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Augmenting your membership site with a blog not only offers you a chance for receiving more visitors but also spurts up your new subscribers. Every minute you publish your fresh blog on your site, your target audience gets the scope to search your membership portal in Google. Moreover, If you do not level up your blog page towards conversions, any amount of additional traffic can be lost.
For getting the best out of your site visitors, we take you through the way to design your blog page for utmost conversions so as to expand your membership site.

These blog optimizing strategies can create the difference between a booming conversion rate or a dipping one. Your blog design, in fact, makes or breaks your rate of conversions. Here’s a handful of blog design concepts that gives a sustainable boost in ultimate conversions.

#1 Lend Your Website A Professional Design

To begin with, it is essential that your blog – and membership site, on the whole, exhibits a professional and credible design.
Hopefully, this does not indicate an uninteresting or corporate but based on the content of the membership website, you can introduce certain fun elements to its design.
For instance, if your website concentrates on educating your members on the way to outshine at their favourite hobby, or intense sport, a daring and stylish design may appear apt. On the contrary, if your membership site extends career and professional advice to aspiring accountants, then you are required to temper down and moderate things.

On both purposes, your membership site and its new post should exude an excellent design that offers it a credible look, and makes it appear as a secure place to transfer payment details in return for getting access to your content. To lend a professional look to your membership site you have to select a high-standard theme, publish testimonials of subscribers, and invest in skilled logo design.
A trustworthy looking site makes more visitors sign up and turn into dedicated members.

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#2 Build A Different Landing Page

Design Your Blog Page

Despite the fact that a blog page is ideal for enticing fresh visitors by boosting the presence of your site and its visibility in search crawlers, and providing content for your present audience to share on social networks, yet it may not be among the best tools for your membership commerce.
Actually, the central objective of a blog page is to present your content in a simple, legible and easy to understand the form, not to market and sell memberships. Keeping this in your mind, building a different landing page on your site that can guide your blog viewers as they contain no distracting features, like links to different content on your website, and the sole action to be performed is to sign up or tap the back button.

There are various design tools for your landing pages like for instance a landing page template or page builder plugins to build your customized landing page. Certain WordPress themes also contain landing page templates so that you can quickly add one to your website.
Landing page tools like OptimizePress conveniently create landing pages, membership sites and sales pages.

As a substitute, numerous free and premium tools also exist that can assist you to craft landing pages that bear a professional look with comparative ease.
Whatever step you select to add a landing page to your portal, developing one that serves to funnel your site visitors from your blog contributes towards improved conversions.

Remain Bold In Your Inquiries Or In Sharing Information

Generally, few of the visitors to your page may sign up and subscribe as members without any suggestions, but a large number of them calls for some soft persuasion in the proper direction. Still, some more requires to be informed about the next step to take after accessing your blog and going through an article.
This makes it necessary to utilize call-to-action components on your blog and across your site. Based upon your options, and the ideal one for your audience, calls-to-action can be used as exquisite text links, pop-ups, slide-ins or banners and buttons. Few common CTAs can be sign-up forms for email list subscriptions, downloads for resources like an e-book or cheat sheet, products or offering of services, affiliate product or links of services, online surveys or social shares to name a few.
Your selected WordPress theme may offer you tools for adding buttons and various components of call-to-action within your content. Exhibiting stunning buttons in the blog posts or at the end of your post that transfers readers towards a landing page or forms to register for your membership website provides a chance for your visitors to perform an activity that aligns with your objectives.

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Place Greater Choices Before Your Visitors

Though the main objective of your blog page may be to bring in higher registrations for your membership website, yet a major chunk of your visitors might not be prepared to sign up immediately. Some are of the view that the normal consumer will land up many times on a site prior to making a purchasing decision.
Hence, instead of losing out your future prospects, it is better to place something that lets you remain in touch with them until the time they consider signing up.

A preferable way is to present the chance to your audience to subscribe to your email newsletter, instead of registering in the capacity of a member at once. You can apply lead magnets to attract visitors to subscribe to the newsletter and consolidate it by despising them valuable content frequently through email. The perfect tools for email marketing facilitate easy installation and automation of your campaign.

However, it may be stupendous to convert your every visitor into your desired objective of becoming member, offering them the scope to choose a different action permits you to continue the association for a longer duration and cultivate your leads to your advantage

Source Superior Quality Images

Last but not the least, a poor quality image of a content piece or a blog post in your website can drag down your any chance of a conversion. Rather, images can begin or end a deal. Any business that showcases images has a higher possibility of getting contacted by enterprises or individuals. Do you know that if your content contains compelling images, your average of viewership rises by 94!

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These ideas can work to build a higher conversion for your blog page pertaining to the membership site. A combination of various factors such as a professional design for both your membership website and blog, social proof, a conversion-oriented landing page where you can send your blog viewers and being interactive by inquiring or guiding your viewers towards taking the n+ext step all help to boost conversions.
What are your blog page design ideas and inspiration for absolute conversions? Do let us know below in the comments section.

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