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WordPress as a web development platform has been widely spread like ablaze in the web market and is accepted as mature web development solutions for so many years. It has held its name among a huge number of CMS’s because of the number of benefits it sustains. It is the top-listed CMS with 58.9% of the market share than Drupal and Joomla. Because it has strengthened its grip on the web world, a large number of Web-builders are accepting it promptly. With the utmost benefits and allows to boost website conversions, it has forced the business person to switch from static HTML. HTML uses to mark up languages for display pages whereas WordPress values database for storing and retrieving the content.

Static HTML has issues with the scripts and the styles that were coded by HTML frameworks. This, in turn, slows down the speed of the website. Therefore, to resolve these issues, the migration of HTML to WordPress has taken a lead. This will improve the user interface, set the preferences by search engines, handles management and creativity in a simple manner and of course, reduces the cost with easy content publication. It is preferable for achieving business growth.

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Table of Content

  • Benefits of migrating from HTML to WordPress
  • SEO friendly
  • Dynamic CMS
  • Easy customizable with the design
  • Self Sufficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Security
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Wrapping Up

Benefits of migrating from HTML to WordPress

1. SEO friendly

The migration process of HTML to WordPress will provide a compatible website for several search engines. WordPress has become google’s favorite platform. It has built-in features that make it SEO friendly. Because of these features, the search engine crawlers can discover the relevant information from the pages and posts. WordPress takes care of almost 90% of the ranking measures. With search engines, you can develop a rich database from pages, categories, and posts. The tagging and categorization of pages are also probable with the WordPress websites. More plug-ins can be used to develop your website more SEO friendly. By converting HTML to WordPress, business websites will be more responsive to mobile users.

2. Dynamic CMS

Static HTML websites contain lots of hard codes and pages as well. Every page on the website is equal to an HTML file with a similar design and layout. And, when we talk about the WordPress website, it is can be created, updated and managed effortlessly. That is because it has more preference than the static HTML website design services. WordPress has embedded with several features and characteristics that make it a dynamic platform at the same time.

3. Easy customizable with the design

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WordPress gives you the freedom to select the themes as per your choice for website designing. Customization of the theme might look complicated at first glance but it is very much easy to execute from WordPress community support. With WordPress, you can create the website according to the mentioned preferences. If there is a requirement of changing the functions and outlook, then that could also be done for business benefit. For website customization, you have the option of selecting from free or premium themes as per the business distinctive look.
WordPress plug-ins can be used to add functionality to UI and for making it more beneficial. Every entrepreneur invests in developing marketing strategies for business, and by using the personalized facilities from WordPress, it becomes very easy to create a web interface to reflect this strategy.

4. Self Sufficiency

The conversion of HTML to WordPress gives you a ready to use platform. Because WordPress has in-built capabilities, the content on the website can be added automatically to use on your website. The embedded features in WordPress are provided during the WordPress website development. Developing a website with this platform is a seamless task. It also permits web hosting enterprises to combine their interactive functionalities to the website.

5. Cost-effective

WordPress is cheaper than other CMS’s. It is embedded with free plug-ins, themes and there is no need to learn extra programming language. This open-source platform is free of any charges. Customization of themes and function modifications are easy and cheap as well. You do not need to make an extra effort on costly conversion tools. Being a WordPress website owner, you don’t need to spend extra money on search engine marketing.

6. Security

website security

WordPress as an open-source platform has large communities that play an extensive role in sharing security ideas and challenges. The main aim of large communities is to propose solutions to get rid of security threats. Accordingly, WordPress has become more safe and secure from coding levels and documentation. This culture helps to keep the hackers at a bay but is vital to update the website updated. The updates are integrated with general security measures such as with strong passwords to increase security. WordPress works best for securing portfolios and blogs.

7. Mobile-friendly website

It is necessary to have a responsive website in today’s world, especially when there is a WordPress website. It becomes a very easy and simple task with UI. Some users are using smart devices for accessing the internet, so, the owners want to use the platform that will be helpful in the development of the mobile-friendly website. WordPress has a nature to provide the themes that are responsive and would be helpful in website building for user satisfaction. This procedure can be done quickly without the use of more resources that makes CMS the foremost choice all around the world.

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Wrapping Up

With plenty of built-in features and customization capabilities, migrating HTML to WordPress has many benefits. You can also hire some WordPress migration company for performing the migration process. This article aims to list the important reasons for migrating to a dynamic WordPress website. Having a dynamic website is the best solution for your business growth in this competitive business world.


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