Blog Looks Outdated Avoid these blog mistakes

No matter how much you implement the latest themes and designs; unless you deal with the basic features first, your blog may continue to look outdated forever. Every blog does have their own goals, content quality, and designs. But is these all, that make the blog attractive and effective in bringing the maximum traffic? The answer is no. Several weeks and months pass by before you actually come across the ultimate truth.  And the truth is that the common features of a blog also need to be updated with its content and designs. Here are the terrible blog mistakes that make your blog look outdated.

Taking the Sidebar for granted

The sidebar in your blog plays a crucial part in deciding the look of your blog. Some people keep the sidebar of their blog filled with various banners and ads, which is a severe blog mistake Well, it’s ok to some extent; but you don’t want your viewers to switch to those flashing banners, overlooking the main contents of your blog, do you? In other cases, often the sidebar remains empty and acts just to fill up the spaces in a blog page. Well, the sidebar should be filled up in such a way that it complements the content in your blog, rather making it look outdated.

Not Mentioning Any Email List


One of the most common blog mistake that many bloggers commit is not providing email lists at all.  Bloggers often fail to understand the basic difference between connecting through the email and through different forms of social networking platforms. A mailing list in your blog says a lot about you. Not mentioning an email list means, you are not providing the viewers the opportunity to connect with you.  The newsletter is a way of building a closer relationship with the viewers. Not including this feature while upgrading your blog is a huge blog mistake, and is definitely going to make your blog look outdated.

Long Paragraphs is the most common blog mistake

Are you still writing long and unending paragraphs on your blog? If so, then you need to upgrade your writing style as soon as possible. Gone are the days of writing hard-to-read paragraphs, which causes nothing but the viewers’ loss of interest in your blog.  The continuously growing walls of texts and complex to understand paragraphs may look good in the pages of a book but are a foolish blog mistake these days.

Using Distracting Fonts


Using distracting font styles is another big blog mistake that makes your blog look outdated. Considering the serious part that web plays in creating  brand awareness, it’s better not to use distracting and silly fonts. Many do the blog mistake of using and experimenting with various font styles on their blog pages. Well, it is the ideal display of typography that viewers expect, not some confusing fonts styles.

Outdated Information

Not updating the information of your blog can be the biggest blog mistake you make. As everything needs upgrades and enhancement in our life, so does the blog. Still sticking with information that no longer exists can do nothing but damages, to your blog. Like old blog posts, dormant event information also signals the dead condition of your blog.  By not keeping the event calendars up-to-date, you yourself adding negative attributes to your blog.  Imagine, how it will look if your blog shows long-gone events under the ‘latest events’ section. Yes, it will look outdated in its true sense.

Not Providing Sufficient Links


Are you sure that you’ve provided the right amount of links on your blog? Not providing sufficient links can also make your profile look outdated. Using too much internal linking or not using at all, both can be a concerning factor regarding your blog’s appearance. For making the user’s experience more enhancing it is important that you include sufficient links in your blog.  While it helps to maintain the trust of the viewers in your brand, without any links your blog will surely look dull and uninteresting.

Neglecting the small features of your blog can lead to bigger disadvantages and losses of your brand.  If your blogs look outdated, then the sole purpose of blogging fails is the blog mistakes you are making in the first place. We hope these pointers will be paid enough attention next time you plan to redesign the content of your blog.

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