5 Ways That Improves Conversion Rates With Contact Forms

Conversion Rates With Contact Forms

Contact forms are crucial for interactions involving your company or brand and the outer world. It is one of the meeting points where users connect directly and you get a chance to answer queries or concerns that your audience may have.

Optimization of contact forms is a decisive move towards expanding your business. If you are looking forward to leveraging your contact forms in an effective way for optimum conversion, they require you to draw your attention to the proper techniques. Here are 5 tips that improve Conversion Rates With Contact Forms

1. Utilize Form Fields That Are Necessary


Placing excess form fields before you and your site visitor can decrease conversion rates drastically. Your visitors look forward to instant communication and putting extra form field takes them away from finishing their task as now they have to invest more time in filling the form fields. Decreasing the time for form filling with lesser fields helps to hike the number of visitors who submit such contact forms.

Try to delete form fields that are non-critical. Mostly, your contact form should be restricted to four fields that can augment form submissions to a level of 160%. A study based on the 40,000 landing page revealed that lowering the form field number raised conversion rate at all levels – particularly for select boxes and regions for text.

By removing a single form field, conversion rates can be hiked by 26% -120% (and possibly a profit of $12 million). Once you get the contact information, you can start to collect any details missing due to the removal of fields.

2. Build Trust With Your Audience On the Contact Page

Conversion Rates With Contact Forms


People are interacting and reaching out to you, a not so famous business web entity. If you take such a view, you will find that the user has taken a giant leap by trusting your brand. Your visitors have spent their quality time communicating with you, and your initial response is to ask for their personal information involving their name, and email ID, and no one knows what more. This makes it necessary to build trust with your visitors on the contact form.

Make people realize that they are communicating with individuals who are out there to assist them with their requirements. Learn to create trust by assessing the information you are seeking on contact forms. Are you asking for details that are oversensitive in nature? If yes, give a rethink and try to gather it later during the process from the user.

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Set the parameters of expectations for every field with clarity to do away with confusion and incorrect input errors. To develop trust you also need to be user-friendly by not creating fields that are unnecessary as it generates friction and distress.

Express clearly the procedures to be taken with users’ details and the reasons for asking it. Let it be known to the users that their email ID would not be utilized for any marketing directories or lists, or shared with associates. These small initiatives help to build trust that raises the chances of your user completing the contact form and extending their reach out for your brand.

3. Make Use Of Proper Layout

It’s the right layout that matters. In fact, the size of the input fields should tally with the anticipated answer length. So to say, the first name of many people contains eight or lesser letters. You should avoid creating 20 characters long input field for name.

Field labels are to be positioned above the related input fields for fast reference. A form need not be divided into numerous columns, and a single question in each row is perfect. Such fine points matter as they bring a sense of relief to the audience and prevent unwanted confusion.

4. Display Social Proof

Conversion Rates With Contact Forms

To admit frankly, customers do not fill up a sign-in form deliberately, but it happens due to dominant factors. One perfect way to influence people positively to share their information is by including aspects of social proof.

For instance:

“More than 30,000 other users have downloaded our eBook”
“95 percent of users subscribing to our program have reported great satisfaction”
“Paul from Texas just signed up for our newsletter”
Stores generally post pictures of famous people and celebrities who have done shopping on the premises to subtly inform consumers that high worth personalities approve their products and facilities.

Social proof has immense flexibility and you should include at least one aspect in your conversion form. It’s an amazing element to hiking up your conversion rate. Studies have displayed that 92% of online buyers take a look at a product review before carrying out a purchase. Some of the leading types of social proof are from your present customers or product users like testimonials.

Like social proof can also be presented by esteemed experts pertaining to your industry or from influencers or celebrities who have purchased your product or visited your outlet.

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5. Utilize Conditional Fields

Every site visitor does not contact you for a similar cause and may not require to fill up exactly the same fields. By providing a qualifying chosen field, you can offer users various form fields depending on their purpose.

Like for instance, a particular user may have product support as the reason for contacting you, while another can have a pre-sales query. If you insert a “Reason for Contacting” field, this lets you extend an “Order Number” for support queries and also hide it from different users.

Dynamic forms transform into higher rates of conversion as users are not challenged by a lengthy form with useless questions.

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Parting Thoughts

A terrific flexible tool, a contact form can capture the objectives of your user. Whether you want to receive product feedback, customer opinion about your services, or vying for fresh customers, contact forms comprise an essential element of online business. Optimize your contact forms to gear up your business and follow these above-listed tips to better your conversion rate.

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