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Do you ever know about A/B testing? Landing Page A/B Testing is the act of operating an experiment between two or more pages to see which performs best and converts into leads. Testing can be done on many pages as you desired to check. In this article, I will share with you the A/B testing prospects you need to check while improving your landing page performance.

Before going for the testing, you need to decide what would be the factors; you will test for? You should decide the elements of the landing page; pick for A/B testing. These factors are: Call To Action, Headlines, Photography and Adding a video, etc. Landing pages are the clear track to converting your web traffic into well-resulted leads. A/B testing is the key to improving online marketing; it is especially more effective for landing page optimization. Ads, landing pages, websites, and marketing emails should all be tested periodically to ensure your business is getting the best conversion in return. It determines that which combination of landing page elements is most successful with the conversion prospects.



Steps of A/B Testing

Here, you can check out some important steps for Landing Page A/B testing, if you are also doing same mistakes, it’s time to improve.


Headline Testing

Landing Page A/B Testing

Your headline on the website is one of the things visitors see when they first land on your page, so it would be great necessity to test your headlines. It also helps create that important first impression for your audience will they stay and see what you are offering or leave and never return? A headline that does not immediately grab your audience’s attention can kill your conversion rate and make all that time, money, and effort you invested go right down the drain.


CTA Testing

Landing Page A/B Testing

Your landing page may be creative, unique, and professional, but that does not guarantee conversions. You still need to guide your audience toward your desired action: the CTA button. The most critical element on a landing page is the CTA because that is what a user must click to redeem your offer. The size, color, and positioning of the button, plus how many CTAs to include all play a part so you are it must be attention-grabbing.


Layout Testing

Landing Page A/B TestingCreate several landing page variations and use the better-performing version to conduct further split-tests. For example, this Highrise A/B test offers the same information, but variation B also includes customer testimonials and ten bullet points as to why Highrise can help your business.Step by step go to the pages to following the testing process.


Color Testing

Landing Page A/B Testing

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that have the largest effect on your conversions. It’s changing the color of your CTA button from light green to yellow ( 14.5% conversion increase). Or contrasting the color of two links within a single image (60% increase in conversions). To get an idea of how color can affect your business persona, elicit an emotion or encourage an action, read Conversion Rate Optimization. Psychology of Color. Or, for the people who ate lunch at their desks today.


Form Fields Testing

Landing Page A/B Testing

When you design your landing page, determining how many form fields to use can be tricky. It can be one of the biggest friction points of your entire page because, naturally, people want to protect their personal information whenever possible and will hand it over only when they decide that the offer’s value is worth it. A form with too many fields can be daunting and you might scare your prospects away. On the other hand, you might find that your audience is invested in your offer and will gladly provide their information. Therefore, A/B testing as to how many form fields to use, and what kind of information you’re requesting, is crucial.


Images And Video Testing

Landing Page A/B Testing

Images are important for landing pages but videos can be even better at persuading prospects to convert. According to Crazy Egg, people who watch a video about your product are as much as 85% more likely to purchase. If you have yet to A/B test images against videos on your landing page, you might be missing out on conversions. Including video is a way to offer a more detailed description of your product or service, as well as a way to further engage visitors for an extended period of time. Of course, your product demo or explainer video must be compelling and of high quality.


Benefits Testing

Landing Page A/B Testing

The list of benefits is something that may not necessarily increase your page’s conversions, but nor is it likely to hurt them. We include benefit lists to ensure that if a USP headline, subheader, or traffic source has not already sold your lead, they get that little bit more encouragement they need to convert. Your list of benefits could be anything your service, product or tool offers beyond the USP. This list gives more information that people may need, like how your service works, or the steps they need to take to get the result you’ve quoted them.


Customer Trust And Testimonials Testing

Landing Page A/B Testing

Implementing trust symbols or customer testimonials pretty much improves landing page conversions across-the-board. Blue Fountain Media found adding the VeriSign logo to their page increased conversion by 42% and sign-up-form entries by 81%. Basically, you’re telling your landing page visitor that you’re trustworthy; that you’re not trying to cheat them out of their hard-earned cash that other people have put their faith in you before and won out. Unless you have a trust symbol from a seriously influential and recognizable authority, I would recommend you use customer testimonials over trust symbols. Not only do landing page visitors like to see that you have customers, they also trust them more than they do you. Use direct quotes from the most well-known brands you’ve worked with.


Wrapping Words!

At last of this article, I want to say that if you are looking for the conversion rates hike, first you need to check out the above terms on your website. These factors must be checked by you as these are essential for website conversion. I am here wrapping up my article with the hope you like it and it would be very useful and informative for you. If you have any suggestions to add on, you can write in the comment box below.


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