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Brands who care for their customers always try to learn more about their interests, needs, and behavior. They tend to solve their customer’s problems and try to make them loyal towards them. The best way to understand your customers expectations is to foster them to engage within a community where they can share their common interests. Here a need to create a community website arises! And, here I’m going to talk about the best BuddyPress theme — “Reign” that helps you to grow your brand to the new heights with its ultimate social networking functionalities.

Reign theme is the best BuddyPress Theme in many ways. This impressive-looking community theme was launched in November 2017 carrying a bundle of features in it. The Reign theme demo does an excellent job of selling both the theme and the dream of being able to build a similar website without the need of a developer or using any coding skills. Trust me! As I already took a test drive and dug into all, it’s features and functions. Checked how easy it is to use. Not only this, if you want to build an online community or social network website, using BuddyPress, then, this theme is for you. Offers you Activity, groups, members forums, using them you can quickly create anything related to the community. Try out this ultimate BuddyPress Demo and know it yourself.

Let’s get deeper and have a better understanding of this theme.

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Reign— An Ultimate WordPress BuddyPress Theme

wordpress buddypress theme

You can create your very own social network for your company and use it to facilitate communication and collaboration among employees.

Being a multi-purpose community theme, you can use it for many purposes, including online shops, business-related websites, creative portfolio or you can quickly create your membership sites. As I already explained you above, this theme has strong community element.

Let’s explore Reign Buddypress theme and find out How futuristic it is for your brand!

Why Should You Choose Reign Theme

There are numerous reasons that compel you to choose Reign. If you want to grow your brand to the new heights, you have to connect it with your target audience. And, that’s where Reign comes!

Reign is an ultimate WordPress theme for you as it allows you to-

To create a social community website

You can get started with your online community with attractive and engaging social community features that lets you connect your brand with your target audience. It allows you to offer such a social network platform where you can learn more and more about your audience’s concern, needs, interests, and behaviors.

To create a social learning website

Apart from creating a feature rich social community website, you can also convert it into a social learning community. A social learning community helps making students more engaged and active while learning.

To create a social marketplace

What’s better than that if you can also sell out your products to your community members. Reign has inbuilt support for WooCommerce, Dokan & Easy Digital Downloads that allows you to sell your products to your community members. In this way, you can convert your community website into a social marketplace.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Amazing Features Of Reign BuddyPress Theme

Let’s walk through with amazing features of Reign BuddyPress theme that make it unique from others:

An Incredible WordPress Theme for BuddyPress

Above all this theme is a BuddyPress Theme. It provides you great options to create a social network site of your own with BuddyPress, the best plugin to help you create a social community. If you want to create a social network site with BuddyPress, check out this article. Reign is completely and truly BuddyPress compatible. Check out the BuddyPress Demo of the theme here.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder — Elementor

Reign BuddyPress theme is fully compatible with Elementor that offers easy to use features to design a web page like a pro. Elementor is a free and open source frontend page builder, that includes full access to all the reign features you might need. Just drag and drop the widget you would like to add on your web page and see the impressive results. You can design from the frontend with instant, real time results.

Easy to Set Up & Customize

Reign theme provides you some ultimate customization options to make your website look elegant and easy to use. Users can customize website, adjust fonts, colors, sizing and spacing, and do a lot more easily. You can customize theme to control access, social groups, user profiles, and other important or relevant settings. You can change different headers of various BuddyPress components. And, can do a lot more!

You can easily try out the BuddyPress Demo of this theme in order to watch these options live.

Fully Responsive

No matter what device your customers are using, your website should be crealy visible and navigable to them. It smoothly adjust its layout according to the screen size and resolution and offers a better readability and usability for all types of screens.

Multiple Member & Group Directory Layout

This theme provides multiple layouts for the directory of Groups and members. The various layouts that are provided in Reign are:

  • Group Directory: You can change the Group Directory layout as well from different Group Directory layouts available in the theme.
  • Member Directory Layout: Members can pick from different layouts available in order to help you customize your Member Directory. You can easily change your member directory layouts in this theme.

Multiple Member & Group Header Layout

BuddyPress Theme,BuddyPress Demo

This theme provides multiple layouts for the headers of Groups and members. The various layouts that are provided in Reign are:

  • Group Header Layout: You can easily change a group header layout from multiple layouts available in the theme itself. This theme has 6 different layouts to choose from. You can check this article in order to change the Group Header layout.
  • Member Header Layout: Members can also change the header layout of their profile from different layouts in the theme. There are 6 different layouts to customize the member header. To know more about it, check this article.

BuddyPress Customization Options

BuddyPress Theme

No business is same. Each has its own requirements and prioriries. Keeping such fact in mind, BuddyPress developers has designed Reign theme that offers useful options to customize BuddyPress settings.

