How Much Does a Professional Web Design Cost?

web design cost

How Much Does a Professional Web Design Cost? That is one million dollar question that a majority of small and mid-size business owners are concerned about when they are planning to build their web presence. Here’s what it takes to build a professional website and the factors to consider. Let’s roll.

What’s your size?

It can be quite baffling to gain a comprehensive quote for a website to be built. This is precisely because there are only a handful of firms who disclose their rates on their site or other places. It only makes sense as each website design cost depends on the kind, the details, the project type, and the requirement.

Also, leading web design companies prefer a one-on-one session with clients before they embark on a new project to get a clear perspective of how they want their website to be created. This is the phase where one gets to talk about different stages of building a website right from the start – Building, Maintenance, Marketing, and more.

One generally starts considering the website size that ranges from being a small business to mid to large-sized one. Accordingly, one sits to chalk out a plan for the same. Let’s take a look at different size types listed below:

business size

  • Website for small-sized business – An informational site with the basic layout of not more than 15-20 pages, using stock photos and no such notable functions.
  • Website for medium-sized business– Mostly consists of any commercial website with not more than 50-60 pages and a well to do content management system accompanied with custom layout and a few unique functionalities.
  • Website for large size business– Any site that sports over 100 pages that take on custom-designed layout, a unique set of functionalities and a host of supplementary features like an integrated blog and additional support for multimedia.

Vital expenses

When everyone is trying to score a good deal with their professionally developed website, it becomes utmost necessary to know the essential costs:

Wordpress marketplace theme

1. Domain name–

One of the first expenses in web design cost, something you can’t do without. Unless you want to have people type in the IP of your website on to the address bar, you will need a domain name to get things started. A domain name costs $10-20 typically, however, for a high end customized domain, one should be willing to shell out something between $200-300 each year. Usually, one needs to pay an annual fee for the domain.

2. Logo design–

web design cost

Your brand insignia or logo has a far-reaching impact when placed on your official website. A logo not only helps relate your customers to your brand but can be used widely across the web when you link your website to social media posts and vice versa.

No matter who you are, or what stage of your business, you will need a logo for your brand to stand out in the crowd. You can make a basic logo design online without spending much, however, if you need something more high-level you can pay anywhere up to $1000.

3. SSL Certificate–

A secure socket layer or commonly abbreviated as SSL certificate functions keep sensitive data encrypted, for instance, your credit card information, when used on the website to make a purchase. If you are looking to build an eCommerce website, an SSL certificate becomes an utmost necessity and can cost an individual anywhere between 100-1000 dollars a month normally paid as on an annual basis.

4. Website Hosting–

web hosting

If a domain name is reminiscent of acquiring an address; website hosting would mean purchasing a land pertaining to that address to contain everything within it. Web hosting companies tend to offer hosting plans that range somewhere between $10-$99 monthly for shared or managed hosting.

The more traffic your website garners and the features that you add to your website, the higher a web hosting rate will be. There are certain web hosting companies which offer both monthly and annual plans to choose from, and usually one can save a little bit opting for a yearly payment plan.

5. CMS–

content management system

A content management system (CMS) is an integral part of every single website and is being used to display all that is there– Images, videos, articles, and just about everything else. Now, CMS, although important, is not a compulsory thing to have. However, having a CMS helps to make a website more efficient in terms of functionality.

One can choose different CMS types, which may be a customized one usually priced on the higher side. Or, you can choose to do with a popular system, like WordPress, for instance. Any CMS systems, used by a company or an enterprise are typically billed on an annual basis while a tool like WordPress can be used free of charge in some of the cases.

Putting it all Together About Web Design Cost

In order to make your website look pleasing, you will have to get it designed professionally. Hence, it’s no brainer why companies shell out heavy on scoring a design that takes a different stance and lures maximum eyeballs.

Typically, the cost to professionally design a theme and implement the same to match your brand identity to keep the fervour alive usually attracts something between $1000-$10,000, pertaining to the kind of content management system that is being used. Remember, your website design bespeaks the spirit of your brand and should reflect what your product or service is made up of and stands for.



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