Web designers are facing a real challenge when it comes to following the latest web design trends. While following what everybody else is doing seems a norm for success, being innovative and creative still matters a lot. Yet, no matter how much you would want to critique trends and avoid them as much as possible, you can’t do exactly the opposite of what others are doing.

Web design faced an amazing evolution in the past few years, thus giving businesses the opportunity to improve their services and interaction with their targeted audience through their websites better than ever before. You can check the price of a website design if you want to implement these latest trends in your company site to skyrocket your business.

Here are the latest web design trends that are here to stay in 2022 and maybe even longer and promise to make your website look great and increase conversion rate:

1. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes

Using geometric shapes in web design isn’t quite a new trend. However, the latest technological advancements and more modern effects have given designers the opportunity to create in-depth 3D elements that appear almost real in the eyes of the visitors. The 3-dimensional elements create a completely different experience for visitors by bridging the real and the digital world with a sense of realism. In order to create a more realistic experience for the users, designers are now using elements with moving shapes that can almost be touched by visitors.

2. Eye-catching color palettes

latest web design trends color palettes

Using eye-catching color palettes is one of the simplest, yet most popular trends among designers. It isn’t quite a new trend but it is growing in popularity among company sites because it can have a multitude of benefits including improving readability and the appeal of the website.

The eye-catching color palettes trend used for web design is also strongly associated with the psychology of colors used in marketing. Certain colors can trigger certain emotions and feelings in the audience which can have a huge influence on their purchasing decisions and the time they spend on the website. Color can be a powerful tool which can be used to signal attention and draw the eyes of the visitor to a certain part of the content. For example, red can evoke emotions of urgency and is usually used for sale signs to make the audience feel the need to purchase a product straight away otherwise it will be sold out. On the other hand, green color represents the color of nature and can trigger a calm mood to the audience.


3. Telling stories through websites


Web Design Trends


Nowadays, all businesses have a website for a more powerful online presence to connect with their targeted audience. Since storytelling is one of the most popular marketing tools used by companies, there is no surprise that we are witnessing a new trend that blends web design and storytelling. Narrative elements are used in web design by companies to engage and connect with their consumers, convincing more people to buy their products or services. This trend involves second-person voic


e, animations, and captivating diaphragms used to tell stories to their audience.

4. Conversational interfaces




chatbots and voice assistants


The rise of artificial intelligence is definitely the reason behind the trend of conversational interfaces in 2019. Conversational interfaces aim to facilitate human-computer communication in order to improve the user experience. Conversational interfaces include chatbots and voice assistants that can offer support to the users by providing them with answers to the most basic questions they have.

Chatbots or voice assistants are an amazing tool to engage first-time users of your website who have little knowledge of what and where they can find certain content. They make your website a lot easier to understand and provide a great user experience right from their first interaction with your site.

5. Interactive elements integrated into the web design


web design latest trends


Interactive elements integrated into the web design can boost conversions by engaging the audience and taking user experience to a whole new level. The main concept behind interactive elements is the fact that they aim to transform passive visitors on your website into active ones. They can make the most out of the digital experience of the visitors by boosting interactivity between consumers and your website. Simply put, interactive elements encourage the user to take certain actions, including answering questions, voting, skipping an ad or commenting, to fully experience the interface.


A web design that contains interactive elements encourages visitors to continue their experience with the website longer than an ordinary website would do. Moreover, since customized user experience is now a top trend in marketing, an interactive web design that engages your audience also improves the personalization of their experience.

6. More white space used

create website


White space in the website design can translate in the parts of the website design that doesn’t have any text or images. Designers use white space in websites to ensure the contrast between the entire interface and certain parts of content they want to ensure that is spotted by visitors. A palette of bright colors can certainly make a website look more engaging and trendier to visitors. However, the game of colors can be tricky for the eyes of the visitors because they can distract them from noticing the most important parts of the content or elements such as the logo.

In web design, white space doesn’t refer to the actual white color. It is rather a concept to express emptiness. Simply put, no matter what colors you choose, as long as there are parts of the website interface that have no content, the user experience is improved by allowing visitors to navigate the website and read the existing content more easily.

An effective and interactive web design has a huge impact on how your audience perceives and interacts with your business. A web design that offers an amazing user interface will translate in better conversion rates leading to increased sales and business growth.

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