of cost. There is just a single quiz type which can be used to create simple multiple-choice questions. Each question can have up to ten possible choices of answer. The UI is also quite well-designed.

Some of the important features of this plugin include built-in templates and layout and 24/7 support. It is extremely easy to use, provide A/B split testing and contains extensive analytics as well. HD Quiz also comes with email marketing integration so that you can share the quizzes over email. This plugin is extremely user-friendly and has a very well-designed user interface.


In what other ways can you use these plugins?

Here we have brought before you some of the best quiz and survey plugins. They can be used to create an online quiz for your website and increase traffic. In what other ways, do you think these plugins can be used on your website?