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About 65% of users prefer to access blogs in their language while searching. In addition, 40% of respondents stated that they would not purchase things from websites that only speak their native language. No language barrier should prevent you from reaching a larger audience with your website. If we talk about the whole world there are so many people with so many languages. People speak different languages so having a website with more than one language can increase your visibility on SERP.

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Why do you Need WordPress Language Translator Plugins?

WordPress is used around all over the world you can use it to create websites in any language. But WordPress does not come with built-in functionality to create a multilingual website. That is why people use the language translate plugin to convert their website into a multilanguage website.

However, 59.6% of websites get found those that use the English language. English is the most used language on the web but there are other languages in the world too that we can’t ignore. So when you create a worldwide website, do not use the world’s languages. Having a monolingual website can decrease our potential or reach.

Language Switcher & Translator Plugins

There are two types of language translation plugins:

  • WordPress multilingual plugins
  • WordPress translation plugins

With WordPress multilingual plugins you need to add the other language content by yourself means manually. Because you add the multilingual content manually that means your translation will be better than the translation tools.

If you have a website where you post so much content and don’t have time to update it manually then you go for WordPress translation plugins. You don’t require to write your content in multi-language by using WordPress translater plugins.

In this blog, we will talk about WordPress translation plugins only.

1. MultilingualPress

Language Switcher

The MultilingualPress WordPress Plugin is an excellent solution for managing your website’s content in more than one language. It is a highly sophisticated multi-site solution that makes maintaining your website’s content extremely simple. Its multi-site solution gives you complete freedom and control over your website. If you have a multisite network, you may develop websites with diverse looks and functionality within the same network. The nice aspect of this plugin is that you can choose which languages appear on each site. If you have a site in more than one language, it can even manage the permalinks for you.

MultilingualPress allows you to control your site’s caching system. It also enables custom post types, enabling different editors for each language. Furthermore, the plugin supports the Gutenberg editor, allowing you to convert your content into several languages. If you are a frequent blogger, you may want to consider installing this plugin on your website. You will control the cache and give a single translation choice for all of your posts.

Go to your control panel to upload MultilingualPress. To do so, navigate to your website’s dashboard and select “Plugins” from the sidebar. Once there, select “Upload plugin to server” from the “Add New” menu. If you already have a website, you must first specify the language. Alternatively, you may build a separate page for each language you wish to add to your website. Then, MultilingualPress will automatically copy your old site’s content, plugins, and other files to the new one.

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WPML- Language Switcher
Language Switcher

WPML enables the translation of any online content into various languages. This plugin has over a million users globally, with a strong following in the United States and Europe. It enables you to translate your website’s content into various languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, and others. The plugin has several functions, including a free trial.

WPML installation is straightforward; you only need to input the website URL you want to translate. A license key is created by providing the website’s URL, and the license can then be transferred to other users and clients. WPML will notify you when security updates are available and advise you to enable Toolset Types. Media Translation, String Translation, and Translation Management will be suggested if you have a CMS license.

WPML is quite user-friendly; however, it is not fully error-free. If you’re not sure how to install the plugin, see the WPML help page. It gives an overview of the core plugin’s status and the available plugin add-ons. If you’re not familiar with the interface, you may learn more by reading the WPML user forum. If you pay for a membership, you can utilize WPML for your website, but you will still need to translate the content manually.

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3. Google Website Translator

Googgle website translater
Language Switcher

A Google Website Translator WordPress Plugin is an amazing choice for multilingual requirements. This free plugin leverages Google’s automated translation capabilities to assist you in translating your WordPress site into any language. The plugin includes inline help in all four tabbed styles and is easy to install. It has nearly little effect on page load speed and allows configuration import/export and feature requests.

The plugin has several advanced options. You may specify which languages will be translated and the default language for your site. A page or post’s content translation choices can also be determined. The advanced options enable you to hide and adjust the language selector widget. Google Analytics tracking can also be enabled. Google Website Translator Pro is also available for purchase. It costs $50 and includes many additional capabilities, such as the ability to switch between languages and index your translations.

The Google Website Translator WordPress Plugin offers an easy-to-use administration interface. When installed, it displays a list of accessible languages and the flags associated with each. The translations may be found on the sidebar. You may also modify your translations’ styles and alignment modes. Custom permalinks and alts are also provided by the plugin. On a WordPress site, the plugin is free to use. Before purchasing the premium edition, you should install the free version on your website and test it out.

4. Google Language Translator

Google language translater
Language Switcher

The Google Language Translator WordPress Plugin is free. It converts strings from English to other languages automatically. The translation blocks are added as a WP menu item, float down, or floating bar. It also allows for custom scripting to alter the presentation and design. Additionally, the plugin supports editable strings from English to other languages. To use the Google translate API, you must enable it in your website’s settings.

The Google Language Translator WordPress Plugin is simple to set up and operate, and you only need to install and activate the plugin. To use the plugin, create a free account. Then you must choose a language to translate. You may then select which languages you want to translate and which ones should be translated.

