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According to, e-commerce is driving the global retail world. It has been observed that even experienced entrepreneurs, who are a part of the e-commerce world, overlook the significance associated with Facebook CTAs. It is true that you have to concentrate on putting effort into the visuals, headlines, and also targeting, but you need to understand that good CTAs are considered to be deciding factors on whether potential shoppers are going to click on your advertisement or not. Optimizing the Facebook CTA is necessary for maximizing the success of your campaign. Given below is a list of the hacks and tips that are required for driving more traffic to the online store.

Keep the CTA short and crisp

You only have microseconds for persuading potential shoppers to click on the advertisements. This means that you do not have a lot of time to grab the attention of target customers. This is why your call to action has to be short, engaging, and to the point. The most important thing is that if your CTA is short, it is going to be easy as well as quick for potential shoppers to read them and act accordingly.
Given below is a list of examples from a few brands, which have created a short and unique call to action.

  • ClassPass: Try two weeks free!
  • Dollar Shave Club: Curious about Dollar Shave Club?

Think about benefits, not products

An amazing Facebook CTA hack that you have to keep in mind is that you have to take care of the key advantages associated with your products or brand. This means that you have to focus primarily on how your customers are going to benefit from the products, not on the products that they will be receiving. For instance, if you have a leggings store, you need to concentrate on the feel and quality of the product, as these are the two important qualities that your customers will be looking for.
Reputed brands highlight the key benefit of their products within their call to action. For instance, the CTA of MeUndies is “Feel Good in Your Undies”. This CTA focuses on both the product that they are selling along with the benefits that the customers will get.

Use action words for promoting action

Call To Action Tips

Another technique that you can try is using action words to promote action. This is known as a command verb. Several ways can be used for doing this, like making use of action words like, ‘join’, ‘subscribe’, and ‘click’. A great idea of using action words and highlighting benefits in the call to action is, “Subscribe to our e-magazine and get 50% off”.
Given below is a list of the action words that you can use.

  • Act
  • Book
  • Buy
  • Check
  • Click
  • Get
  • Discover
  • Join
  • Find
  • Save
  • Order
  • Shop
  • Visit
  • Start
  • View

Remain straight forward

Another great way of grabbing attention with the help of your Facebook CTA is by remaining as straightforward as possible. Before you do that, you have to consider the target audience as well as the brand voice so that you do not appear to be negative. A good example of remaining straight forward is from the brand MailChimp.
MailChimp’s CTA: “So your business is up and running! Now what? Grow with a Marketing CRM that gets smarter as you go. That’s what!”
Given below is a list of the negative and straight forward words that can be used in your Facebook call to action.

  • Confused
  • Hate
  • Killer
  • Miss out
  • Sick
  • No
  • Terrible
  • Suck
  • Worried
  • Tired
  • Stop

Evoke emotion and enthusiasm

Another way of evoking enthusiasm as well as emotion is by being extremely effective. The reason behind this is that if your target customers are excited and enthusiastic regarding the benefits associated with your services and products, they will be responsible for helping your business to make sales. The ideal example of a reputed brand evoking emotion with the help of its CTA is Shopify. The CTA is, “Turn what you love into what you sell”.
Another amazing example is the brand Warby Parker, whose CTA is “Find your perfect frames!”
Both these CTAs are responsible for eliciting enthusiasm and excitement.

Ask appropriate questions to potential shoppers

You can also ask effective and simple questions with the help of your call to action. This can be effective, especially if the products that you are offering are capable of answering the questions, you are going to be in a win-win situation. For example, a question like “Interested in a discount?” can prove to be extremely effective.

Make use of urgency

When you use urgency in the call to action, it can help in driving online sales. Urgency is used primary for letting shoppers know that the time is limited, the availability of products is limited, and so on. Terms that are capable of eliciting the sense of urgency include:

  • Deadline
  • Expires soon
  • Last chance
  • Ends tomorrow
  • Limited supply
  • One time offer
  • Urgent
  • Only a few left

Make use of numbers

Using numbers in your call to action, like percentages, promotions, discounts, coupon values, can help in making your customers understand the promotion value of all your products. This strategy can also help in improving conversion potentials.

A/B test call to action placements

You need to test different kinds of the call to actions as parts of the Facebook advertisements for ensuring whether you are capable of creating high performing advertisements. You can consider putting your call to actions in places like:

  • Headlines
  • Buttons
  • Descriptions
  • Link text
  • Overlays on videos and images

Bonus tips

A post regarding a Facebook advertisement call to action is not going to be complete without mentioning the call to action buttons on Facebook. The options that apply to an e-commerce business include:

  • Book now
  • Shop now
  • Contact us
  • Sign up
  • Learn more
  • Watch video

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You should not be scared to get creative. Ensure that you are using the call to action tips that have been mentioned above as your guideline and test the ideas based on your brand as well as the target market.

Author Bio: Kelly Wilson is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA. She helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During her spare time, she loves to write on Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media. She also writes an article for nationaldebtrelief.

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