What is Membership Site And Why You Should Create One

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If you are thinking of including a membership site to your present business or developing a completely new business primarily dealing with your membership site, you will also accept that there are some advantages of creating such a kind of website. To say it plainly, membership sites are a brilliant way to monetize the blog and are among the finest ways to generate online business.

A great alternative for earning a regular monthly income if your blog is well set and you have already tried different income streams is to develop a membership site.

What Is A Membership Site?

What Is Membership Site

A membership site is a special online platform with its members getting access to gated content like digital downloads or online courses. A gated section of online business, a membership website allows only members subscribing to approach the content you have located behind the gates.

A “gate” refers to a barrier you have created into your portal by applying a plugin. Once that barrier is put in place, members can access and login in to find exclusive content, unique offers, and can also become a part of the community comprising of other members. Such other members can also converse directly with your site. A membership website allows you to prevent access to all or a few of your content on the site, forums, online courses, downloads, support teams besides others. Your membership site can either be a free or a paid one charging a recurring payment for subscription or even a combination of both.

What we mean by “content” are digital items such as webinars, podcasts, ebooks and online courses in place of physical products that need shipping. Though this does not indicate that if you deal with physical merchandise you cannot develop your digital products segment. Like if you practice photography and possess your individual studio and camera outlet, you can provide digital products such as webinars on the ways to click the photo at night or display your photos for sale in ebooks. This can become your content.

Membership sites are an exchange of value, as so long you deliver value to your subscribers – in the nature of the content, resources and continuing investment in your product – the members would extend value through their regular subscription payments.

Benefits Of Developing A Membership Site

Any owner of a business can go ahead with a membership site and start it irrelevant to whatever industry you belong to. You remain in business because you know it pretty well that people are interested in paying. All you need now is to place that knowledge in a digital mode for people to subscribe. A membership website is a smart move because of the following benefits that make it prominent:

# Make Better Use Of Your Knowledge And Become A Specialist

If you have received training to craft a career or invested time learning at your workplace, you must have then gained immense knowledge to pass it to other individuals. If you operate your individual business or a man of commerce then the perfect way to go about exhibiting your expertise and quality. You can stack your membership replete with relevant knowledge that you possess and find yourself as an authority on any subject, be it social media, fitness techniques, pet care or accounting and software systems. You yourself will get astonished by the diverse segments people are curious to know about.

You may want to be a professional speaker or trying to get your book released? The extra credibility that you garner from sharing your skills within a membership site proves to be useful. On the contrary, if you are a professional speaker or writer or an expert on a specific subject, a membership site offers you a commercial angle that validates your expertise and lets you sell something tangible.

# Builds A Dedicated Customer Base

Your membership website needs to add value to people to perform well. A resourceful membership site offers value exchange as the customers experience the value you provide and have offered them something extremely useful.

If you generate value for your subscribers and offer them something beyond their expectations, you ultimately build a team of dedicated followers who spread positive vibes about your website and its products or services offered. This is something essential in present times where social proof is highly relevant and business competition.

# An Income Booster And Lets You Make Money Efficiently

The primary advantage of a membership website is to generate money effectively. In place of selling a service that requires you to be physically present to transact with each new consumer, with a membership or subscription site you only require to develop one product for once to make repeated sales.

If you work as a career coach, you may have observed a format that is required by all of your consumers as similar fundamental content. At present, you may sell such content as a service for almost $200. Try out changing it into a 3-month membership online course and offer it for $100 every month earning you $100 extra and preserving your time. This is so, as the complete membership course content is within your knowledge or in documents already formulated by you and you only require to change it into a digital mode to facilitate automated delivery.

Another perk offered by the membership site is its potential to retain clients for a longer duration and raise their lifetime worth and value.

A membership site offers you a constant, recurring income that can add up to your income. Based on your model of membership, you may not require to operate much to generate money once the site is running and all set to go.

Recurring revenue gives you a predictable and stable income base and insures against revenue instability which is the best route to financial independence.

# Expands Your List Of Emails

When you include registered subscribers to your email list, it will be filled with connected visitors already acquainted with your website and more interested in communicating with your emails. This helps to push your email marketing initiatives.

How To Create A Membership Website

what is membership site

You can create a membership website on WordPress using a plugin that helps you to set up a WordPress membership site. A popular type of membership site, it offers the site owner the scope to deliver exclusive content to those who have subscribed to the site.

The standard process followed regardless of the tool used by you for setting up a WordPress membership site involves

# Step 1 Enable Registration Of User In WordPress

The initial thing required is to enable user registration on your site. To perform that, go to the Settings > General tab on your WordPress dashboard. After you have arrived here, search for the Membership option and click on the marked checkbox Anyone can register. Next, scroll down and save the alterations made to your settings and you are ready to go.

# Step 2 Build Subscription Plans

In your Subscription Plans page, you need a Paid Member Subscription checkbox which displays a list of your every plan. At this juncture, the list will be empty. You need to move ahead and tap on the Add new button placed at the top of the screen. For every plan that you set up, you require to enter a name plus a description. Your description should include thorough details about what the plan provides. It is perfect to provide details about what differentiates it from your different plans.

Following it, you also require to set the subscription duration and decide to configure the duration of your subscription cycle. You can install any length you desire for your subscriptions, but the general options are one, three, or six months. Next, you enter the domain of annual (yearly) subscriptions.

After you decide on a subscription duration, now its time to converse about money. You need your plugin to set the membership plan rates applying U.S. dollars. Hence, get moving and input a number. Ultimately, you can configure your plan to be Active or Inactive. When you pick the latter section, users will be denied access to the plan, so it should be used only for drafts.

After setting up an Active plan, select a user function to link with your new plan. Generally, you should keep to the Subscriber as the default, for you do not require regular members to get elevated requests. Your first plan of the subscription is implemented now. You can move over to the Paid Member Subscriptions where you’ll set up the payment settings. Presently, whenever any individual registers on your site they have to select one of your subscription proposals and make payment for it.

# Step 3: Select The Content To Be Restricted

After enabling registration and installing subscription plans for your membership site, you need to select the content you want to restrict. For that, you have to open up the WordPress editor to hide your preferred post or page. Up there, scroll below till you find the new widget of Content Registration.


Bonus Tip: Consider this WordPress membership theme that allows creating a membership website within minutes.



A sustainable business model, Membership sites are a terrific way to usher in steady, predictable revenue, and a precious asset for every entrepreneurial business where creative methods are sought to finance their business. But, one component that every membership website needs to generate momentum is time as it takes longer to attain your financial objectives.

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