The plugin is compatible with all sorts of WordPress sites, and you may even tailor the translations to your specific requirements. It’s worth noting that the Google Translation API is utilized to keep the translations up to date.

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5. Weglot- Translate plugin

Weglot- Language Switcher
Language Switcher

Weglot is a WordPress plugin that allows you to translate your text into many languages. It takes only a few minutes to install and is completely integrated into the WordPress system. This plugin supports various languages and is simple to use. It allows you to specify your native language and the first language you want your material to be translated into. After you’ve uploaded the plugin, a language choice button will appear on the bottom right of the page. This will allow your users to change the language they’re reading on your site, improving aesthetics and user engagement.

Suppose you’re not sure which language you want your site translated into. In that case, Weglot provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it an excellent alternative for websites offering a worldwide reach. The plugin may be installed through the WordPress dashboard. To begin, provide your API key and the original language of your website. After you’ve submitted these two pieces of information, you may choose which languages you want your site to be translated into.

Then, copy the API key and paste it into the right locations on your WordPress dashboard. You will then be able to select your destination language and your originating language. If you have many languages, you must choose one as the target language. After that, click the “Translate” button to begin translating your site. You can also double-check your content’s translation for foolproofing.

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6. Translate WordPress with GTranslate

Language Switcher

It Supports 104 languages by connecting Google translation API. It has both automatic and human translation, making it more useful for you to convert your content language. Apart from the page and post, it translates the menu, widgets, category, tags, theme, and plugin. It’s fully compatible with the WooCommerce store as well. It uses a cloud-based approach that does not makes your website slow.

Its paid version is SEO integrated which will increase the visibility of your website on woworldwideWith GTranslate you can make your website appear on search engines in different languages which will improve our traffic on the international level. In its paid version you will get unlimited translation page views, and several words to translate.

It hides google top frame after translation. You can even add a related company language flag on the menu. translate your slug into any language and with its paid version you get an SEO-friendly slug in the translated language. Their is option where you can manually correct or edit the content if you find something is not right.

It has many features in its free version if you are a small business and just started your website you can go with the free one but for advanced features like SEO-friendly and manually content edit option, you can go with its pro version.

7. Loco Translate

Loco Translater
Language Switcher

Loco translate also connects with Google API which is why it will work with any automatic translation tool. It has a built-in translation editor with WordPress admin. You to create and update the language files directly in your theme or plugin. It optimizes for SEO and performance and these features are the most important part of your website growth.

Loco Translate can be used by developers also because they can extract strings and generate templates with the help of this plugin. Loco Translate integrates with translation APIs including DeepL, Google, Microsoft, and Lecto AI. it is a pretty handy plugin to use you don’t need to put extra effort to understand it.

In its basic version, you can only get 2000 translations but in its pro version you get 5000 translations, business nets 25000, and add agency offers 125000.

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8. TranslatePress

Language Switcher

TranslatePress plugin free version plugin and its both automatic and manual translation. You can translate your content including media, custom posts, themes, plugins, and more. You can easily add a language switcher to your website. TranslatePress allows users to translate directly on the front end with a live preview.

It has a very friendly user face and is also compatible with all themes and plugins. Google translation API to translate the strings on your site. This feature can enable or disable according to your requirements. If you are using it for an e-commerce store you are at the right place because it is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Create a multilingual website with TranslatePress and make your website accessible worldwide. Just don’t limit your content to a single language.

9. Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation
Language Switcher

Lingotek Translation also supports manual and automatic translater. It is a free WordPress translate plugin with lots of features to use. You get three choices for translating your content.

  1. Manually translate the content by yourself or you can collaborate with a translation agency.
  2. You need to translate your commercial API content with help of Microsoft translation. All the work is done by using the Lingotek workbench.
  3. In this option, you can go to the Lingotek experienced personnel to take your work. However, it will cost you some money.

Here you will get so many benefits like faster translation time and higher quality work. You will get a real-time monitoring option that will help you to find out our mistakes easily. Lingotek makes your website WordPress with its smooth interface and amazing customer support.

With so many good features there is something that Lingotek lacks. Its SEO support is not compatible.

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10. Polylang

Language Switcher

Polylang is a free WordPress plugin it automatically translates the language of your website. It translates the content of your post, page, widget, and more with easy-to-use backend settings. It’s integrated with popular WordPress SEO plugins and creates an SEO-friendly URL for each language.

You can use Polylang a WordPress multilingual plugin which means you manually add the translated content to your website. It supports as many as languages our site requires. It is compatible with a WooCommerce subscription, product bundles, WooCommerce bookings, and more.

The free version of this plugin does not support translating your WordPress and Themes. Its basic feature also didn’t support e-commerce. Or all these features you need to get its pro version. Its premium version is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin with many features. It translates WooCommerce pages including shop, check-out, cart, and my account. Emails that you send from WooCommerce translate them also and sent to your customers in their languages.


Conclusion of Language Switcher & Translator Plugins

To better understand what is out there and which plugins or services best suit your needs, I strongly advocate evaluating different options. One tool does not suit all. In the end, the best WordPress translation plugin depends only on your website’s requirements and your budget.

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