How to Boost Blog Conversions? 5 Quick Tweaks

Boost Blog Conversions

Who doesn’t want to boost blog conversion opportunities on their online websites? Making money online has numerous advantages, but one of them is the ability to create precise, measurable goals and track your progress toward them. For example, you can lower bounce rates with the required efforts. To track your progress, use a tool like Google Analytics, then repeat the process. Try Reign Theme DemoBuy Reign BuddyPress Theme and Reign addons bundle to create a highly engaging Community Platform Today!

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The chances for adjusting your blog to boost blog conversions and income are essentially endless if you have an established audience or client base (even if it is only a tiny one). By making adjustments to what you already have rather than looking for new clients, you can frequently do more with the same amount of work.

What is the Need for Tracking?

Before we start with our tips to boost blog conversions, we must find why it is important to have a reliable way to track all the parameters that are pertinent to the adjustments you make for blog conversions.

For instance, you would want to know how many new subscribers you regularly bring in if you were planning to undertake a change that you hoped would raise your newsletter subscription rate.

To calculate your conversion rate as a proportion of those visitors, you’ll also need to know how many people visited your blog during that time. It’s possible that you simply attracted more visitors instead of seeing a rise in email subscribers, which would indicate that your change was ineffective.

You may utilize various strategies to boost your results when promoting your affiliate links on social media.

1. Boost Your Homepage, Blog Count,

Doesn’t sound much effective, right? What impact could this have on conversion rates or revenue? There is a significant discrepancy between the work required to accomplish this change and the possible payoff.

Home page setting

First off, keep in mind that if your blog serves as your main page, expanding or contracting the number of blog entries on the homepage is easy. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > General to complete this in around 5 seconds: Changing the blog count will depend on the page builder you’re using if you use one for your homepage.

Regarding the number of blog articles that should be displayed on your main page, there are different points of view. Some might argue that you should have more, like ten, as it would allow visitors to browse through more of your postings without having to visit another page.

Others could counter that fewer blog articles result in quicker page loads, which pleases visitors (we all know how crucial it is to speed up WordPress). This second claim is supported by a vast amount of convincing evidence. The trick to boost blog conversions, as with most problems of this kind, is to take into account both points of view before beginning testing.

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2. Utilize Manual Excerpts

This idea immediately follows the prior one and might allay any worries about extraordinarily long loading times. Especially if your homepage will feature numerous blog posts.

There are typically three ways to show posts in archive form (for example, on your homepage or a category page such as displaying the complete post, a selected excerpt that was determined automatically (e.g. 100 characters, or a manually crafted excerpt.

You can choose the most preferred option but we recommend option number three. This enables the visitor to read a summary of each post on your site without having to read the entire text unless they choose to.

3. Focus on Your CTA- Boost Blog Conversion

A CTA, or “Call To Action,” is a component that motivates site visitors to take the required action, in case you were wondering about it. It might be to buy your information product, sign up for your email, or do something else.

Call to action

There may be several CTAs on your blog (hopefully not too many to be confusing), but one of them should stand out above the others. This is typically the email subscription form. It’s best to make that “main” CTA stand out as much as possible. You can make the required moderations if it is possible.

4. Include a Link on Your Primary “Money Page”

Your blog probably has one page that brings in the most money (directly or indirectly) out of all the others. It may resemble a “Resources” page, for example. or possibly a thing. Whatever it is, you should make it simple for your visitors to obtain. You can put a prominent link to your sidebar, footer, or perhaps header instead of adding it to your main menu since it might not make sense to do so (depending on the look of your site). Your link will appear on most pages this way. Graphical CTAs are highly recommended to boost blog conversions. Since it is essentially a CTA, it shouldn’t just be another text link; rather, it should stand out in the same way.

5. Boost Your Social Sharing Popularity- Boost Blog Conversion

We hope your blog has a social sharing plugin at the very least. However, you can do much more to encourage social referrals to your site. It’s a basic fact that not many people will care to share your content unless you make it easy (and alluring) for them. Make it worthwhile for them to boost blog conversion, you must.

Try floating share buttons. Alternatively, add social media sharing buttons to the top and/or bottom of each post using the various plugins on the internet. This choice might be included in your WordPress theme, depending on it. As an alternative, you can enable this option in the JetPack plugin by going to Jetpack > Settings > Sharing.

BuddyX theme

Final Thoughts on Boost Blog Conversion

We’ve highlighted a few easy changes you can make to increase blog conversions in this blog. However, the truth is that there is a lot more than that. For instance, the most successful type of tuning you can use is probably split testing tools to boost blog conversions, which isn’t even mentioned. The alterations mentioned above should only be the beginning of a continuous process of blog optimization. Also, we would like to hear if you have any ideas for adopting changes on your site that can boost blog conversions and revenue. If so, kindly tell us about it in the section below.

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