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Page builder Plugins are becoming more and more prevalent on WordPress sites. Like them or not, these plugins are here to stay. But while using the page builders, people end up doing some common mistakes that prevent them from witnessing the plugins in full action. Here are the 5 most common page builder plugins mistakes that many people make with their page builders.


Check Out the Most Common Page Builder Plugins Mistakes

Here, you can check out the most common mistakes people make while using page builder plugins. Let’s find them and make sure to avoid all these mistakes.

Themes Lacking Support

The majority of the WordPress themes have a set size where the page builder plugins function. If you select a theme that does not support certain template styling or full-width ones, then you’ll be basically limiting the capability of the page builders. A page builder can only perform excellently when the theme offers the full support. If the theme lacks the support, your site may lose out on the latest designs, unless you hire some developers for making new templates for your site.

Assuming It To Be Too Easy

Some people think that all it takes a few clicks and they will get a fantastic site instantly through the page builders. Well, this is not the actual story always. There are several page builder plugins that even some professionals find a bit challenging. It is a whole lot different from seeing the page builder in action and actually working with it to build your site. It’s important that you understand, whatever you do on the web requires some learning curve, no matter how easy or simple the marketing headlines may sound.

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Not Knowing Lock-In

Not knowing about the lock-in is another big mistake that people often commit when it comes to using page builders. Various plugins have a tendency to lock in the user. While some do it so that the users can use the software more easily; but others do it for no particular reason, for example, take Divi plugin. When you disable this plugin, you would not get the content you’ve created; rather you’ll get a bunch of shortcodes. Therefore, look out before opting for a particular page builder.

Thinking It Will Solve Everything

Many people keep on believing that the page builders are enough to change their site’s designs beyond structure. However, it’s not true. People, who feel duped by the inability of the page builders’ to deliver the variety of design structure, should first check about the support it offers.  Day by day, page builders are getting better and offering more features. It’s important that you check the supports that it needs to deliver the type of site you expect.

Expecting It Be Super Quick

Page builder plugins do work super quickly and require a very less time, but only when you know how to use them. People, even being totally new to the page builders, expect to work it fast, and end up doing blunders. What they forgot is that when you’re using new software, you need to understand its features first. Though there are page builders like Divi or Beaver Builder available, that offer pre-made templates, you need to learn the curve first.


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Wrapping Words!

Page builders can truly help you in creating your desired site smoothly. But you need to be aware not to do these above-mentioned mistakes which may prevent them from serving the purpose. Now, I am wrapping my words to this article, hope you like this and it solves the purpose of your reading. If you have any suggestion about this post, you can write in the comment box below. Thanks for reading!

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