Integrate BuddyPress Into Your Job Portal Website To Augment Social Networking Features

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Your job portal requires functionality and key features that can convert your WordPress site to an online job board. The users of your site go for functionality and look for features that can benefit both ways – whether you are a job seeker or an employer. Submission of employment listings, posting of applications by job searchers or creation of detailed profiles by employers help potential employees know more about the firms that are listed.

Make Use of Social Network Features That Helps Both Job Seekers And Employers

Integrate BuddyPress In Job Portal
Integrate BuddyPress In Job Portal

Making use of social networks helps both the job seekers and the employers. In the case of job finders they can receive instant updates from employers whom they subscribe or firms in which they are interested in getting employed.

In addition, recruiters and job applicants can connect and interact with real people and expand upon their network, Employers can raise their visibility online through an active blog, while job hunters can upgrade their profile by participating in groups and communities.

Like LinkedIn, a social networking platform that connects recruiters and job searchers with one another, you can also get such an advantage by including social networking in your job site.

Create A Social Network Site Like LinkedIn On WordPress

Using BuddyPress For Social Networking In Your Job Website

Integrate BuddyPress In Job Portal
Integrate BuddyPress In Job Portal

If you are using WordPress, in that case BuddyPress provides the best features to build a social community on your site. BuddyPress is quite an advanced plugin for social networking that operates perfectly with maximum themes and offers a host of functions like:

  • Dedicated member profiles to recent activities of members
  • Connecting members with one another and get notifications
  • Forming groups, forums that are group specific and central forum locations for its members
  • Messaging options be it private or public allows professionals and recruiters to connect.

How to Create a social networking site with BuddyPress

Benefits of Adding BuddyPress Job Manager Plugin

BuddyPress Addon

However, BuddyPress all by itself is not completely feature packed, and for this you require to install a few BuddyPress plugins on your site to make it feature inclusive. One such plugin is BuddyPress plugin is BuddyPress Job Manager that adds Job Manager for BuddyPress to user profile, and is compatible with WP Job Manager. It integrates BuddyPress with the WP Job Manager plugin by forming particular tabs in the profiles of both the recruiter and the applicant.

Its Resume Manager feature makes it easy for the job applicants to include multiple resumes and show your latest resume on the BuddyPress profile. You also have the choice to decide the resume fields that are to be displayed at BuddyPress Profile page. Users of this plugin can also post jobs and also apply for jobs. Predefined fields for the site admin and resumes are added that can be enabled or disabled.

Resume Manager offers you the permission to include several resumes by using BuddyPress resume manager. Besides, it lets you activate user roles for the purpose of job posting. This plugin has been tested upto 5.0.4 version.

This plugin is loaded with stunning features- WordPress Job Manager – Applications, WordPress Job Manager – Resume Manager. Optional Plugin, WordPress Job Manager – Bookmarks and WordPress Job Manager – Alerts

Among the top features of BuddyPress Job Manager are its creation of two types of members that is Employer and Candidate. This plugin integrates BuddyPress with the WP Job Manager plugin by creating individual profiles for both the employer and the applicant. By creating a specific tab in candidate profiles plus employer,s profile with WP job manager plugin, you are able to embed BuddyPress.

In addition, it also creates a widget that displays the applicant according to the job, which is helpful for employers. This plugin is embedded with features that makes it convenient for job applicants to post resumes on their jobs of choice. Also, you can perform an alert and bookmark from the User profile. Besides, job applications can also be done from a user profile. What more do you want, BuddyPress Job Manager also adds the resume and job to BuddyPress Activity Feed. This plugin also displays all the activities such as group activities, members’ activities and also your favorite activities.

WP Job Manager is deficient in social features. BuddyPress Job Manager seamlessly integrates WP Job Manager with BuddyPress to provide you a Social Job Board. So, without much ado, use this ultimate BuddyPress plugin to build a social networking community that you often must have visualized.

Wrapping Up

An all-in-one plugin, BuddyPress Job Manager helps you build a complete community website and a job portal with advanced tools segment containing widgets that offers remarkable advantages such as email alerts, notifications and current trends in jobs that are in much demand, highest salaried jobs, or various information relating to a specific job.

No doubt, Job search portals have emerged as platforms for e-recruitment in the coming times. Integrate BuddyPress In Job Portal to make the complex procedure relatively hassle-free and easy.

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