7 Best Chrome Extensions For WordPress Websites

Chrome Extensions For WordPress Users

Are you searching for the best chrome extensions for your WordPress site? In today’s world, you are floating with loads of Chrome tabs, extensions. But to pick the best one is quite a tough task, isn’t it? Which can help you access websites quickly, bookmark your favorite web pages, and do a lot more? As you all are very familiar with Google Chrome. It is the most widely used as a web browser in the world. Apart from speed, the other most likable feature is the extensions. Chrome Extensions add extra functionality to your browser to make it interact with other apps including WordPress.

According to w3schools, Chrome’s market share of the global web browser market was 71.9 percent in 2016. Firefox was second with 17.1 percent of market share and Internet Explorer was third with 5.2 percent of market share. So, now the question arises are you.

Are you using powerful Chrome extensions to enhance your WordPress experience? If not, then this article is for you. Here you’ll get the best chrome extensions for your WordPress site. So, let’s start –

1. WordPress Admin switcher

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This extension is great for power users who want to skip the manual steps of always having to type ‘’WP-admin’’ into the address bar to log in to a WordPress site, or always having to reach for their mouse/trackpad click a link in the WP admin bar in order to switch to/from the admin, those processes are replaced with a single shortcut instead. This extension has 5/5 ratings. So, we must use this extension to boost your WordPress site. Great time-saver, works flawlessly.

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2. WordPress Site Manager

WordPress Site Manager is a Chrome extension that makes switching between dashboards a breeze. It remembers the URLs for all the login pages, allowing users to access each page with a button’s click. It also provides an option to store the username and password of a page, so that you don’t have to enter them each time.

All the features make WordPress Site Manager a real time-saver. It provides quick access to different sections of your website, and you can add as many sites as you want. Trust me! It saves you time. So, don’t wait just install this amazing extension for your WordPress.

3. WordPress Chrome Bug Fix

Best chrome extensions


This Extension is just amazing. In chrome, there are 45 the slimming is enabled by default. This feature caused rendering issues with the WordPress admin menu. This extension works around the issues by injecting one line of CSS into the WordPress admin pages that correct the display issue. This extension is a one-click fix. Worked perfectly. With the help of this extension, you can fix a bug. Try out today this extension.

4. WordPress Style Editor

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This is one of the few Chrome extensions for WordPress users that enable you to edit the CSS file of your website theme directly. Any changes made to the CSS file can be saved to the theme stylesheet instantly. There’s no need to use FTP programs or edit any files. However, the extension will only work with the style. The CSS file that’s present in the root folder. Amazing it is. Try out today this extension and see the best results.

5. WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector


Best chrome extensions


This is one of the best Chrome extensions for WordPress users. If you have ever tried to figure out which theme and plugins a particular WordPress website is using, this extension will tell you all. Simply you need to click on the extension in your browser when on a website. You want to analyze and it will showcase the name of the theme. Plugins are detected on a remote server. Then the result is sent to the user’s browser. This extension goes well with themes and plugins. So, install it today and see the difference.

6. WP Hive Chrome Extension

WP Hive is the reimagined WordPress Repository. Using WP Hive, you can get actionable plugin insights and compare between multiple plugins to choose the suitable ones for your website. WP Hive Chrome Extension makes it even easier to get plugins, getting your plugin insights is easier than ever.

Once you install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, whenever you visit a plugin page on wordpress.org, you will find the plugin insights on the right sidebar of that plugin. You can get even more insights by clicking on the “More insights” option. It is a must-have plugin for anyone who runs a website powered by WordPress.


I hope that you are pretty much clear with all the 5 chrome extensions I have discussed in front of you. Try out these best extension. They can prove problem solver for your WordPress site.



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