The Advantages Of Creating Your Own Job Portal Website

Creating Your Own Job Portal Website

One of the most important things for a successful business venture is having qualified employees in your company. Recruiting new talent should be a consistently evolving task for any organization but for a Human Resource Manager, it’s not as easy as it seems. Imagine devising a killer job ad, posting it to social media and sending out emails, and advertising it heavily through paid mediums but not getting any effective leads even after days of marketing. Creating your own job portal website is a great idea for your company.

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Advantages Of Creating Your Own Job Portal Website

When searching for qualified and good talent, sometimes just posting a vacancy on social media or spending on advertising through paid mediums is not enough.

With payout and human resources being the topmost expenses for a business, it becomes important to prioritize recruitments so that you can hire the best talent in your organization. One such option to step up your recruitment option is to invest in a job portal website of your business. A job portal solution is becoming popular day by day as it offers a smarter, smoother, and easier recruitment experience without having invested much in unnecessary recruitment expenses.

In today’s article, we will explain the advantages of creating your own job portal website and how you can create one using WordPress. Take a look:

1. Promoting Your Brand Online

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We all are well aware of the power of branding is taking a business to new heights. When a job seeker is looking to explore a job opportunity at your company, the first thing they will do is to find more information about you on your official website or career page. They would want to know you as an employer, understand the work culture, the workplace, career and growth opportunities, the perks that you offer, and the kind of products or services that you have been offering.

A custom job portal website showcasing all the features of your website along with job vacancy will resonate with your corporate values, reflect your organization’s culture, and provides an answer to why job-seekers should apply to the jobs listed by you.

With a career portal solution in place, the chances of getting good talents for your company will increase at a faster pace than before.

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2. Reduced Time And Cost To Hire Candidates

If you own a business and want to hire good talent, then you must act fast to recruit the best talent as the top job-seekers don’t remain in the market for long. Furthermore, when you hire candidates by posting ads on social media and via other job portals, you tend to spend a huge expense on such hiring. A centralized job portal can help in reducing such costs to a great extent.

This is because having a job portal website allows you to post your job at one place and hire candidates from there itself. Moreover, you do not need to switch to other platforms for searching for interested candidates.

3. All Candidates Profile At One Place

Organizations commonly use various means to source interested and qualified candidates when submitting a job vacancy. As a result, they receive CVs from various places such as recruiters, referrals, candidates directly, and other portals. This can make it difficult for the organization to hire the right candidate and can also result in a loss of a good candidature in such clutter.

With a dedicated job portal website for your organization, you do not need to involve in this difficult process as it offers a complete solution to store all the resumes in one place from where you can easily view each resume without having to depend on any third-party source. Such consolidation of candidate profiles keeps talent acquisition transparent and allows you to keep a close track of important profiles.

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4. Focus On Highly Relevant Candidate

A sophisticated and professional job portal website enhances the conversion by capturing applicant information in a well-structured manner. This, in turn, makes searching for applicable profiles easier.

With Advanced Live Searching & Filtering Option in a job portal website, you can easily narrow down the relevant candidates for the further screening process.

5. Improved SEO- Creating Job Portal Website

SEO Components WordPress- Creating Job Portal Website
Creating Job Portal Website

Around 13 to 15 million people search for jobs each month. Usually, they type the job title into Google but are not able to find your vacancies as they are hidden behind your Application Tracking System or within a long list of other company’s vacancy. Developing a job portal website can make sure that the top talent view and apply to your vacancy first.

An SEO-friendly website always ranks on top of search engine results which increases your site visibility thus improving your brand awareness and top applications on your job portal.

How To Build A Job Board Website With WordPress?

Creating Your Own Job Portal Website- Creating Job Portal Website
Creating Job Portal Website

Since you know that creating a job portal website of your own can be really important for your organization as it will help you in finding top job-seekers for your business. Let us now tell you how you can easily create a job board website in WordPress.

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to create a job portal is to pick a domain name that suits your business the best and sign up for a hosting plan.
  • Next up you will have to decide on the platform to use to build your site. Our suggestion would be to go with the WordPress CMS. WordPress is a free and easy platform to let you create any type of niche-based website. It does not require any coding and comes with innumerable themes and plugins to let you create a website of your own. If you want to start a job board website quickly and do not want to involve in coding, this platform can be the best choice for you.
  • Once you have installed WordPress on your server, you will move forward with installing the plugin that will give you the functionality of a job portal website.

Step 1: Install the WP Job Manager Plugin

This is a dedicated job board plugin, WP Job Manager, and offers a variety of options to quick start your website. It’s free and super easy to use. You can simply install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard and configure its settings.

Step 2: Install A Dedicated Job Board Theme

WordPress Job Board Theme- Creating Job Portal Website
Creating Job Portal Website

Once you have configured the basic setting of your site, let us move forward with giving a dedicated design to it.

WordPress comes with hundreds of free and premium WordPress themes that you can use to design your site effectively.

Our suggestion would be to go with a superb WordPress Job Board Theme, Reign Jobmate.

This theme comes with excellent features to let you create an engaging and professional job board website without any coding skills. It offers you features like Drag-n-Drop Visual Builder, Advanced Live Searching & Filtering Option, Multiple Job Listing Types, Multiple Resumes Listing​ Types, Embeddable Job Listing, ready-made importable demos a lot more.

Your WordPress Job Portal Website Is Ready !!

Setting Up a job board website for your business can be very beneficial for you as it allows you to meet talented candidates and reduce your cost of hiring. Moreover, it’s a great way to make connections, and earn a little more money by way of paid listings. It will also help you stand out more clearly on search engines.

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Creating Job Portal Website-The Bottom Line

We hope you found this article informative. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comments below.

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