WordPress Social Network Themes Like Facebook

Expert talks: Use WordPress social network theme like Facebook to get advanced functionalities on your community website.

WordPress Social Network Theme Like Facebook

A strong and influencing community can do a lot to bring new changes to the world. Whatever the community is, it must be capable to accompany all the members in one place.

If you are also planning to build a community online, you should also keep this fact in mind. Choosing a WordPress social network theme like Facebook is no doubt a smart way to do it.

What Features Does Your Community Website Should Have?

If you have decided to create a community website of your own, you have to plan what features you would like to serve your members. The more the features, the more engaged your community members are!
So, here are some features that your community website should have at least:

1. Member Registration

Your membership website has no relevance until your website has not Login and Registration option. Think of any membership website! Be it a Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest or Twitter, you’ll definitely find membership login there.

You can take help of any membership plugin that offers such functionality. BuddyPress is one of the great examples of a membership plugin.

2. Activity Streams

Social Network Themes,WordPress Social Network Theme Like FacebookReign PeepSo Activity

Members love to post latest updates, their thoughts, opinions on social media. All these posts can be shown in the activity section. So, activity stream is an important feature in social network websites.

BuddyPress Lock

3. Groups and Members

Creating BuddyPress Groups
Your social network feature should also have a feature that allows your community members to create micro-groups. These groups will consist of like-minded people who share common interests.

In this way, through Groups, you can provide them a platform to join each other and share their views and thoughts to a huge number of people.

4. Add Friend Option

A social network platform is incomplete without “add friend” option.
When the members join a social network, their main aim is to get connected with each other. And, providing them with the Add friends option is a way to let them do so in a smarter way.

5. Notification

Whenever there is a new activity in your community, the Notification feature is there to notify your community members. This helps a lot to make them aware of any important update. And, the chances are less that they miss out any update.

6. Likes, Dislikes & Sharing Option

Besides the above-mentioned features, your community sites should also have a feature that allows them to like or dislike any post on their activity wall. This helps a lot what content is more trending.
Sharing features let your community members share any post what they think to be spread in their network.
Create Content Control In Your Community

7. Security

While registering on your community website, your members will provide you with their confidential information. And, after getting logged in to your site, they will post their thoughts, views, and opinions and share in their network consisting of people having a common interest and passion.
So, it’s your responsibility as a Community Website Owner, to keep their profile and activity private from logged out users as well as from those to whom they don’t want to share their information in your community.

WordPress social network themes like Facebook

Why am I comparing with Facebook?
Because it has set an example of an ideal social community that allows people to connect with everyone at one common platform. That too with lots of amazing social features.
Do you also have a dream to build a WordPress social networking site like Facebook?
If yes… then cheers! You can do it with a lot of ease.  How?
Thanks to the WordPress social network themes!

🌟 Free WordPress Social Network Themes

If your budget is not sufficient, but, still want to build a WordPress social networking site like Facebook, you can download and use free WordPress Social Network Themes. It will help you extend your simple WordPress blog site with some common social media site features.

BuddyX – Wp.org Listed WordPress Theme

buddyx theme like facebook
BuddyX is an ultimate free social network theme, also listed in the WordPress repository. It is a lightweight, fully responsive, SEO optimized, RTL & translation-ready theme. It provides support for WooCommerce, WC Vendors, LearnDash, LearnPress, and GamiPress plugins. It is highly customizable and works perfectly with page builders such as Elementor and Gutenberg. BuddyX is perfect for creating social learning, marketplace, and blogging, and niche community websites using BuddyPress integration.
This theme has all the necessary social networking features like creating member profiles, groups, private messaging, activity feed, and many more. This theme is fully compatible with the BuddyPress plugin and if you want to include more features in your site, you can do it easily by integrating BuddyPress Addons.
But these free themes offer only limited functionality to your site. In order to increase your site functionality, you have to ultimately buy their premium versions. If you want more attractive features and layouts, try BuddyX Pro – an advanced version of BuddyX theme.

🌟 Premium WordPress Social Network Themes

Social Network Themes,WordPress Social Network Theme Like Facebook
Reign PeepSo

Want to build a social network website like a pro? Buy WordPress social network themes. Premium WordPress social network themes offer great functionality along with a stunning site appearance. You’ll get advanced social media website features that you can’t get using free themes.

Expert’s Recommendation:

When you are about to buy WordPress social Network Themes like Facebook, make sure it provides you with all those features which are necessary to engage community members.
My recommendation is Reign BuddyPress Theme and Reign PeepSo theme. Both themes offer an amazing site appearance to the social community websites. Just like the way you want!
Believe it or not. Both the themes are ready to use, i.e., you can use them on your social community website with just one click. Isn’t it amazing?
In order to explore more how your social community website will look like, check out these-

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Build a WordPress social networking site like Facebook with Reign!
social network website solution with reign theme
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