Sell Online Courses from Your WordPress Site With Learndash LMS

Sell Online Courses

Online learning and training have given birth to stable avenues of earning money and gaining knowledge for a large number of people. Even you can create your own online learning portal easily with the help of an LMS. LMS or Learning Management System is a software application that allows you to administer, track, document, report and sell online courses or training programs. In simple words, it is used to manage online learning or e-learning courses.

E-learning or Digital Learning is learning conducted via electronic media, mostly on the internet. It is one of those industries that has experienced large-scale growth recently. In fact, since 2000, the e-learning industry has grown by almost 900%. According to a research by IBM, investment of every dollar in online training is equivalent to $30 in productivity. This is because employees resume their work faster and apply their skills immediately if they get learning resources. This has changed the complete learning process positively. If you want to be like these firms and earn money by converting your knowledge into money, only making online courses would not help. You will have to sell them too.

Some of you might argue that there are more simple ways like Udemy to sell your online courses. However, if you want to create a brand, these portals do not offer any freedom to do so. What’s worse is that you have to share your earnings with them. So, why not opt for a powerful CMS like WordPress and integrate an LMS with it, via a simple plugin.

Sell Online Courses from Your WordPress Site Using Learndash LMS

Sell Online Courses
Sell Online Courses

Hence, if you want to start a serious business around selling courses, we would recommend you to work with an LMS like LearnDash and integrate it with WordPress. This will enable you to manage your courses and sell them free from your own platform by installing just a few simple plugins. After this, you can start preparing your online courses and managing them as you need through a simple dashboard. Now, you can sell these programs based on any of these four pricing models.

Single Payments: In this case, the customer pays only once and gets access to the course material forever. These are best for digital products like e-books and courses and can be sold on your site by a simple plugin called Easy Digital Downloads.

Subscriptions: In this case, the customer can pay daily, weekly, or monthly and gets access to the course material accordingly. Subscriptions are an easy way to ensure that your users are updated regularly from time to time.

Membership: In this case, a membership fee is fixed for every six months or a year. Customers will get access to special features that non-members won’t. This can also be enabled with a simple plugin called Paid Membership Pro.

Testwise Payment: In this case, online tests can be created and the customers will get access for a test only when they pay for it. This is one of the best ways to use LMS services on WordPress.

Get LearnDash Plugin

There are many ways by which you can sell online courses through your LMS sites on WordPress. One of these is the addition of a membership plugin like MemberPress to your site. Membership platforms often come with their own reporting capabilities and provide useful insights related to your users. This enables you to develop a user-friendly strategy and convert more users.

Awarding certifications and recertifications for various courses that you offer is another way of generating revenue for your site. However, before issuing certificates you need to strengthen your brand name and impose loyalty among your users.

LearnDash also allows you to add gamification to your online course. It includes activities like offering badges, follow up notifications, rewards, and reminders that help in engagement and offer incentives for your users. This helps create brand awareness and recognition among users. Setting up premium accounts and auto-renewing of services and annual licenses with simple plugins are also good options to generate revenue and engagement.

You can Choose LearnMate Learndash Theme today to provide professional and distraction-free layout for your courses. Developed by our dedicated team of experts it is undoubtedly the best LearnDash integrated solution in the market.

Thanks for reading! Comment below about your thoughts on running an online tutorial website on WordPress.

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