What is the Best Time to Send a Survey?

Best Time to Send a Survey

When is the best time to send out surveys? We’re here to help, so let’s begin with some fundamentals regarding surveys and the benefits they can bring to your business. Survey data can significantly glean customers’ opinions on your products and usage patterns. The most excellent aspect is that you and your clients can use them whenever it’s most convenient. You’ve decided to conduct a survey and are all set to go. How about the most fantastic time of day? The correct response varies somewhat depending on the type of company being asked. While some companies like to send out surveys at irregular intervals, others stick to set dates. If you don’t want to interrupt or bother your clients, time to send a  survey is crucial.

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Considerations That Might Influence When You Should Send Your Survey

Influence- Time to Send a Survey
Time to Send a Survey

Now that you know when to submit your survey, you may examine the variables that may have an impact.

  • Different devices most likely to be used at different times of the day: One crucial consideration when scheduling an email survey is when to send it, given that users’ actions can affect response rates. Thinking about when your target demographic will most likely be online on their mobile devices will help you send out your survey to the broadest potential audience. You should probably email them the study in the morning if they use a computer at work. If they check their phones while eating lunch, sending a message might be more convenient. Sending a survey at 6:00 pm would not be as successful if they tend to use their phones when everyone else is in bed. To avoid getting your email survey lost in the shuffle, send it in the evening when people are less likely to check their inboxes.
  • Your past email survey invitation results: When deciding when to send out your survey, you should take into consideration the amount of information that respondents have already provided you with as well as the amount of further information they could provide if they were still actively participating in your study. Do not send another message if they have responded with “I’m busy” or “I don’t have time.”
  • There are times when a survey response is needed more quickly: In business, there are situations in which you absolutely must get immediate input and others in which you can wait. For instance, if you’re releasing a new product or service, it’s best to wait until after the launch before soliciting feedback. Asking respondents who have already participated in a campaign about their experiences with it is an excellent way to get feedback before sending out the final survey for a forthcoming campaign that is being run as a pilot.

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1. Surveys’ Best Time, According to Research

Research- Time to Send a Survey
Time to Send a Survey
  • CampaignMonitor found that Monday is the best day to send email campaigns, with an average open rate of 22.0% and a click-through rate of 2.4%. The average available rate was 22.5% on Tuesday, while the CTR was 2.2%. Average opens were highest on Thursday (21.3%), followed by Friday (20.0%), and then Wednesday (22.4%).
  • According to MailerLite, Monday has a 0.1% unsubscribe rate, so marketers agree that it is not a good day to send emails. If you want to keep recipients interested once they open your survey, send it on Wednesday or Thursday, which likewise has a 0% unsubscribe rate. This is because individuals are busier at work or other commitments on Monday mornings, making it less likely that they will access your survey and more likely to finish it if they do.
  • A 2013 survey by GetResponse found that more than 17% of all emails are sent on Tuesdays and Fridays, making those days the most popular for sending. According to GetResponse, the unsubscribe rate is 0% on Mondays, 1% on Tuesdays, 2% on Wednesdays, 3% on Thursdays, and 4% on Fridays.
  • Customer.io’s research on the best day to send emails shows that Tuesday is the best day to send emails because people are most likely to respond on that day (according to Customer.io). To maximize your open and click-through rates, you should send them in the afternoon.
  • CheckMarket Research. CheckMarket also ran a similar study and concluded that the optimal time to send emails was between 3 and 6 o’clock on weekdays (either first thing in the morning or around noon). It’s best to send it on Sunday mornings or between 15:00 and 17:59 on Thursdays and Fridays. According to their research, emails sent on Saturdays saw a jump in click-through rates, from 8% to 15%.
  • Zendesk Research. Users liked to receive survey inquiries between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm, according to data that was evaluated by Zendesk’s technologies. They also discovered that certain times had a significantly lower probability than others (like during rush hour or after lunch).
  • MailChimp Research. Researchers at MailChimp found that the optimal time for sending emails varied widely depending on the sender and the recipient. According to research conducted by MailChimp, the most effective time to send emails to your subscriber list is during the week rather than on the weekends. According to Mailchimp’s data, the receivers’ most popular time to send emails is 10 am local time.

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Considering how often your consumers read their email is the first step in determining the optimum day to deliver a survey. It’s best to avoid sending emails on Mondays or during the middle of the workday when consumers are likely to be already swamped with messages.

You should pick when they are most likely checking their email. The amount of information you have about your customers is another factor to think about. Is there a specific time of day you know they check their email? If so, it makes more sense to send surveys at certain times than random, when recipients won’t know if they’ve been contacted recently.

In closing, what are you hoping to accomplish by conducting this poll? Is the purpose of these messages merely informative, or do we know of other motivations for sending them now?

Sending a survey to respondents randomly could backfire if the above questions aren’t answered correctly or make sense.

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