The various BuddyPress customization options include:

  • Avatar Settings: Allows to customize Group & User Avatar size to selected dimensions and to change Group & User Avatar image.
  • Advanced Settings: Allows to manage the number of Members & Groups to display per page, select a xprofile field to show on member cover image header, enable or disable “What’s new activity lightbox”, add or remove members slug from profile url, enable/disable auto group joining & support for LDAP usernames, add/remove text editor from textarea profile field, enable/disable Auto-complete all members instead of just friends in messages, autolinking in profile fields & User @ mentions, Ignore Deprecated Code.
  • Default Group Cover Image:  Allows to change image & its size to set as Default Group Cover
  • Default Profile Cover Image: Allows to change image & its size to set as Default  Profile Cover
  • Social Media Links: Allows to integrate social media platforms
  • BuddyPress Layout Management: Allows to select header position and manage layouts for member and group headers and directory
  • Job Manager Map Settings: Allows to play with many options for Job Manager Map Settings like selecting Jobs Page, Resume Page, Map Zoom Level, Map Zoom Level, Map type, Map Height, Map Language, Enable/ Disable Marker Cluster, select Minimum Marker Cluster

You can control the appearance of your community just the way you want!

Inbuilt Social Profile Module

Best BuddyPress Theme

You can integrate social profile modules on your WordPress community website. It’s up to you what social profiles you want your users to enter. It’ll appear on the top of member cover.

It’s a great way to engage your members on your community website.

BuddyPress Extra Widgets

Reign theme also offers extra widgets for BuddyPress to make your community website for accessible and user-friendly. It has a dedicated widget area for Member  and Group Directory, Activity Stream, Member and Group Single Page.
The 4 widgets offered by Reign include:

  1. REIGN Groups
  2. REIGN Members
  3. REIGN News Widget
  4. REIGN Site Wide Activity

Stunning Header Layouts

BuddyPress Header Layouts

You can control how you would like to appear the header for both groups and members. Reign offers multiple header layouts to make your site look professional and elegant.

Just select the header layout and enhance the look of your BuddyPress community website.

Seo Optimized WordPress Theme

A theme that is responsive and SEO optimized works best for business. It increases brand visibility to the right audience at the right time. Developers have built the Reign BuddyPress theme with SEO best practices in mind. Reign theme compatible with all the SEO Plugins like Yoast, WordPress SEO and much more.

Translation & RTL- Ready

A person feels more comfortable when he can read and learn in his native language. Therefore, to make your community website more interactive and engaging, you must ensure that your members can understand the content in their language.

Reign Supports RTL languages and can be translated into your own language. You can easily edit all of the text using the included translation files.

WooCommerce Ready

BuddyPress Theme,BuddyPress Demo

As this multi-purpose theme includes support for the leading e-commerce plugin —WooCommerce, creating an online shop with Reign or simply adding a few products to your website doesn’t require much effort. WooCommerce includes all the basic features you would need to sell online, including the ability to collect payments via PayPal. Now get ready to create a store online and sell your product with Regin and WooCommerce. This theme has various shop options like you have left sidebar, full width, simple product, variable product and much more. Now create your shop on your own terms.

bbPress – Forum Ready

One of the best thing about this theme is that it is bbPress ready that allows you to setup discussion forum inside your WordPress.org Powered sites.

rtMedia Ready

BuddyPress Theme,BuddyPress Demo

rtMedia is the only complete media solution for WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress. REIGN theme has inbuilt support for rtMedia, You can add album photo, audio/Video, Privacy, frontend uploads and lot more. Admin has full control over image privacy, upload sizes and allowed media type. Check this article to know more about rtMedia plugin.

Numerous Font Awesome Icons

Font Awesome Icons are incredibly awesome. Reign has inbuilt support for them so that you can use any of the 600+ icons. Each one comes in 3 sizes and can be used with or without a circle and every one is 100% full vector so they look incredibly sharp and are retina-ready!

BuddyPress Member/Group Rating

Member and Group Rating

BuddyPress Reign Theme have inbuilt support for Multicriteria member and group reviews. You can use our free in-house BuddyPress Group Review plugins to enable it.

Share activity on Social Media with BuddyPress Activity Social Share

Social Sharing Plugin

Reign BuddyPress Theme also allows you to share your activities on differnet social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and more. This theme comes inbuilt with one of our popular plugins, BuddyPress Activity Social Share. This plugin allows users to share activity “Post Updates” to their social networking profiles. You can know more about this plugin here.

WordPress Plugins Supported By Reign Theme

A theme that offers support for many WordPress plugins is considered as highly flexible WordPress theme. Reign is also a highly flexible BuddyPress theme that offers support for major WordPress plugins to extend the functionality of WordPress websites. Such plugins that Reign has inbuilt support include BuddyPress, PeepSo, LearnDash, LifterLMS, Dokan, WooCommerce, GeoDirectory, WP Job Manager.

Moreover, Reign theme is fully compatible with many other powerful WordPress plugins such as Paid Membership Pro, Easy Digital Downloads, and more.

BuddyPress Add-ons To Extend Your Community Website

If you want to extend the functionality of your BuddyPress website and want to make it more interactive, engaging and user-friendly, you should try BuddyPress add-ons.

We have designed multiple BuddyPress Add-ons that help you extend your site functionality. Must try these-

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it for today!

Hope you liked Reign BuddyPress theme and found it useful for your community website.

In case, you require any support regarding Reign BuddyPress theme, feel free to get in touch with our BuddyPress Developers. And, don’t forget to play with the demo of Reign!

Social Community Demos



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