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Are you looking for a best premium WordPress theme for your website? When you are starting your blog then, choosing a suitable theme is very significant for you. There are thousands of WordPress themes available, but choosing the right one for your site can be overwhelming. It is necessary for you to better pick the right one!.

During the process of choosing a theme, you will have to decide between free WordPress themes vs premium WordPress themes. Often users suffer which one is better and what’s our selection process when choosing a premium WordPress theme.

In this article, I’ll guide you for the best premium theme that must buy for your website. Buy the end you will be very clear which theme you have to keep and which one you have to discard.

Free WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme

Following ways why Premium Themes are best –

  1. It provides good documentation, good support and regular updates to your website
  2. Through premium theme, you can get guaranteed support, while in the free theme you are not guaranteed to get support or updates.
  3. The premium theme gives better enhancement than a free theme.
  4. Premium themes make your website more unique because free themes are being used by everyone.

So, you go with a free theme or buy a premium theme? choose is yours

What features do your want?

If you want awesome features on your website to make your website look attractive. Want landing page template and mobile responsiveness then the premium theme is the best option to buy.Every feature has its own role. But there are several other features which you can add to your website for better enhancement. Some of the features like the advanced search bar, templates, designs, image sliders and much more are most important for your business to grow and present it in a most appealing way for the users.

1. Modern Design

You are using any free theme since a long time. Your users have become habitual to your boring theme since it is a free theme you don’t get the option to update which results instantly decrease in viewability of your website.

That’s why you need to choose a theme which is aesthetically pleasing and can be used for a long time without requiring any major changes.

There are certain elements of design that are used by all good designers to create beautiful websites are Good Color Combination, Awesome Typography, Clean Layout and Beautiful Images.

Most premium themes come with unlimited color choices and built-in tools to select fonts. You need to make sure that your premium WordPress theme uses better typography out of the box.

In premium themes, you get plenty of page templates and layouts to use.

2. Security and Performance

When it comes to security and performance no one takes risks.

Most of the newbie WordPress beginners lags behind in terms of speed and security, even if they chose a premium theme for their website. Because they don’t know how to use codes behind the premium theme.To understand the work process of premium theme you need to –

First, you need to buy your premium themes from trusted and well-reputed WordPress theme shops. Some of the theme shops that we trust and recommend are Themify, Elegant Themes, StudioPress, ThemesFuse, ArrayThemes

Secondly, you need to look around for reviews and customer testimonials. See who else is using themes developed by that particular theme shop or developer. Are there any big websites or blogs using their themes? Check out the testimonials page on the theme shop or search for their reviews on Google.Now let’s discuss some best premium WordPress theme.

Now let’s discuss some best premium WordPress theme –

1. StudioPress Themes

Studiopress themes combine bank-grade security with stunning looks and flexibility. They are recommended the most trustworthy for your blogs. They even have many awesome child themes, so you can be sure of finding one that meets your taste. These themes give amazing look they give my blogs. They provide complete look and feel of your website, And most important they are in your budget, you don’t need to empty your pocket. I recommend you should go with Studiopress themes read through the features of any of their themes you’re considering buying before you actually make a purchase.

2. WPLauncher

This amazing looking theme is the best premium theme to make your website look awesome. WpLauncher is a free premium WordPress theme, that is simple with a single purpose: to provide an attractive, customizable domain parking theme for WordPress users.This theme proves the great solution for WordPress users who already own their site.

-. After Selecting the Perfect Premium WordPress Theme

– Install a premium WordPress theme

So, go ahead and make it the envy of others.

Congrats, now you know how to choose a WordPress theme for your blog. I hope this article is quite informative and you get the idea which theme is best for you.Please Leave me a comment (or question!) below

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