Try Out The Ways To Create A Community Around Your Blog

Create Community

A blog or blogging community comprises bloggers that share the same values, ideas, interest, and to some extent, knowledge. Primarily, the blogging communities learn and grow through each other’s experiences.


Community Around Your Blog

They write and share knowledge with their community and the rest of the world.

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Benefits of having a Community Around Your Blog

Blogging Community

The blogging community has the following significance and benefits:

  • Having a community means more readers, shares, comments, mentions, and, fortunately, traffic.
  • A large blogging community justifies your authority and credibility. 
  • A connection with your readers and peers increases the probability of backlinks to your post. Thus it adds value to SEO. 
  • Improves ranking, domain authority (DA), and other social networks.

Well, if you are a blogger or someone who ends his/her day with blogging, you might be aware of the blogging community. But if you fail in building one, we are here to guide you.

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1. Select A Niche And Be Specific

You can only find or build a community if you write on a particular topic. Writing on different topics won’t help you in getting a community. For instance, if you are an expert in sports, you need to write only about sports. You can’t jump on things like food and travel. 

Your niche is something that will help you in getting people of your taste. Be specific so that your audience can find you and connect with you. 

Focus on your tone so that people can relate to it. Rest it depends on your writing. Follow some renowned bloggers such as Pete Cashmore and Rand Fishkin to get the idea of building a blog community. 

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2. Like, Comments, And Share

The traditional method of like, comment and share will always be valuable in the case of blogging. Follow people who have already achieved some milestones in your niche. Read their posts and follow the conventional approach by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. 

Gradually, people will start to notice you. Also, leave links to your latest posts with a CTA ( call to action) comment. You won’t get millions of audiences overnight, but this approach will benefit you with engagement. 

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3. Frequent Meetups With Your Connections

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It’s hard to build connections and get an audience and even harder in maintaining it. You can’t just set a community and let it go. You need to connect with them through social media and emails. Try to organize meetups with the people who live nearby your town or city. 

During meetups, you all can discuss various topics and share views. It will help you get an idea for upcoming posts, and you will stay connected with your community. 

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4. Enable Push Notification

Web push notifications can be a game-changer while setting up a community around your blog. These are the timely notifications that go around your community whenever you come up with any offer, promo, or blog. 

As people do not have much time, the web push notifications will alert them about your latest post. It is a permission-based notification and has nothing to do with the user’s privacy. If, haven’t got it yet, get a web push notification on your WordPress blog. It is quite an effective way and will offer you a massive audience. 

5. Dedicated Email List

Since the rise of the internet, nearly in the 90s, email has always been an important part. Even today, our maximum task depends on our active email address. From signing up to sending any data, most of us prefer email. 

The same is the case when it is about raising a community for your blog. Follow the steps for your email list.

  • First, you need to connect to a leading email marketing service provider
  • Then you need to have a BuddyX Pro Theme, where you can list plugins using WordPress.
  • Now you need to create opt-in forms.
  • Link the community with your email marketing service provider. 

6. Offer Online Courses- Community Around Your Blog 

Online courses can really help you in staying connected with your audience. Through the platform, you can share your expertise and knowledge on your niche. And as a result, your audience will be engaged and will ask things that strike their mind. 

If you are relevant to the topic, undoubtedly, you will build a great community. You just need to start with the following:

  • Planning, creating, and selecting course content such as writeups, PowerPoint presentations, slide share, videos, etc. 
  • After creating the course, promote it at every corner through various platforms. 

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7. Audience Involvement And Engagement

After having a bit of engagement, you must create some strategies to keep your community engaged and involved. You need to include them all in your posts. 

  • Invite people to comment

Comments show the worth of your blog. After writing a post, ask your audience to share their views on the topic. Put questions in your blogs and insist them to answer through comments.

  • Quizzes

Science and psychological experiments have proved that quizzes are among the best ways to keep your audience engaged. People love to go for a quiz to check their knowledge. You and your community share the same ideals and values. So quizzes will create a powerful bond between you and your audience. 

8. Participate in blogging events

Events happen frequently, and you must attend the one whenever you get an opportunity. You do not just meet new people and professionals but also get to learn new things. Further, everyone in the event shares his/her ideas, thoughts, views, etc. Keep your eyes open and try to attend as much as possible. 

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Summarizing of Community Around Your Blog

With around thousands of ways, we listed the most effective and powerful guide on building a community. The above steps will definitely lead you to more traffic, leads, and also a community. Things take time, so be patient and keep on writing and promoting your blogs. 

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